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How to Raise the Vibration of Thought? 4 Techniques to Increase it

Learn how to elevate your vibration and how to align yourself with the law of attraction

When you listen to the radio for example, while you are in the car and the music that comes on is not the kind you like, you change the frequency.  We can do the same with our mind and raise the vibration (of thought).

Many people do not realize how useful this can be to raise the vibrational energy, control it, feel the spiritual energies and generally manage the energetic states of people.

Don't you like the life you have in front of you? You will only have to learn how to raise your vibrations, just like you would with a radio. Take note, because this article will answer the question "How do I know what frequency I am vibrating on?" and much more..

What is raising the vibration of thought 

Before explaining how to raise the vibration (of thought) we must expose that in this universe, all things (including you) are composed of energy. Even our thoughts are that, pure energy to which the universe reacts constantly, trying to align with the energies we emit and develop. This would therefore be our frequency of thought, that level of energy that we must focus to achieve the frequency of happiness.

In this sense, raising your vibrations is linked to the law of attraction, which makes what we generate come to us. The vibration frequency in people is a magnet for similar emotions:

When we are filled with energies and negative attitudes such as pessimism, anger, fear or restlessness, our frequency of thinking decreases, and it will be precisely those kinds of situations that we will attract. Similarly, when we strive to raise the vibration of thought towards a positive polarity, we will see how our life becomes happier and everything is filled with love.

In general, all of us strive to see life in a positive light,  we raise the vibration of thought to that side, not letting tensions affect us.

When we have the frequency of high thinking, we let the universe flow, we begin to listen to our true selves, without resistance, ceasing to focus on what goes wrong in our lives and focusing on what is going well. 

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How to raise our vibrational frequency 

We have already explained what it is to raise the vibration (of thought), and now we suggest some simple exercises to help you achieve it, and thus attract everything good to your life.

1. Breathe deeply

Breathing deeply, you will feel calm and well-being will flow through your body. No matter where or when: if you feel overwhelmed by the negativity, take a deep breath and exhale,  so you will be able to raise the vibrational frequency of your mind.

2. Listen to your thoughts

It is important to hear our thoughts, if they are positive or negative, and if they are dark ones - analyze how to work on making them positive. If you notice that your positive frequency is low, listen to your thoughts, and learn how to turn them around. Think of something that makes you happy when in your mind there are intrusive thoughts that you don't like.

3. Do something you like

Passion and happiness are basic ingredients to raise the vibration of thought, since they are emotions that channel the highest levels of energy that we are able to launch into the universe. Isn't it true that when you are happy there is no place for negative energy in your life?

4. Sleep 

To empty your mind of negative thoughts, there is nothing more refreshing than a dream. A visit from Morpheus will allow us to return to the highest of the vibratory state of thought. 

5. Meditation 

Meditation is necessary to free us from our fears, our negative impulses, our anger ... that pollute us and contribute to reducing our vibrational frequency. 

How to know on what frequency I am vibrating on?

If you are wondering how to figure out what frequency you are vibrating at, it may be advisable to carry out the exercises described above, because you may not be at the correct frequency. When moving about in life, the vibrations we emit as a field around us come into contact with the places, beings and objects that surround us.

This radiation exchange has the effect of getting closer to each other or moving away from each other, since we can feel spiritual energies.

How will you know if you have managed to increase your frequency? The answer is simple: you will know because you will feel good. Increasing the vibration (of thought) attracts greater happiness, and the better you feel, the higher the frequency of your vibration may be.

Music to increase vibration

The universe is made of music, understanding the same vibration frequencies. Music is the universal language that connects all cultures as we instinctively understand the vibratory connection of all things through sound.

In this sense, it can be affirmed that there is music to increase vibration, or high vibration music, because it channels the vibrational nature of energy through frequencies and vibrations.

It has been shown that certain frequencies can help the brain to concentrate better, while other (low) frequencies can create an effect of discomfort and even cause serious damage to our health.

There are 2 special frequencies with miraculous effects on the human mind and body. These frequencies are: 432 Hz and 528 Hz. The latter is known as the "miraculous tone" and is often associated with DNA repair. This frequency resonates with the human body and nature. The 432 Hz frequency, meanwhile, is known as "Virtus A" and is mathematically tuned in harmony with nature and is linked with nature's ability to repair itself. Here is an example of music to raise the vibration.

432 Hz Celestial Angel Music ➤ Raise Your Vibration - 528 Hz Positive Energy Frequency Healing