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Viking Quotes: 25 Viking Proverbs about Friendship, War and Life

The Vikings were warrior people, but they were also very wise and left us with some great proverbs and phrases

Viking quotes
Viking Quotes: 25 Viking Proverbs about Friendship, War and Life

The Vikings lived in Scandinavia from the 8th to the 11th century. The Viking phrases and proverbs of this people are full of knowledge, because they contain the wisdom of a legendary and courageous people who fill us with the sight of wars, conquests and adventures.

Certainly, the Vikings were relentless warriors, but they were also very ingenious. Experience generates knowledge, and that's why here's a selection of 25 Viking phrases about friendship, war and life that can inspire your day-to-day life.

Viking proverbs: their life philosophy 

1. Too much beer, and a man's heart will be open for all to see - The Separate Saga from St. Olaf, c.151.

This advises us not to become the drunken jester of any party, as we can say something we regret later.

2.  The error is the result of letting fear rule your actions - The Saga of Harald Hardrade, c.46.

Letting worries get in our way never brings anything good. Be bold and if necessary, back off.

3. A person should not agree today to what he will regret tomorrow – Saga Bandamanna, c.10.

The haste is not good counselors. Take care of yourself in the future and don't agree to do something if you don't really want to do it.

4.  Defend your own judgment and not what others say - Gudmundur Jonsson.

Don't let others' perceptions of you affect who you are. He trusts you.

5. No one is a fool if he knows when to shut up - Grettir's saga, c.88.

Too many words can lead to shame. As they say, no flies enter in the closed mouth, and therefore, we must know when to keep the

silence, that is what this Viking phrase means to us.

6. Not all the clouds that darken the day bring rain - Saga Heitharvega, c.7.

Difficult times are going to happen, this Viking phrase tells us. But let's not forget that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Viking Proverbs: Warrior Phrases

7. It is better to fight and fall than to live without hope  - The Saga of the Volsungos, c.12.

A classic Viking phrase, which tells us that it is better to fail than not to try, as we will learn from our own mistakes.

8. Where the wolf's ears are, the wolf's teeth are close. - Volsunga Saga, c.19.

You have to be alert in your environment. Seeing smoke often means fire.

9. Fight your enemies in the field, don't burn in your home - Saga Volsunga, c.21.

This Viking phrase of warriors invites us to face challenges head-on, rather than waiting for them to find you.

10. When men encounter enemies in the fight, a robust heart is better than a sharp sword - Volsunga, c.19.

Your tools alone can't take you far: it's the attitude that makes us truly different.

11. Even in the sheath, the sword must be sharpened; the mind and spirit must also be within the body.

This Viking proverb reminds us that wherever you are in life, don't forget to take care of your mental and spiritual well-being.

12. Only a coward expects to be taken as a redfish or a fox from a trap - Saga Laxdaela, c.40.

Don't be in danger. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, take steps to fix it. That's what this Viking phrase tells us.

Viking Proverbs: Friendship Phrases

13. Nothing good can happen to people who break their solemn vows  - The saga of Hrafnkel Freysgothi, c.6.

Keep your promises, no matter what, remind us of this Viking phrase. Don't let the wind take your words away.

14. We often regret saying too much and seldom regret saying too little - The saga of Hrafnkel Freysgothi, c.7.

Silence is again valued. It is better to remain silent and be considered a fool than to open your mouth and eliminate all doubt.

15. Never deceive your master - Njal Saga, c.86.

Always be good to those who take care of you and don't bite the hand that feeds you: This popular saying reminds you a lot of this Viking phrase.

16. Those who take large resolutions, and then set them aside, only end in disgrace  (The saga of King Olaf Trygvisson, c.9)

It is often said that those who cover a lot, do not squeeze. And this Viking proverb tells us how to quit can be more embarrassing than ever to begin. So we must be realistic in our efforts.

17. Gold is little comfort to the dead relative - Saga of Ervar Odd, c.11.

No amount of wealth is more valuable than an irreparable loss.

18. The one you trust the most may disappoint you the most – Saga Fljotsdale, c.23.

Be careful who you trust. Being hurt by a loved one is much more painful than being hurt by a stranger or an enemy.

Vikings Phrases (Vikings, the series) 

The Vikings have been idolized, glorified and immortalized throughout history, and in recent years have been encumbered among the masses by films and television series such as Vikings. That's why we collect here some phrases from this acclaimed fiction.

19. Never fight unless you know that you are lucky in your favor  (Lagertha).

20.  I want to have a story to tell my son  (Knut).

21. What does your God need silver and gold for? He must be greedy  (Ragnar Lodbrok).

22. I am as I am and will not change, neither for you, nor for my brother, nor for anyone  (Rollo).

23. May the man who believes to descend from the gods learn that he is human after all (Count Haraldson).

24. When you are dreaming, you never know what will happen  (Ubbe).

25. It is well and good to talk about responsibilities, but there are other things in life  (King Egbert).