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11 Virgo Celebrities

Find out what celebrities are from the Virgo sign and how the horoscope affects their career

Claudia Schiffer posing at a photocall
11 virgo celebrities | GTRES

Were you born between 24 August and 23 September? Then you are from the Virgo sign, an earth sign, changeable, feminine and that is ruled by the Mercury planetary influence.  Selection, analysis, tenacity or worrying are some of the words that are associated with the natives of this horoscope, who share their sign with actors, singers, designers or elite athletes.

Virgo has given these celebrities some specific characteristics that have helped them promote their careers, and we're going to tell you about it now.

11 Virgo Celebrities

Which of these celebrities do you look up to?

Cameron Díaz

She is an American actress associated with successful comedy films, but that has also proven that she is also good at dramatic roles. What we can point out about Cameron is that her practical sense and methodology make her an effective person at work,  and her sense of observation allows her to adjust her decisions according to the situation. 

Marc Anthony

He is a Latin American singer that has conquered all the continents with his music, Marc Anthony. The natives of this sign are very sensitive, reflective and observing beings, although they also possess an inflexible logic. All these virtues can be reflected in the trajectory of this artist.


Beyoncé, who was the vocalist of Destiny's Child, as a Virgo celebrity, she has an innate sense of organization and responsibility. The singer and also actress cannot leave her job without everything being perfect and tidy, she feels very comfortable in society and she knows how to convey her optimism.

Adam Sandler

As one of the 11 Virgo celebrities, Adam Sandler is described as a very hard-working, thorough and diligent audiovisual creator. His meticulous mind can lead him to complete tasks that some other people could consider boring. 

Claudia Schiffer

Referent model of the 90s, Claudia Schiffer is an anxious person by nature according to her Zodiac sign. She is often afraid of doing evil because she is afraid of being abandoned or not being loved. As a Virgo woman, she prefers shadows to light, and  likes to organize a big event, but stays behind the scenes when it takes place.

Sean Connery

He was Bond, James Bond. The veteran actor with the license to kill has his feet on the ground and hates to be surprised. According to what the stars indicate about him, Connery is effective and follows the path that he has established himself. In addition, he is active with those around him and he likes to feel useful.

Salma Hayek

Another actress that is positioned in this list of 11 celebrities that are from the Virgo sign. Born in Mexico, she started working in soap operas, but she was able to take the leap to Hollywood and become a Latin referent in the film industry. Due to the nature of her horoscope, Salma has qualities of heart that are indisputable; she wouldn't hurt a fly and loves to feel useful more than anything.

Richard Gere

He doesn't make decisions carelessly and he always thinks before he acts.  That is what the stars say about Richard Gere as a native of the Virgo sign. His solid career, with constant blockbusters in very different decades, indicates that the horoscope doesn't lie.

Stephen King

The Virgo astrology says he  is conscientious and has an impressive ability to concentrate. But that his perfectionist side can make him irritable and anxious. Without these qualities, without a doubt, the writer Stephen King would never have managed to reach the place he holds in contemporary literature, being one of the best-selling authors of the last century.

Carlos Moyá

World-class tennis player born in Spain, of which the horoscope points out that Virgo wants to build a strong and well-organized house full of small reassuring details. Astrology says about him that materialistic girls don't scare him.

Karl Lagerfeld

Perhaps unfairly, Virgo is reputed to be very demanding, so it's important to learn to be more tolerant and let go of the burden they put on themselves. Some, like the designer Karl Lagerfeld, are tougher when it comes to learning to respect their neighbour, and thus, he is also known for his statements attacking the victims of harassment or showing himself against equal marriage.

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