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What Does Each Zodiac Sign Spend Its Money On?

Some are more spendthrift, some are really stingy, and some don't even know how much money they have in their bank account - which are you?

As you know, money talks. We all know and use money regularly, even on a daily basis. But not all of us use it in the same way, spend it on the same things or give it the same value. So, in this article, we reveal how each Zodiac sign spends its money. Some are impulsive shoppers, others save like ants, there are also those who only buy luxury items... Let's check it out!

What do Arians do with their money?

The fiery Aries is the one who has the most problems when it comes to saving money because impulse buying is their downfall. They tend to reflect little on whether they really need what they want to buy. If there's something that catches their attention and attracts them, they will certainly end up in the cash register. Of course, they are quite selfish and reluctant to lend their money.

What do Arians spend their money on? Mostly on everything related to entrepreneurship, adventure, and sports. It's a sign that gives much importance to material things so they will also spend on fashion and the latest technology items.

What do Tauruses do with their money?

The sign of the bull won't mind spending its money as long as it's for the enjoyment of any of its senses. They will tend to  invest their money in those luxurious material goods that bring them comfort and convenience. They will have no problem setting a savings goal to achieve the purchase they desire.

What does a Taurus spend its money on? In functional but beautiful furniture, in all kinds of artistic and decorative objects, in a good sofa, also in an exquisite meal or tickets to see a comedy movie at the cinema. It's the sign that gives more importance to the material and loves to boast about what they have.

What do Geminis do with their money?

The curious Gemini will look for many opinions about what is in their shopping cart to create their own opinion before buying. They will search on Internet forums and ask their friends, they will check the specifications of one product and another until they find  the best product at the best price. Although, if their precious item is finally unavailable they won't make a fuss and will stick with their second choice.

What do Geminis spend their money on? They invest their money in knowledge, so books and subscriptions to magazines or broadcast channels are on their podium of purchases. But they also like to move around to be in contact with others, so in their wallet, you will find bus, subway or train tickets, or a pile of gas refueling tickets.

What do Cancerians do with their money?

Affectionate crab natives tend to weigh their purchases, wondering if it is something that other members of their family can also use. They are one of the signs that save the most, as they are concerned about future contingencies and getting a good pension plan.

What does a Cancer spend its money on? On food and ingredients to make delicious recipes, on appliances to make household chores easier, and on purchases of activities or games to enjoy with the family.

On a side note, Cancerians love to collect things that have past sentimental value.

What do Leos do with their money?

The fierce, but romantic Leo is also impulsive in their purchases although not as much as Aries, who would fight for anything in the sales. They think big when they want to buy something and they have enjoyment and entertainment as their priority. They also bet for the luxury, since they think that it gives an external sensation of success and triumph. If you need financial help, Leo will lend you their money as long as you are worthy of their trust.

What does a Leo spend its money on?  On make-up and clothes that make them feel attractive and look spectacular, on all those jewels that have a lot of shine, on a luxurious car, and on purchases of expensive packages of experiences.

What do Virgos do with their money?

The meticulous sign, Virgo, tends to plan their economy in a very detailed way to know where every penny they earn during the month goes. They love savings strategies and spreadsheets where they can visualize a balance between their income, expenses, and savings. They're inclined to make practical purchases and will be very critical when they buy something that doesn't satisfy them as they expected.

What do Virgos spend their money on?  On their shelves, you'll find more diaries and notebooks than books because planning is an indispensable part of their daily life; on cleaning and hygiene products (they are sure to always carry a bottle or two of hydroalcoholic gel), on hobbies related to small objects, and on exercise plans or applications and healthy diets.

What do Libras do with their money?

The sign representing balance has a hard time when it comes to making an important economic decision. Large purchases and investments can collapse if there is no "clear winner" between two products. However, when it comes to purchases related to fashion, their image, or going out for a drink to socialize, they have no qualms about taking out their wallet. In addition, when it comes to shopping, they are very influenced by the opinions of others.

What do Libras spend their money on?  On clothes, shoes, and accessories, even if they think they have nothing to wear (but have a full closet). On a good mobile data tariff that allows them to stay connected and chat online all day long. Also, a few drinks while enjoying the company of friends.

What do Scorpios do with their money?

The deep Scorpio sign won't tell you how and on what they spend their money  unless you are someone they trust. Nor will they ask you for advice on economics, as they will research thoroughly until they come to their own conclusions. This is the sign that will best negotiate good salary or mortgage conditions. They will fight silently and with effort until they get what they have intended to acquire. They like buying in the flea markets or dark matters, as long as no one knows about their transactions.

What does a Scorpio spend its money on? On everything related to mysticism, sure that in their house you will find a Tarot deck or an Ouija board. Also on subjects that are still considered taboo, such as erotic toys and fetishes; and on books on psychology and objects related to death.

What do Sagittarians do with their money?

The optimistic Sagittarius knows that money shouldn't rule their life, nor material goods their happiness. They know how to live in peace both in times of prosperity and when they have to tighten their belts.  Contrary to what it may seem, they're foresighted and they're very good with finances. If they have a good reason, they will have no trouble saving. They like to invest in continuous training. They're detached from money, so if you ask them for financial help, they will have no problem lending you whatever you need.

What do Sagittarians spend their money on? It's the traveler sign par excellence, will invest their money in everything that is movements and experiences. For that reason, they will buy devices related to outdoor activities, like a good pair of trainers or a multipurpose knife. They will also spend on acquiring knowledge, on objects or books related to their religion or spiritual beliefs. And on having a good time with their friends.

What do Capricorns do with their money?

The most responsible zodiac sign is the one that tends to have the most money in its bank. They tend to spend little and to spend it on practical things. They're interested in investments, have good savings, and advocate a stable and smooth economic life. They are cautious when it comes to investing their money, have a lot of self-control over their spending impulses, and tend to have a great fortune when they're older. They don't believe in luck, they believe in hard work and appreciate every penny they have earned through their hard work.

What does a Capricorn spend its money on? This sign doesn't spend much, but when they do, it will be a high-quality object as well as expensive. Whether it's a car or a face cream, Capricorn spends their money on the best of the best.  They will invest in real estate and pension plans or fruitful savings.

What do Aquariuses do with their money?

The idealistic Aquarius dreams of a world where money is not the only currency. They're detached from money, though they're not naive. They tend to shop in local and proximity stores  as a way of rebelling against the system. They're at the forefront of the latest technologies, so they spend quite a lot of money on buying electronic devices. They tend to extremism, having in possession very old objects and other totally new ones.

What do Aquarians spend their money on? On the latest cell phone model on the market, on a good camera, an electronic book, courses on science, donations to associations in line with their ideals, membership or affiliation to a club that they're interested in, and on an astrological session to know their birth chart.

What do Pisces do with their money?

The most absent-minded sign and the least meticulous with their money is the imaginative Pisces. They're capable of keeping an envelope with money or a piggy bank and forgetting where they've hidden it! They tend to spend without checking their bank account and that can have bad consequences. They give little importance to their economy and material goods because for them, spiritual wealth is more important. They'll put the needs of others before their own, so if you need money they will lend it to you without asking questions.

What does a Pisces spend its money on?  On courses on spirituality, as well as related objects (gems and magic stones, Tibetan bowls, books on this subject, dream catchers, amulets, etc.). On materials to create art, such as brushes, watercolors, musical instruments, special papers, etc. And on buying things and experiences that help others (including animals).

To finish, for more accurate information, we recommend that in addition to your sun sign, you also read the signs in your II and VIII houses of your natal chart.