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Which Zodiac Signs Are More Likely To Cheat On You?

The road to meeting and dating new people can be a challenging one as you don’t know how they would turn out to be or try to hurt.

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Which Zodiac Signs Are More Likely To Cheat On You? | Unsplash - @clemono2

When you meet someone new and develop an interest in them, the feeling might be mutual, and everything might go smoothly but you never know when they can turn their backs on you. If you have been flirting with a new companion-in-progress, and they fall in the following categories of the zodiac signs, you better get ready for the worst, as they’re most likely to cheat in a relationship.

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An all-rounder in a romantic relationship, an Aries is both loving and imaginative. A person with the zodiac sign of Aries is most likely to cheat in a relationship. If you have a flourishing relationship full of heat and excitement, soon it can become sour as these people need ongoing attention and new sources to keep them entertained. So keep an eye on your Aries and we’ll tell you to be prepared anytime your partner will be caught flirting or mingling with another person. One more thing you can do not to let them astray is giving them what they desire in a relationship, ecstasy and entertainment.


If an Aries is a house of ego with high physical expectations, a Gemini is exactly that but mentally. The main reason that your Geminin partner can cheat on you is that they wanted more sources of social stimulation and knowledge coming to their brain. As the Gemini symbol is, that which has two similar figures facing each other clarifies that the sign can be duplicitous. This means that your partner with this sign can cheat behind you and easily be able to hide it. If you have a partner with this sign, keeping up with them will be a difficult task and in times like these, you could use some help from a spy app programmed to efficiently catch a cheater and inform you about all your deceiving chats and connections.  


As Libra is a balance sign, the individual will provide a bit of both in a relationship, obligation and a little double-dealing. They can be the best companions in a relationship and won’t leave your side in most cases. But they’re not to be trusted as when a Libra sees an opportunity, they’ll jump to flirt as they have strong needs of hanging out. So if you have a got an outgoing and chatty Libra, try to satisfy their needs of philandering. However, if a Libra ends up cheating on you, they will not be able to hide it as they’re not very good at it so you don’t have to worry about not having eyes on them.


Most of us are familiar with the type of people of this sign are. Considering Leo people, they’re full of confidence and always in quest of seeking the next level of everything. They‘re quite energetic and don’t want to leave out anything in experiencing different things in life, including in a relationship. Your Leo needs to be satisfied with the utmost anticipation. You need to keep them happy, both physically and mentally by displaying innovative acts of love. If a person with the Leo sign has been enjoying a long relationship with you and is content, there will always be a chance of them cheating if they see a ‘better opportunity’.

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