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Topaz: Its Significance, Healing Properties, and Uses in Gem Therapy

Discover the benefits of topaz and how to use this magic stone.

Topaz Gemstone
Topaz: Its Significance, Healing Properties, and Uses in Gem Therapy

Topaz is a precious stone. However, before, it was classified as semi-precious -a category reserved for gems that are neither diamonds, rubies, emeralds, nor sapphires.

Below we reveal topaz's composition and how it can improve health.  Besides, we talk about which zodiac signs can benefit the most from this gem.

Topaz: meaning in gemology

Topaz is a natural stone found in magmatic rocks, and its composition is silica, aluminium, and fluorine. This gem is available in a wide variety of different colours. However, in spite of this, Swiss blue is the most coveted, followed by yellow.

These different tones occur due to the elements that intervene in topaz's chemical composition. Some of these compounds include iron, chromium, magnesium, and titanium. When topaz comes into contact with these substances, it can be white, yellow, orange, pink, blue-green, mauve,  and even multi-coloured, sometimes. There are a few rare varieties of topaz that range from pale pink to cherry red.

One of the largest topaz deposits in the world is Minas Gerais in Brazil  -there, all colours of topaz can be found, including imperial topaz which is a beautiful blood orange shade, and is found exclusively in mines from this region.

The island of Sri Lanka, China, Nigeria, and of course Brazil, are all home to the famous blue shade of topaz. Also, natural pink topaz comes from North Pakistan and Russia.

In Sanscrit, topaz means "fire", and in ancient times, people believed that those that carried this gem were invincible. Egyptians thought that topaz got its splendid gold colour from the Sun God, Ra -which turned it into a powerful talisman, protecting the believer from any harm.

The Romans also associated it with Jupiter, who was also a sun god, while in ancient Greece, this stone had the power to increase strength and even make its owner invisible!

In the Bible, Aaron's armour was inlaid with topaz. Besides,   it was one of the twelve stones used when Jerusalem was founded.

Topaz's healing properties and uses in gem therapy

Before, we referred to the magical power that those that carry topaz hold. But, the truth is that according to gem therapy, this magic stone has an incredible revitalizing power. According to this claim, topaz is an energy battery that allows us to recharge our reserves both physically and mentally.

When it comes to this, enthusiasm, courage, passion, building up strength, and will-power can all be achieved by topaz. If you wear this jewel on a necklace, for example, this will attract energy and creativity and fight depression and sadness (as well as other mental disorders), and it can even boost fertility.

On a purely physical level, magic topaz stones promote blood circulation and heavy legs and have healing properties. It has also been connected to liver and gallbladder detox, and some say that it is even able to change colours if placed near poisoned food. On top of that, this gem supposedly enhances the flavour of healthy foods.


How do you clean topaz?

As a magic stone, topaz is used to clean the aura. To release negative energies from this gem you need to used distilled water with salt. Then you have to leave it to recharge in a pile of quartz or in indirect sunlight. The indirect part is essential here since intense direct sunlight can alter its color.

Topaz and Chakras

Chakras are energetic points in the body, and if you use certain stones and magic crystals, you can amp up the energy around you.

Depending on the colour of your topaz, it can be used on any one of the seven Chakras. The ever so popular blue topaz is mostly used on the fifth Chakra, located in the throat area, to stimulate the endocrine system and to relieve bladder or liver symptoms.

On the other hand, the coveted imperial topaz is used on the second Chakra, also known as the sacred Chakra. This is located just below the abdomen and connects us to our feelings and our abilities.

Last but not least, yellow topaz is related to the solar plexus, located near the stomach, just above the navel. This Chakra regulates personal power, intellect, mood, and ego.

Which zodiac signs could benefit from topaz?

Each zodiac sign has several magic stones that bring its special powers as a lucky charm or talisman. In this case, imperial topaz is best for Gemini and stimulates the imagination and promotes creativity. Capricorn and Sagittarius can also benefit from topaz.

Some fun facts about topaz

A topaz gem weighing in at nearly 100 kilos was found in Ukraine  in the year 1964. The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC acquired several topaz stones from this finding, and each one is cut into jewels that are thousands of karats.

Topaz is a famed jewel, historically considered one of the most important ones in existence. This precious stone's hardness and ability to tolerate chemicals means that it can be used in any type of jewellery with proper care and protection against blows. For example, earrings, pendants, bracelets, tiaras, etc. This gem goes great with any setting from silver, to black, yellow, rose, or white gold, and even platinum.  

Curiously, in the Middle Ages,  topaz was believed to attract gold  and even make it easier to find. This is probably due to this gem's metallic shine.

As a symbol of loyalty, topaz reflects righteousness in the user and sets its owner on a path towards wisdom and peace. Besides this gem is the official stone for twenty-third wedding anniversaries.