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12 Types of Managers: Your Manager by Zodiac Sign

Your manager's personality is connected to their leadership style. Find out who they are according to their zodiac sign

You don't really know what it is that your managers expect from you? Perhaps if you found out what sign they are, it would be so much easier to deal with their leadership style, and thus behave according to their expectations. What manager doesn't like their employees to intuitively understand their needs? If you know how they lead, you'll get a great advantage thanks to astrology. Keep reading to find the keys that will help you understand the different types of managers and save yourself some unpleasantness at work!

How does astrology influence your manager's leadership style?

What can you expect from your manager according to their zodiac sign? Here you'll see the different types of managing styles according to the clues provided by astrology. Find out about their birthdate as soon as you can!

12 types of managers for 12 zodiac signs

If you don't know your manager's exact birth date, it won't be too hard to find out. We all have social networking profiles where you can see the birth date relatively easy. Otherwise, if you carry out office tasks, you might find their personal details among the paperwork.

The Aries manager

They're the most impulsive.  One day they give you certain guidelines and tell you to do the complete opposite the next. They'll want to give you a pretty wide range of tasks because they believe life is all about challenges and stimulation. Their leadership style is demanding, very dynamic, and they'll want you to be that much spontaneous too. That's Aries for you... Their nagging and tantrums can get epic and be a little out of the blue, so even if you feel they're being a mean boss, don't take it too personally.

The Taurus manager

Structured and with great patience, you'll definitely learn a lot from this type of manager. They don't lose their temper and whenever there's mistakes, instead of telling you off for doing wrong, Taurus managers suggest a highly beneficial learning path. They know how to reward their employees' extra efforts, and that helps quite a lot.

The Gemini manager

They will want you to be on top of your communicative skills, even if your job is little to not related at all. Gemini managers will be the ones who want you constantly tracked, and they use social networks so that employees effectively plan their schedules, and even some barely-known platforms to handle task management. 

With this type of manager, you need to always be up to date about everything that's happening around your job.

The Cancer manager

This manager is as fatherly as it gets,  and they will try to make you feel like home at work. They're the managers that organise company dinners and consider you family. What's so bad about it then? Cancers will become a bit of a condescending boss and think they are entitled to tell you off, as if you were their child. Sometimes it's best to have more objective individuals watching you... But what can you do about it? The best you can do is remind them every now and then that your relationship is strictly professional, and all will be well!

The Leo manager

They're a bit arrogant and self-centred. The lion managers need to be the kings and queens of the stage, the ones steering the wheel. However, Leo managers also watch out for their employees with a sense of responsibility you'll rarely find among other managers.

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Their generosity is slightly on-and-off. The secret to win over this type of manager is to flatter their great gifts and virtues openly and shamelessly. Any flattering move will never be enough for a Leo manager.

The Virgo manager

Highly analytical and attentive to detail, they won't let loose until they consider your work flawless. They have a bit of a service vocation, so despite their demands, they're highly open to you asking them for favours, such as changing your days off, or even coming in a bit late. Virgo managers understand the personal circumstances of their workers. Another of their virtues is that you don't need to impress them with in-your-face creativity; it's enough if you do things step by step and closely following their instructions.

The Libra manager

They love socialising and they'll be happy if you keep up a good relationship with them and your colleagues; otherwise, they won't trust you as much. Libra managers need to see you as charismatic individuals who are always willing to lend a helping hand. They appreciate teamwork and self-care a lot. For everything else, dealing with this type of manager is usually easy and very manageable.

The Scorpio manager

They're relentless workers, and as much of a mean boss as they look, they'll want the same from you. They always aim for the bottom of all issues, and they'll want you to dig through the obvious, to be entrepreneurial and independent. Scorpio managers can only bear with subordinates who need to get told what to do every step of the way. 

To stand out above the crowd, don't be afraid to get fully involved in your job. Your efforts won't go by unnoticed, so you'll have a decent chance for a promotion with this manager.

The Sagittarius manager

The Sagittarius manager loves to do research and will want you to have your own philosophy to life, because they want people who can carry themselves on any task assigned; they love the learners of everything and masters of nothing. Sagittarius managers hate lies more than anything, so if your results were poor, they'll appreciate your honesty very much. Besides, you can be sure that sooner or later they'll catch you. Even if it looks like they're distracted in their own little universe, they're always looking around.

The Capricorn manager

The Capricorn managers are the most hard-working but also the toughest.  On the other hand, you'll keep admiring their great devotion and selflessness about the ongoing business. If it's needed, they'll work right along with you. 

This manager's personality is a little dry when giving instructions on how to do things, always from a rigorous, serious perspective. Still, you can't go wrong, because their expectations of what you need to do are always clear and detailed. That's something to be thankful for!

The Aquarius manager

These are managers with original thinking, and their personality is nice but firm. They have nothing against you making your own vision on how work should be done. Aquarius managers are enthusiastic about you suggesting original ideas with which you can develop your job at a new level, and your potential along with it. Maybe you're the kind of person used to being told how to do things and this type of management might make you feel anxious. You need to make your own path.

The Pisces manager

If your manager is Pisces, you can't get any more unexpected. On the one hand they'll be understanding, but when irrationality hits home, they'll demand the craziest quotas. Don't lose your mind. They're a little dispersed, and the rules won't be that clear, so they'll be happy to see you're intuitive enough to know what they need at all times, as if you were some sort of psychic... But be very careful and avoid getting too involved in their private affairs.

Now you'll definitely be able to identify your type of manager and their leadership style, even if you don't know what sign they are. Their behaviour by zodiac sign is revealing!

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