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24 Trendy Valentine's Day Gifts For Every Zodiac Sign

Looking for the best Valentine's gift for your loved one? We can help you. Get ready to impress!

A couple kissing in valentine's day
24 Trendy Valentine's Day Gifts For Every Zodiac Sign | iSTOCK

The Beatles said it best: all you need is love. As human beings, we are social and emotional creatures that require the strong bond of love to establish relationships and connect with those around us. Feeling loved is an essential requisite, especially in an increasingly individualistic society like the one we are experiencing. 

This is why we at Magic Horoscope are dedicated to celebrating love, and we are ready to make the most out of every opportunity. February is around the corner and with it, one of the most important dates in romantic history - Saint Valentine's day. 

We have compiled a list of the best 24 gifts for every zodiac sign, so that you'll be ready to get your significant other something special and end what we imagine will be a romantic day, on a high note. 

How did Valentine's day start? 

The history of Valentine's Day dates back to Roman times when in 270 CE the governor Claudius II Gothicus martyred a priest called Saint Valentine. The legend says that Saint Valentine was against the emperor's rule of not marrying young couples so the men could go to war. The priest rebelled and secretly married couples to spare the husbands from war. 

Claudius II was able to capture the priest, and on the 14th February 270 CE, executed him thus marking this day in history as the greatest homage paid to love all over the world. 

24 trendy Valentine's day gifts for every zodiac sign

Magic Horoscope is delighted to bring you the best and most fashionable 24 Valentine's gift ideas for your loved ones based on their zodiac sign. So, if you were busting your brains to find the best present, look no further as we have just the thing for you.  

aries logo Gift ideas for Aries

Your significant other is an Aries,  and you're struggling with what to get them? Time to stop worrying as we have the perfect ideas for you. According to their fiery nature,  Arians need a day filled with movement and passion.  Therefore, the best gift idea for your Aries soul mate is an erotic kit, which will guarantee a good time. There are various types available to choose from, and you could complement the gift with custom made coupons. Think about introducing erotic activities and games; you will drive your partner crazy!

If you believe this idea to be too risque, then take things slowly because there are other alternatives. Aries tends to mask their sweet side with enthusiasm, this way they don't appear vulnerable, but if you give them a customized gift, perhaps  a cushion with a picture of you two on it or a quote, they will surely be impressed. 


taurus logo Gift ideas for Taurus

Looking for Valentine's Day gifts for a Taurean? The first thing you need to prepare is your wallet because Taurus is a distinguished sign who loves to have only the best things in life. This is why you can't get away with just any old present that you give your partner and tick a box. For your Taurus, you should look for an original gift, worthy of such a special occasion like Valentine's Day. A romantic night at a hotel would get your partner excited and leave them wanting more. 

Take things slowly, though; you shouldn't invest all your savings into one night. You can also find great gift ideas if you know what they like. Remember patience is one of Taurus' main traits which is why you could get them a custom made puzzle with a picture of you two on it, they will love it! It won't only look like an original piece of decoration, but you'll also have loads of fun while putting it together. 

gemini logo Gift ideas for Gemini

Here comes Gemini! Without a doubt, the best Valentine's Day gifts for this sign are those that channel their inner child, that young spirit that refuses to grow up and never stops learning. Ideally, Valentine's day gifts for the Gemini native should appeal to their vast imagination and intelligence, and we might have the best idea yet - magic. So, make the most of this romantic day of Saint Valentine's and invite your significant other to a magic show, they'll never want to leave your side again. 

There are, however, other options too and you should know how to steal your Gemini's heart, a simple yet effective present can also do the trick. It is well known that Geminis enjoy reading, so why not  make a personalized book of your adventures together? It will be time-consuming, but your Gemini will feel like the luckiest person alive. Are you up for the challenge?

cancer logo Gift ideas for Cancer

Do you want to know what the best Valentine's Day gift ideas are for a Cancer? Considering we are talking about one of the most caring and sensitive signs in the zodiac, your gift's emotional value should weigh heavier than its price tag. This is why  a simple home-made video should do the trick and touch their heart. 

Even so, there are many possibilities to impress your Cancer and leave them speechless.  Have you ever heard of customized songs? There are many websites available that offer this service and give you the option to choose the singer, the tone of the song, and the melody - all you have to do it share your story and in a few days, you will have your song sent to you.

This is, hands down, one of the most romantic and original gifts you could give to your significant other, and should you decide to do so, you will have them melting at your feet! 

leo logo Gift ideas for Leo

If you want to find the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your Leo partner, then you need to  start from the premise that this sign needs to feel unique and treasured. What could be more interesting than giving them  a star pendant with their name on it? Show your loved one that they mean the world and the sky to you, by giving them an astral gift. They are bound to love it!

You should also keep in mind that while Leo loves luxury and power, they also have a tender heart beating under all those layers of confidence and independence. Therefore, to reach into the depths of their souls and meet the delicate feline they carry within, you could try impressing them with a bowl full of notes, each of them giving a different reason for your adoration of them. A simple yet striking idea! 

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virgo logo Gift ideas for Virgo

Virgo is a private and discreet sign that takes living a healthy life very seriously. You need to have this clear as it will help you choose the best Valentine's Day gift for your significant other. Virgos aren't necessarily keen on expensive and flashy gifts, something more affordable but with a deep significance is more likely to strike a chord with them. You could  try an original gift concept that will blow them away - a soundwave bracelet. How does this work? Record your special message, send it to the sound specialists, and receive a bracelet that represents the soundwaves of your voice. 

In case this idea hasn't convinced you yet, you can always try a healthier approach and give them a Fun Run Box. This modern approach to staying fit includes gift boxes full of motivating goodies like running accessories, and sometimes even hotel vouchers. An ideal gift for couples that you can't go wrong with! 

libra logo Gift ideas for Libra

Libra is a  well-balanced and diplomatic individual, but this doesn't exempt them from being tempted once in a blue moon. To find the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your Libra, you need to go after their most sensitive spot: the stomach. We don't say that the stomach is our second brain for nothing. So why not  reserve a table at one of the best restaurants in town? You'll give your significant other Valentine's day of their dreams. 

Your second gift option is also connected to the digestive system, but this time it's a far more affordable option. You've probably heard about  artisanal beer packs which allow you to make your own barley nectar. Considering Libra's affinity for pleasure and their curious spirit, this gift becomes the ideal surprise for Valentine's Day. 

scorpio logo Gift ideas for Scorpio

The many complexities in Scorpio's character might trick you into thinking that it will be difficult to get them a Valentine's day present. Behind the facade of extravagance, you will discover an incredibly social and sensitive sign which is why we recommend giving them something that shows how much they count to you. What do you think about making your own love boardgame? Lovopoly is all the rage now - a romantic version of Monopoly. 

Another fantastic idea is to get them a cotton candy machine and make it very clear that you intend to spend many movie nights with them, tucked under the blanket, munching on delicious cotton candy. Can you think of anything more romantic?

sagittarius logo Gift ideas for Sagittarius

Now it's Sagittarius' turn, the most adventurous sign of the zodiac. If you are looking for the ideal Valentine's Day gift for your loved one, you should appeal to this sign's love for travel and surprise them with a romantic getaway. For Sagittarius, the world is far too big to stay put in just one place. 

We're aware that perhaps the ideal holiday is out of your budget, especially if you were considering some exotic destinations. This is why we recommend that you appeal to one of your loved one's passions - star gazing, and put together an affordable but unique gift. Have you ever heard of star projectors? Your loved Sagittarius can enjoy the vastness of the Universe without leaving the comfort of their room. 

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capricorn logo Gift ideas for Capricorn

Your initial assumption could be that Capricorns cherish anything related to their profession, and while you might not be completely wrong, this Valentine's day we recommend you go in a different direction. Why not help  your lovely Capricorn enjoy life a little more and forget about life's hardships? A spa kit would be the perfect gift for your workaholic partner. Show them how to unwind and relax. 

Moreover, you have to admit that offering them a personalized gift will go a long way if you want to win their hearts. Our suggestion is a custom figurine, a fun yet unique gift. 

aquarius logo Gift ideas for Aquarius

Do-good Aquarius will make do with just about any gift; in fact, they prefer being the ones giving the gift instead of receiving it. There are many gift options for your significant other, simple yet effective. Aquarius is an original and distinguished sign and will appreciate more a heartfelt but straightforward Valentine's day present. This is why we recommend a string art piece  that will impress your Aquarian. 

If arts and crafts are not your strong suit, no need to worry because there are many other things you can get your partner. Natives of this zodiac sign are crazy about technology so an e-book that will allow them to discover new information will be ideal. 

pisces logo Gift ideas for Pisces

Pisces, as we all know, is romanticism personified. So the best Valentine's day gifts for this sign are the ones connected to their most tender and vulnerable side. Have you thought about buying enough flowers to decorate their whole house? It might seem too traditional or even predictable, but trust us when we say that your Pisces will go crazy over this incredibly romantic grand gesture. 

The best idea, however, goes even beyond a house full of flowers and should be reserved for couples that have agreed to take the next step in their relationship.

For this reason, an engagement ring  or an engagement watch would be the perfect Valentine's day present. Can you think of a more romantic way of spending Valentine's day? Because we certainly can't. 

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