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What Is the Virgo Man Like in Love?

If you ever have the pleasure of meeting a Virgo man, take a look behind his mask.

Serious man wearing sunglasses.
The Virgo man is afraid to show his true self in love matters. | Magic Horoscope

Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn are the three earth signs that most need high doses of confidence. With that security that they are constantly looking for, they can create the emotional experience of a love relationship. For the Virgo man in love, it is essential to be sure that he has found the perfect person.

What Is the Virgo Man Like in Love?

We tend to make the mistake of believing that the first impression we get from Virgos is the right version of their personality. But there is a whole world inside of them. Why do we take for granted that they are what they show?

The Virgo man has a protective mask behind which he hides his most real self.  This mask is neatly created so that he can use whatever version of him he wants according to the situations he faces every day.

Is he fake? No, the truth is that he doesn't have bad intentions. He is afraid of showing himself the way he really is: he wants to do everything so perfectly that he does whatever he can to disguise those traits of his personality that cause him insecurities. He doesn't realize that, precisely, those traits are what make him more human and what gives him more charm. When he shows himself the way he really is, he is way better than the alter ego he created to be  liked.

The Virgo man is closed, distrustful, cautious, and rational. He only shows his beautiful essence once he is able to open his heart to whoever he considers adequate. She will deserve his confidence, as well as she will inspire him trust. 

Facts, not words

The Virgo man needs facts that speak for themselves about the feelings that his partner has. Words are not enough for him; only what demonstrate them.

That's why they usually take longer than others to trust a person as a life partner. Before they make a choice, they need to find enough evidence to make sure that this is the right step.

The Virgo man has an armour that he uses to keep himself safe from any potential danger that threatens his emotional stability. The apparent coldness that seems to characterize him is nothing more than his barrier to staying away from anything that could do him harm.

He hates falsehood, lies, and feeling exposed to a person who does not have the same noble intentions that he expects his chosen one to have.

His personal space: a sacred place

Once he has decided for that special one who he can trust, it's time for him to establish some boundaries for his wellbeing: his own personal development space.

He needs to enjoy his time on his own in his sacred space. It's a line that anybody (not even his partner, who he cherishes) can cross.  He is very rigorous and has to cultivate his own essence and take care of his worries all by himself, with no one around.

He hates being interrupted during those moments of meditation when he is in contact with his true self. He needs those moments on his own either to understand something or to work in some of his love goals. He doesn't only put effort into thinking about himself, but also into taking care of what he shares with whoever he loves.

His greatest devotion? Absolute loyalty and infinite fidelity, although obviously, it will also be what his partner will ask of him. No lies are allowed.

But all this pursues the same purpose: a relationship in which the beauty of the most genuine authenticity prevails and an integral bond where love wins. In short, the materialization of the joint desire of the two: That everything works out and they can build together that happiness to which both aspire.

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