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Three Signs a Sagittarius Man Likes You

Adventures and freedom are the Sagittarius man's favorite words, which he is willing to share with you.

"Adventures" could be his middle name, or perhaps 'Freedom'? In any case, when a Sagittarius man likes you, both things will be part of what you share with him as soon as he begins his irresistible process of seduction. Don't forget that this is one of the three signs born under the element of fire and although we could say that his style is less direct and more sophisticated, get ready to FEEL (in capital letters) intensely. We present the most seductive sign of the zodiac.

Three signs a Sagittarius man likes you

The Sagittarius man is a more complex, sophisticated and surprising version of the modus operandi of the Fire signs when it comes to seducing the person who drives him crazy. In the following lines, read 3 signs a Sagittarius man likes you:

1. You are part of his most intimate moments

To speak of freedom is inherent in an adventurous spirit such as that of those born under this sign. Sagittarius loves to feel completely free to be himself, to act according to his hunches and to love in his own way.

Sagittarius men care much about preserving their autonomy. They would only change that for a significant reason... or for someone who is really worth it.

In such a case, if he wants to include you in his personal plans, take this as one of the signs you were looking for because when a Sagittarius man likes you, there is no one better for him than the person who is conquering his heart.

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2. Do you feel observed?

The more sophisticated, the less primary. That is the key that this Fire sign differs in such a substantial way from its elemental companions. Although the passions that move him are as intense as those of the other signs of Fire, Sagittarius takes things with a different philosophy before acting and taking the wrong step.

His heart also beats within his chest in a very intense way, but when a Sagittarius man likes you, you won't see him acting crazy or taking risks. No, but pay attention to that feeling that someone is watching you when you're not looking.

From a distance, he will observe the person who has slipped into the depths of his thoughts. Then, he will consider if the risk of losing is worth it. And if he finally concludes that he will bet on you, don't doubt that the next thing you see will be his approaches. In that case, get ready, because if conquering you is his goal, you will see what a man born under the element of Fire is capable of.

He plays with subtlety, insinuation and distraction maneuvers. Why do things so obvious when you can seduce someone magically? That is exactly what you will perceive, that you have an 'intimate and personal spy'.

3. The adventure of seduction

You don't know what the word 'adventure' means until you see a Sagittarius turn any moment into something worth living and telling. It is his particular way of feeling life, of giving meaning to each moment, of making each moment count. And when a Sagittarius man likes you, conquering your heart becomes his new feat.

Few things motivate a Sagittarius more than living an adventure. The possibility of seducing the person who has captivated him shows a new scenario where he will make his great performance: he will turn every moment into something to remember, something that can make him feel the most special person in the world. Because when a Sagittarius man likes you, knowing that he is making you enjoy and feel intensely, and surprising you is something that he won't be willing to give up.

That's why, if you feel that every moment shared with Sagittarius seems like a walk through the world of the most beautiful sensations you've ever known... seriously consider what you're going to do, because what's clear is that he's crazy about you.

And remember, the archer will take the time he thinks is necessary before firing his arrow, but he is only gauging the best way to reach his goal. Prepare to enjoy being seduced in the most passionate way. Will you be able to resist? It will be hard to do, you are warned.

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