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Signs of the Universe: How to Interpret These Divine Messages

Discover what the most frequent signs of the universe are and learn how to understand what they are trying to tell you

Signs of the Universe: How to Interpret These Divine Messages | iSTOCK

Every day we receive signals from the universe, divine messages that we are not all able to decode. These signs are not due to chance and contain a lot of information that would be convenient to apply in our daily life, especially in aspects such as love. In this article you will discover everything you need to know about the signs of the universe.

How to interpret the signals of the universe

Following the signs of the universe can be complicated. This is because in order to capture and understand the divine messages the spiritual world throws at us, we often need quiet and silence within our soul and mind. 

In fact, the universe is constantly coming in contact with you,  or at least is attempting to do so. However, many times such contact is in vain and goes unnoticed because you ignore your own intuition.

Despite everything,  we can always learn how to interpret the signs of the universe, from the invisible and the divine, if we ensure we are taking care of our interior.  

Here are some of the most frequent signals of the universe explained and analysed: 

1. Synchronicity

Have you ever thought about someone and then you bumped into them in the street or received a call from them? Synchronicity is how the universe  sends you a signal to tell you that you are on the right path and directs you in the right direction.

2. Animals

Animals can send signals from the universe due to the fact they can act as messengers of the spiritual world. For example, the presence of a black cat or a crow is often interpreted as a sign of bad omen and a flock of birds predicts a trip, to name just a few examples. When it comes to animals, the signs the universe sends us will vary according to the feelings we have towards them, if we experience feelings of love, or on the contrary fear, the messages will be very different. 

3. Illness

Your physical body can provide multiple messages about your emotional, mental and spiritual health. We all know that diseases usually occur when our immune system is weak, but would it be possible that our body is trying to communicate something deeper to us? Maybe the state of our health is a sign from the universe.

For example, if you always feel tired and sad with a certain person, perhaps the universe is trying to point out that this person has a negative influence, a vampire that is absorbing your energy and challenging you in one way or another. Similarly, a sore throat could be signalling problems with expression. Pay attention to the powerful messages your body and the universe are trying to convey. 

4. Planets and stars

Astrology can say a lot about the energy that surrounds the universe. For example, a full moon is a time of completion and fulfillment, while a new moon is a sign of endings, new beginnings, and possibilities.

5. Dreams

Another powerful way to capture the signals of the universe are dreams. The interpretation of dreams is usually very symbolic and unique to the individual. Often, dreams are clues to what is happening in the subconscious mind and, sometimes, can generate fears. Occasionally, it may be the case that these signs from the universe are trying to give us a message about our love lives, what we should or shouldn’t do. 

6. Experiences that are out of the ordinary

Sometimes an event happens that seems to turn our whole world upside down, radical events that change your life. Although circumstances around you seem chaotic, try to see the whole picture with perspective and stay in the moment of your experiences, analysing the signals of the universe that you are receiving at that moment.

7. Random encounters

Have you ever met someone who seems to offer enlightening advice? Or have you ever wondered something and randomly stumbled across the answer? In this case, the signs of the universe are linked to random encounters. These occur all the time in order for us to capture wisdom through them. 

8. Signs of the universe: repeated numbers

Do you see 11:11 on the clock all the time?  Or do you notice patterns of particular numbers wherever you go? We often receive signals from the universe through numbers, and they have a special message for you.

9. Losing or breaking an object

Have you broken a precious object? The signals of the universe invite you to let it go, to carry on, and teach you to manage the emotions of the subconscious. Here we could include certain cancellations of appointments, trips with flights that got cancelled... Look for the bigger message after events of this nature take place.

10. See bright lights or orbs

Have you ever seen lights, bright orbs, or shimmering lights? This can be associated with angels and spiritual guides. If you see them, pay attention to what you are doing at that moment, to see if they can bring you the message you need to hear.

Some guidance about the signs of the universe

Once you have developed your sensitivity to capture the signals of the universe in all areas (such as the signals of the universe in love, the signals of the universe of repeated numbers, among others), it will be necessary to be observant and be particularly attentive to everything that happens around you. Coincidences do not exist in the spiritual world, everything that happens, happens for a reason and is a sign.

It is also important not to confuse your personal desires with the signs: you have to know how to interpret the signs of the universe, and it is common for many people to make this mistake. If you can, take a moment to calmly detect the signs the universe is sending you, but only the real ones, not those that fit your personal interests. You must not force fate, because if you carry out the interpretations at your whim, everything will be useless.

Many people, already advanced in this discipline, can communicate directly with the universe, and if you wish to do so, the first thing will be to make this request, loudly or quietly, whichever way you prefer. The answer will be sent in the next hours or days, and once you receive it, thank the beings of light for having sent it your way.