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Valentine’s Day 2019: Your Love Horoscope for 14 February

Valentine's Day 2019 love horoscope for all 12 horoscope signs -plus zodiac romantic compatibility

The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner. Valentine’s Day is here which means that you’ll have the chance to celebrate a feeling as beautiful as love, whether this is with your soulmate or any loved one. But, obviously there is something bigger than a day full of delight and satisfaction: the heavens on February 14, that will determine whether the cosmos will be favorable for couples, or if people in relationships should avoid having high hopes for Valentine’s Day.

Today, at Magic Horoscope we want to take this opportunity to share your love horoscope for this Valentine’s Day 2019. Will you meet your soulmate? Is your romantic relationship in danger because of cosmic influences? Do you need a love spell to bring the one you desire closer to you? In the following article, you’ll find all of the tricks, advice, and possible warning so that you have the best Valentine’s Day of your life!


Valentine’s Day 2019: Your love horoscope

Two planets will play a particularly important role this Valentine’s Day, but they aren’t the only protagonists of this February 14. On this special Thursday, Mars and Uranus will join forces, creating a ticking time bomb  which will put even the most stable signs to the test. So, the planet of action and the unforeseen could shake things up in anyone’s life that challenges the Universe’s forces.

But this isn’t the only cosmic impulse that all mortals will have to work against on this day for lovers and friends. The Moon in Gemini is also ready to put up a fight transmitting negative waves that could interfere in love’s future. But even though its position indicates a certain tendency to want as little commitment as possible, the truth of the matter is that it will also strengthen positive attitudes, promoting that playful spirit that we all have inside and improving communication in all possible sense.

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Besides, right on February 14, Mars will make its flagrant entrance into Taurus, which creates the perfect alignment to start business endeavors, and this will also inspire you to keep moving forward without faltering. And it won’t be in vain, Mars is the planet of action and Taurus represents perseverance. This means that for Valentine’s Day, a cycle will open up and you should act unwaveringly until you finally meet your goals, but of course, you should avoid stubbornness and rage since these are Taurus’ weaknesses and these have destroyed more than one relationship.

Finally, the last noteworthy phenomenon that’s about to occur will conflict with the Moon’s influence, and this struggle will last until one of the two rises above the other. With that being said, Venus will meet with Capricorn and hug Saturn closely, which will exponentially increase the desire for commitment in relationships. So, the primary difficulty this 14 February will be trying to avoid losing your head!

Love horoscope: The cosmos' Valentine’s Day secrets

Like we just mentioned, this Valentine’s Day will be a little bit crazy. Big and unexpected changes are coming up quickly, and the worst thing is that most of them won’t even be for the better, which is why you’ll have to act prudently putting your head before your heart. In the end, no one wants one of the most pleasant days of the year to end up turning into a total disaster, right?

Consider yourself forewarned: this 14 February prepare yourself for anything that could possibly happen; count to 10 and breathe deep before you say or do anything that you could end up regretting, and don’t forget that a good attitude is key if you want to get through the day without any big setbacks. You’ll have to remember to  think positive thoughts since being happy attracts more happiness to your life.

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Fortunately, Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year and Jupiter, the planet of expansion and deep thoughts, governs this day of the week. This means that this is the perfect day for reflection and introspection and you’ll be able to get the best results when carrying out any action.

Today  Magic Horoscope reveals your love horoscope for Valentine’s day and, besides, we’ll tell you the compatibility between signs so that you know which zodiac signs you’ll get along the best with, so that you have an unforgettable February 14, 2019.

aries logo

Aries love horoscope: Fun first

Arians don’t usually get excited over Valentine’s Day. Actually, quite the opposite since this sign hates making special plans for this day. Those born under this sign would rather be spontaneous and enjoy every day. That’s why Aries will only have one goal this February 14: to have just as much fun as always, whether they’re in a relationship or single. The super blood wolf moon eclipse on 20 January filled their lives with worries, and that’s why looking for a way to escape will be more important than ever on this day.

The only thing that could change is the people that Aries will want to spend time with on this day since if this sign is in a relationship, they will want to leave all of the bickering of the past few weeks behind with their soulmate to enjoy a day of peace, harmony, and passion. On the other hand, single Arians will miss their best friends, and they’ll dare to spend a crazy and fun day with these people.

Compatibility between signs for Valentine’s Day:

  • Compatibility with Taurus:  These two signs connect easily, and they’re highly compatible. However, the combination of Fire and Earth signs tends to result in sturdier relationships as far as financial and materialistic matters and less so in the emotional realm.
  • Compatibility with Gemini:  The relationship between these signs is intense, and just a little bit dangerous since the attraction here is just as big as the ego. In spite of this, both signs love joking, chatting, and having fun for hours, which is why they are strongly and even excessively compatible.
  • Compatibility with Cancer:  At first these zodiac signs might not seem very compatible, but really on an emotional level there is a great connection. And even though in most cases one of these relationships starts with a great friendship, the truth is that Cancer and Aries make a great couple.
  • Compatibility with Leo:  This match is nearly perfect, and you just have to look at these two to see the sparks flying.  This couple will be hopelessly attracted to one another, both physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • Compatibility with Sagittarius:  When two fire signs unite, the word ‘monotony’ disappears automatically from their lives and its exchanged for an endless stream of emotions and feelings. In reality, this is an explosive combo that’s highly compatible.
  • Compatibility with Aquarius:  These two horoscopes have more in common than they think since they are both independent, humanitarian, optimistic, and enthusiastic. This means that they are highly compatible, and have a future full of hope ahead of them.

taurus logo

Valentine’s Day horoscope for Taurus: If envy were a color...

The trigone that Venus makes in Taurus’ constellation for Valentine’s Day could substantially improve those aspects of romantic relationships that just aren’t working out. However, they need to remember the importance of acting wisely and not getting ahead of themselves. Otherwise, they could end up in a worse mess than before. With this in mind, Magic Horoscope suggests only taking actions that will have positive repercussions  in the lives of Taureans. This way they’ll keep the cosmos’ interferences from turning their love lives upside down.

One of the main issues that couples born under this sign are going through is the loss of intimacy when it comes to sexual relations. Taurus is a passionate sign that needs a lover that can meet their insatiable appetite. That’s why, their main worry during Valentine’s Day will be to revive the passion, maybe using a specific ritual. On the other hand, single Taureans won’t have a very good time since they’ll constantly run into couples in love in every corner and they’ll feel jealous. Because of this, they’ll take refuge with their family, and they’ll pretend that their pride isn’t hurt every time they remember February 14th.

Compatibility between signs for Valentine’s Day:

  • Compatibility with Aries:  The taste that these two signs share for luxury and comfort is what unites them. And in spite of their good connection, the truth of the matter is that the relationship between these two signs will last, basically on a financial and materialistic level.
  • Compatibility with Taurus: It’s highly likely that two people born under Taurus will get along since no one could possibly understand them any better. Since they are practical, perseverant, and realistic beings, the expectations for success on both sides are particularly good.
  • Compatibility with Cancer:  This is without a doubt one of the most compatible combinations we’ve seen yet. Since these are both sensitive and affectionate beings, they’ll share most feelings in their relationship, and they’ll know how to give their other half everything that they want and need.
  • Compatibility with Scorpio: The scorpion is the antithesis of the bull, and everyone knows that opposites attract.  That’s why, even though at first this might seem contradictory, there is a magnetic attraction that could make jaws drop here.
  • Compatibility with Capricorn:  These two complement each other wonderfully, and this could lead to a fruitful relationship that fills them with happiness. These are highly realistic and practical people, which is why they will have many similarities.
  • Compatibility with Pisces:  The kind-hearted, caring side of Taurus fits perfectly with Pisces’ tender heart, and here there is room for a relationship full of camaraderie and social activism as the main axes. In fact, this pair usually even remains friends after a romantic relationship has ended.

gemini logoGemini love horoscope: The goddess Venus smiles down on you

Gemini is in luck since Mars offers positive vibes regarding this sign’s sex life. It would be a good idea to make the most of this alignment since the cosmic influence could play dirty tricks on them if they don’t control their impulses and let their viper’s tongue go wild. It’s worth noting that  the Moon in Gemini will favor communicative processes,  but this sign already has enough experience and knowledge in this terrain, so this gift of theirs will just be even stronger.

So, Gemini’s love horoscope for Valentine’s Day indicates that those born under this sign in relationships will be successful if they do a ritual to strengthen their love, and the cosmos will make improvements in any area of their relationships possible so that they’ll end this day even closer than ever. On the other hand, single  Geminis will still feel the effects of the solar eclipse, and their intuition from that day will make it possible to fall in love again like when they were giggling teenagers with crazy hormones. People from this sign might even meet their soulmate today.

Compatibility between signs for Valentine’s Day:

  • Compatibility with Aries:  If Gemini gets together with this fire sign, the result is bound to be explosive. Whether this is a friendship or something more, attraction and the connection between the signs will be immediate and incredible, and these two will share moments that they’ll never forget.
  • Compatibility with Gemini:  There’s no one better to understand this sign than someone who’s just as crazy. Relationships between twins can work out to be fantastic, and if they muster the courage to join paths, their lives will be full of fun, adventurous moments, and diversity.
  • Compatibility with Leo: These two signs are highly likely as a perfect match because they have more in common than one might think. Besides, having different traits means that these Leo and Gemini will compliment one another, forming a union that could last forever.
  • Compatibility with Virgo:  A relationship between these signs has light and dark side, and it will basically depend on the attitude that both members of this couple have. Even so, it is very probable that they could succeed together since they’re a great match.
  • Compatibility with Libra:  We find ourselves faced with two highly compatible zodiac signs that have a great connection. The complement and help each other out, establishing common goals and they are capable of incredible happiness together.
  • Compatibility with Sagittarius:  These signs have both similarities and differences, which is why this union will be interesting, at the very least. So, if they can actually focus on what’s coming, they could take center stage in a very well-rounded relationship.
  • Compatibility with Aquarius:  Air signs together are bound for success since they are similar in many ways and they are also balanced on an intellectual level. If you add the fact that both have a vision for their lives to the mix here and almost the same goals, then this becomes an addictive combination.

cancer logo

Cancer love horoscope: An incomplete 14 February

Be careful this Valentine’s Day, Cancer, as Venus is opposing your sign and will bring about less fortunate moments. On top of this, Mars’ conjunction to Uranus will increase the tension this month and make you prone to unexpected, heated arguments.  You need to  find a way to stay calm because the total moon eclipse in Leo put strain on Cancer natives and landed you in difficult situations.You used to feel jealous and possessive but now Cancers only want to rest which is why Valentine’s Day will become Family day – a perfect opportunity to spend time and enjoy with loved ones.

Single Cancers, however, will fall prey to nostalgia and spend their days thinking about that special someone that is no longer in their lives. The idea of getting back together is very appealing, and you are willing to do anything to get the lost love back. Magic Horoscope recommends you try a specific love ritual to help you with this.

Compatibility between signs for Valentine’s Day:

  • Compatibility with Aries:  Although these two appear to have more differences than similarities, Cancer does bear some resemblances to Aries. This mixture could result both in a great friendship as well as in a passionate love affair.
  • Compatibility with Taurus:  We stand before two of the most compatible signs in the horoscope. They become inseparable, bound by their common interests and way of displaying affection. Each sign will be more worried about the other, rather than look out for themselves.
  • Compatibility with Cancer:  It would be impossible for these two signs to not get along, after all, they are two of the most gentle and sensitive signs in the zodiac. Their compatibility level is extremely high, which means they will most likely complete each other and get along splendidly.
  • Compatibility with Leo:  The delicate side in each sign will be the common denominator between these two signs. Cancer and Leo are very compatible mainly due to their similar needs – although they show it in different ways, both natives require great doses of affection and understanding.  
  • Compatibility with Virgo: Virgo’s intelligence combined with Cancer’s sensitivity results in a fruitful and rich union. When they come together, these two signs can achieve great things and connect on all possible levels.
  • Compatibility with Scorpio:  Scorpio and Cancer are both water signs which facilitates their connection. Despite this, they are different people, with diverse ways of expressing affection which is why they will have to adapt to each other’s style, which will come easily once they’re together.
  • Compatibility with Pisces:  The subtle connection between these two signs is generated by their sensitive side. Water signs have the ability to decipher each other sharing a bond that requires no words. The relationship will be even stronger if we’re talking about the two peas in a pod – Cancer, and Pisces.  

leo logo

Leo Valentine’s Day horoscope: Conflicting influence

The astral influences are overlapping this month which will drive our enthusiastic Leo crazy this Valentine’s Day. Venus’ position is not particularly helpful either, considering that Saturn is adding a dose of the unexpected to an already overly responsible Leo. All of this pressure is likely to result in explosive reactions from an irritated Leo; although they might not even be aware of the reasons behind this irascibility.  

The best course of action for natives of this sign is to avoid overthinking and keep themselves as busy as possible. Staying in control of your environment will help you keep your balance, but you do have to pay attention to the people you surround yourself with, otherwise, your good intentions will have been in vain.  

The main premise here is that Leo neither enjoys nor wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day. These are only gimmicks for the feline of the zodiac; we are free to celebrate love and passion every day.  Leos that have a significant other might have to celebrate a little; you don’t always spend such a special day with your soul mate. Single Leos however, won’t even notice the date on the calendar, and they’ll have only one thing on their minds – partying until dawn!

Compatibility between signs for Valentine’s Day:

  • Compatibility with Aries:  The connection between these two signs is instantaneous and sparks will go flying, not only sexually but spiritually and mentally as well. These two fire signs count with enormous compatibility that almost guarantees an ideal relationship.  
  • Compatibility with Gemini: Two fun, adventurous, and intelligent signs will be fascinated by each other which will highlight their incredible compatibility. Time spent together will e beneficial for both signs as they will learn from one another, building and helping each other be better.
  • Compatibility with Cancer: Although different in style, both Cancer and Leo are tender signs. This makes them extremely compatible and allows both of them to learn new ways of loving and living from the other.
  • Compatibility with Leo: When big cats get together, rest assured there will be commotion because Leos uniting is synonymous of passionate fire. Their compatibility is so high that they are likely to stay together forever.
  • Compatibility with Libra:  Leo and Libra can make a deliciously explosive union which is why they have great compatibility. Both signs boast immense romanticism and will enjoy an incredible degree of sexual affinity.
  • Compatibility with Sagittarius:  The union between these two signs is extremely romantic and passionate. Both of them emanate fire and could reach a point where they complete each other perfectly.
  • Compatibility with Pisces:  The attraction between these signs is exorbitant – Pisces admires everything about Leo and vice versa. They could reach a point where they complete each other, sharing important moments together.

virgo logo

Virgo love horoscope: Venus is on your side

Virgo is one of the Zodiac signs that will be most affected by the conjuncture between Venus, Capricorn and Saturn this Valentine’s Day. The most interesting aspect is Venus’ position which inspires the fun-loving Virgos to leave their humor aside for a while and bring out their romantic side.  Seeing how the situation will be different than usual,  this cleanliness-obsessed sign will have no qualms with jumping straight into the mud  and getting all dirty if it means they will receive great displays of love.

Therefore, Valentine’s Day for committed Virgos will be an important day. The total lunar eclipse on the 21 January allowed you to discover the disingenuous people around you which was possible because of your partner’s support. Being grateful for their help will enable you to live your relationship in a way that you’re both more satisfied.

On the other hand, single Virgos will feel fed up with their solitary life and will strive to find their soulmate.  It could be beneficial to try a love ritual  that might help you with this.

Compatibility between signs for Valentine’s Day:

  • Compatibility with Gemini:  With a little assertiveness and willingness to listen, Gemini and Virgo could become a stable couple, considering they already have a high degree of compatibility. Moreover, these two signs are realists and great communicators, which can only increase their chances for success.
  • Compatibility with Cancer:  A relationship between these two signs will be extremely fruitful. One person is more rational and the other more emotional, but it won’t represent an obstacle, on the contrary, the two will complement each other and will enable them to achieve great things together.
  • Compatibility with Virgo:  To achieve perfection in a relationship, one must unite two Virgos. Be careful, though, as this quest for excellency can increase pressure within the couple and lead to arguments.
  • Compatibility with Scorpio: A union between an Earth and a Water sign is beneficial from many points of view and allows the two people involved to have an incredible compatibility in many respects.
  • Compatibility with Capricorn:  These two signs make a stable combination, they will have many things in common, and they will enjoy an almost instantaneous complicity. This union has excellent chances of success in the long run.
  • Compatibility with Pisces:  The fact that you two are in opposition so much could be the very reason you’ll end up staying together. Both signs are eager to share their love and to receive affection, and this could help you navigate any domestic problems you might have. You’re extremely different people which has the potential to prompt many arguments along the way.

libra logoLibra love horoscope: Valentine’s Day full of contrasts

Charming, diplomatic Libra might have some unexpected difficulties this Valentine’s Day which have the potential to dampen their celebration. Despite this, natives will be in control of the astral influence and will be able to steer the events of the day in such a way that they will enjoy Valentine’s Day. Libras will, however, need to be as determined as possible and remember that their attitude is responsible for everything that happens to them.

This time, although natives of this sign will have to deal with an unpleasant situation, single Libras will face a different fate.

From this point of view, while committed Libras will have to pull all their weight and their partner’s, seeing how the latter are not as interested in Valentine’s Day celebrations as Libras are, single natives will experience a different situation. They will find themselves consumed by ever-increasing anger and resentment that they will be unable to mitigate. This is why natives that are in love will enjoy a fun day while single ones run the risk of burning down a few bridges with their family  members.

Compatibility between signs for Valentine’s Day:

  • Compatibility with Gemini:  If we’re talking about complementary signs, we need to mention Gemini and Libra. They have immense complicity which almost guarantees they will live happy, magical adventures together.
  • Compatibility with Leo:  If Libras are looking for a relationship that counts on equal parts affection and sex, then Leo is the perfect match. The two signs have a great rapport and share many similarities that help solidify their relationship in the long run.
  • Compatibility with Libra:  Usually, compatibility between signs of the same element is a given. Libra is another example of this, and finding someone just like them will insure a passionate relationship, full of understanding and romanticism.
  • Compatibility with Scorpio: The opposition between Scorpio and Libra will be the binding element that will ensure a balanced and well-rounded relationship. In time, they can teach each other many beneficial things.  
  • Compatibility with Sagittarius:  Two outgoing, happy and tender signs have to get along. Their union could result extremely successful and seeing how both signs are independent and cherish their freedom, they have great chances of connecting like no two others.
  • Compatibility with Aquarius:  The meaning of the word “excellence” becomes apparent with the union of these air signs which share many character traits. They also tend to perceive relationships in similar ways which will help them fit together like two pieces of the same puzzle.

scorpio logoScorpio love horoscope: Lust and magic

Scorpio is independent, always making a difference. For this reason, the astral waves will hardly exert their influence on the people of this sign, who will be among the few who will spend Valentine’s Day without having to deal with higher forces that try to turn their lives upside down. This is great news because, under all those layers of eccentricity, Scorpio hides a sensitive and fun being that you can’t meet if you don’t know them.

On 14 February 2019, wild sex will be the protagonist of the day of the scorpions who have found their soul mate; they will barely leave the bed, and they will enjoy trying new experiences and exploring new fantasies. On the other hand, single Scorpios will bring out their dark and powerful side, and they will try to make the person who has stolen their thoughts fall in love with them through magic, using a mooring or something similar.  What they don’t know is that perhaps the goal they have set for themselves is not the love of their lives, but a simple and profitable karmic love that no spell or ritual will be able to retain for long. Even so, the Magic Horoscope advises them to enjoy what the Universe has prepared for them.

Compatibility between signs for Valentine’s Day:

  • Compatibility with Taurus: in spite of Scorpio being the antithesis of Taurus, they are configured as two magnets that cannot resist each other. In addition, they are both against deception, so honesty will be one of the fundamental pillars of the success of this relationship.
  • Compatibility with Cancer:  Both signs have a very important thing in common, their element. This is why, in spite of differing in the way of expressing their feelings, they have extraordinary compatibility.
  • Compatibility with Virgo:  The compatibility between these two signs is quite high and beneficial for both members of the couple. Not only because of their individual features but because the elements of earth and water belong together  and offer the most encouraging expectations.
  • Compatibility with Libra:  If these two zodiac signs get together, they will find the perfect balance, which can seem a bit strange as they are opposite signs. They have such high understanding that the solidity of their relationship will be envied by everyone.
  • Compatibility with Scorpio:  Two Scorpios fit the mold excellently in many areas of the relationship. They are people with high emotional power, so they will both feel an enormous sexual attraction, although they will struggle to deal with possible complications that hinder their understanding.
  • Compatibility with Capricorn:  This fusion is one of the best of the entire zodiac. The reason lies in their fidelity and loyalty, which can turn them into an indestructible couple, in addition to having a torrent of passion difficult to match.
  • Compatibility with Pisces:  This relationship will surely come out well due to the kind-hearted side both signs have. They will also feel extremely attracted to each other, and they will have such commitment that they will enjoy a long and happy life together.

sagittarius logo

Sagittarius Valentine’s Day horoscope: The archer’s adventure

Valentine’s Day will come ready to shake Sagittarius’ heart, and the day will be full of magical and wonderful moments. This happens because of the position of Mars, which is so good for this sign that will even counteract Venus’ negative effects, who will exert an influence that could increase alarmingly the worries of the sentimental life of this sign. The same will happen with Mercury, whom the red giant will knock out of combat so that the confusion it brings with it gets completely diluted.

With such astral sky, those archers that enjoy life together with their better half will be surprised with a different and totally unexpected plan, that will fill them with emotion, and it will make them feel the luckiest couple in the world. The single Sagittarius, on the other hand, won't worry about not having anyone to share such a special moment like 14 February. In this sense, they will bet on an escape route that, despite being very typical and common for this sign, will always make them feel the same excitement as the first day: traveling. Single Sagittarius will look for their best friends’ company, and they will start an adventure that will stay in our memory for life.

Compatibility between signs for Valentine’s Day:

  • Compatibility with Aries:  These two fire signs create a very explosive mix that will fill the lives of both members of the couple with emotion. Together, they will erase the word 'boredom' from their dictionaries, and will long enjoy their unbridled compatibility.
  • Compatibility with Gemini:  These are two opposite signs that will enjoy a mysterious relationship full of intriguing moments. And although they could have some conflict of interest, the truth is that they will be able to get wherever they want.
  • Compatibility with Leo:  When the fire of the lion gets together with the archer’s flames, the resulting combination is very natural and counts with a very valuable connection. Also, they are both romantic people, so they will give each other what they need without having to make an effort.
  • Compatibility with Libra: Someone as balanced and diplomatic as Libra is a very good option for crazy Sagittarius. As a couple, they will enjoy happiness, optimism and a lot of love together, and they will become a harmonious union.  
  • Compatibility with Sagittarius:  two archers together form a magnificent couple, who share the same point of view about life and have the same desire for novelty and movement. Without a doubt, this is one of the best possible combinations, and both members will feel especially lucky.
  • Compatibility with Pisces:  Both signs are ruled by the great Jupiter, so they are two complementary and compatible signs. This couple will enjoy imaginative moments, and together they will live great adventures

capricorn logoCapricorn Valentine’s Day horoscope: A confusing astral sign

During this 14 February, Venus enters the sky of Capricorn ready to make their life easy and beautiful, but it will find a hindrance it didn’t count on: Mars is combative due to its proximity with Taurus, and this can complicate things very much for those ruled by this sign. So, Capricorns should keep a cold head, and they mustn’t say something they could regret.  Capricorns are very negative people, so the present planetary influence may end up plunging them into the darkness.

Capricorns in a relationship will understand, throughout the day, the meaning of the word “karma,” as they will live the consequences of this phenomenon themselves. Will this be positive or negative? They have the answer to this question, as they know exactly if they’ve done or not something wrong in their daily lives and how they treat other people. On the other hand, the goats that haven’t found the love of their life will pay the influence they drag from the eclipse of the Moon in Leo, which brought to the surface all the doses of negativity and resentment that this sign keeps inside. If this is your case, be careful, because your affective bonds can be seriously affected if you can’t control the spiral of feelings inside you.

Compatibility between signs for Valentine’s Day:

  • Compatibility with Taurus:  It’s not common to find such high compatibility between two signs. Their realism and their practicality will serve as union connection between both members of the couple, and they can build a happy, stable, and long-lasting relationship together.
  • Compatibility with Scorpio:  Passionate, faithful, and powerful, these two signs are lucky enough to be able to enjoy one of the best combinations of the whole zodiacal wheel. They can do great things together, and they will form a union that any mortal would wish to possess.
  • Compatibility with Capricorn:  This romance is so good that it can be dangerous because the couple runs the risk of falling into the dullest and most boring monotony that exists. In spite of this, if they can innovate and keep the interest, they will be invincible together.
  • Compatibility with Aquarius:  With this combination, two things can happen, or they belong to each other, and they live happily ever after, or they won’t find the way to complement each other, and they will end up driving each other crazy. The important thing they have to do is to strengthen their strong points, and they work together to eliminate the weak ones.
  • Compatibility with Pisces:  This union will go from less to more. In the beginning, they might have some doubts that will be solved with time. Besides that, they have excellent compatibility, and they’ll both feel like they’re one of the strongest teams that will meet each other’s needs.

aquarius logoAquarius love horoscope: Mars is in your favor

Aquarius will be the luckiest sign of the zodiac this 14 February. It seems as though the planets have aligned on purpose to fill Valentine’s Day for this sign with wonderful moments and excellent feelings. One of the main reasons for this is Mars, who sends you its best energies, so there’s nothing that keeps you awake, or that can cause you any worries. It could be said, Aquarius, that the only priority of the Universe is that you are happy in such a special day.

With such expectations, it’s not a surprise that the omens for Aquarius in a relationship come with good news, such as the birth of a baby or the planning of a wedding. Are you ready for such a big change? Single Aquarius will long for some company. In this sense, Magic Horoscope’s advice is to have a magic gem that can help them achieve their goal. It could be a Lapis Lazuli, which is the gem associated with this zodiac sign, or a more specific one such as the rose quartz or the celestine.  

Compatibility between signs for Valentine’s Day:

  • Compatibility with Aries:  The longing for independence of these two zodiac signs, together with their humanitarian and kind side are keys to understanding the great complicity that exists between them. If you make an effort, you can enjoy a long-lasting relationship that anyone would like.
  • Compatibility with Capricorn:  In this relationship, a similar thing happens than in the relationship with Sagittarius. Both signs have as many things in common as important differences. So it won’t be a totally easy path, but if they overcome obstacles, they will have a full and very happy life together.
  • Compatibility with Aquarius:  this is one of the combinations of individuals of the same sign that best connect. Apart from the fact that there is no sign with the same capacity for commitment, their singularity won’t frighten the spouse because they are practically the same.
  • Compatibility with Gemini: Both signs have the same hopes in life. Their compatibility is enviable, which is reinforced by the great intelligence they share and that allows them to understand the meaning of perfect balance.
  • Compatibility with Libra:  Their connection is excellent. These signs have too many things in common as for them to not notice them, and it will be nearly impossible for them to ignore the attraction between them.

pisces logoPisces Valentine’s Day horoscope: Your only option is to flow

Pisces’ tender heart will be more sensitive than it usually is on 14 February, although it might seem impossible at first. Fortunately, none of the planets will play against them, even though they could be a victim of some of the planetary influxes that the stars will send to the Earth throughout the day. The key to overcoming this day will be to flow with the Universe,  and not allow yourself to be carried away by the confusion and tension that your astral sky can cause.

To be more precise, Pisces in a relationship will have a wonderful day with their better half, and they will feel as they are floating on clouds. They will realize that  this connection and so pure love can only exist between twin flames.  However, single Pisces will spend the day moaning and remembering who they thought would be the love of their lives. The astral influence will make them finish the task they started with the arrival of the solar eclipse: put an end to any relationship with anyone who doesn’t provide them with anything important in their lives.

Compatibility between signs for Valentine’s Day: 

  • Compatibility with Scorpio: The hidden part of Scorpio shares a lot with the noble Pisces, so they will both feel an absolutely irresistible attraction. Their level of compatibility is very high, and the relationship has every chance of success.
  • Compatibility with Sagittarius: The great imagination that this pair of signs has is configured as the best link between them, although not the only one. They are both ruled by Jupiter, which makes them perfectly compatible.
  • Compatibility with Capricorn:  They have excellent compatibility, although at the beginning they might doubt about the future of the relationship. They will enjoy a truly satisfying union, for they form a very strong couple.
  • Compatibility with Taurus:  Although both of them have many and remarkable imperfections, the truth is that they are two very kind signs. This is why their relationship is based on the foundations of team spirit.