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World War 3: A World In Conflict

From the Apocalypse to Nostradamus, these are some of the prophecies that herald its outburst.

Could there be a World War 3?  Many people will say it is a fact due to the political landscape. Besides, those who believe in prophecies also feel the same, for there are many seers who have said that we will live a new war that will make all the corners of the world come into conflict.

Among the most frequent arguments for a possible Third World War, there is the fact that the current world order, since the end of World War II, is in decline. Moreover, tensions are rising between nuclear powers, so the chances of a World War III seem more real than ever. Above all, taking into account the constant differences of opinions between the United States and China.

Other aspects that bring to mind a WWIII is that the prophecies of Nostradamus and other seers predicted the figure of Donald Trump, the conflicts in Israel and Jerusalem’s recognition as its capital, as well as other issues that will result in the disappearance of a third of humanity.

Nostradamus’s prophecies on World War 3

Nostradamus was one of the prophets who predicted great events in the world. What he predicts for us now is really terrifying. Some of his predictions are even dated for this year, 2019. According to his visions, the end of the world is coming. Nostradamus heralds another world war, Israel’s disappearance, which would be triggered by Trump’s election, as well as natural disasters (which could be the last major earthquakes or tsunamis).

Nostradamus’s followers point out that there will be great scientific progress, a devastating war and unprecedented natural disasters that are associated with World War 3. Such conflict would take place between two superpowers and could last 27 years.

However, not all of Nostradamus’s predictions for present times are negative, since he claimed that life expectancy will increase (it could reach up to 200 years) and that a cure for major diseases (such as cancer or AIDS) will be discovered.

“There will be natural disasters and many nations around the world will change”, said Nostradamus in those prophecies linked to World War 3. Sometimes, he talks about “The republic of the great city”, which would refer to the United States. According to his predictions, there will be a problem with the world economy: “The rich die more than once”.

Biblical prophecies on World War 3

The first Christian restorers simply expected God’s fulfilment of biblical prophecies. Then, mainly from the 19th century, some began to think that people have to work for this fulfilment to happen and so, achieve what was written.

Nowadays, many Christians are waiting for a catastrophic end, including a Third World War, based on texts from the Holy Scriptures, from the Book of Revelation in the New Testament, and Ezekiel’s prophecies in the Old Testament.

In the Apocalypse, Gog and Magog designate the pagan peoples (identified by some as Muslims and communists) who will unite to wage war against the people of God (Jews and Christians). Likewise, experts in prophecies claim that what happens to Israel in a Third World War will also happen to Christian Europe.

The prophecies of the Apocalypse also indicate that certain events will lead to the Second Advent of Jesus Christ, and point out that it will happen in a time of suffering caused by the Four Horsemen, when a quarter of the Earth will be devastated by war, famine and epidemics.

Erna Stieglitz’s prophecies on World War 3

Erna Stieglitz (1894–1975) was a religious member of the Order of St. Francis. She dedicated her life to the poor and sick, whom she accompanied, counselled and helped. She founded a soup kitchen and a sewing workshop for the poor.

Throughout her life, Erna Stieglitz had visions, isolated and regular mystical crises. Some of them related to a nuclear war that is identified as World War 3. According to Erna Stiglietz, WWIII is inevitable: it will happen very quickly, but it will be very bloody.

Alois Irlmaier’s prophecies on World War 3

Alois Irlmaier was a clairvoyant who lived in Freilassing, Bavaria. He was known for his psychic abilities. He even helped the police solve certain cases. It is said that during World War II, he predicted the impact points of the bombs and found missing persons.

He had many opponents and was accused of illegal practice of clairvoyance for profit and witchcraft. His prediction about World War 3, which speaks of assassination as the trigger of the conflict, says the following: 

“A new war in the Middle East: huge toxic flames will darken the sky, naval forces will fight in the Mediterranean. The fire will settle in the Balkans after the assassination of a European leader. Countries around the world will be asked to choose their side”.

Moreover, he talks about the invasions of Alaska and Canada, that “the golden city will be destroyed” and of “planes that are bombing a yellow dust between the Black Sea and the North Sea. Thus, a death zone will rise”, implying that WWIII will be caused by a chemical or biological attack, according to his prophecy.

Horacio Villegas’s prophecies on World War 3

Many prophecies about WWIII fell by the wayside, as those made by Horacio Villegas, famous for predicting Donald Trump’s rise to power.

This man was convinced that the war would break out on the 100th anniversary of the Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal, which took place on 13 May 2017. He said: “The main message that people need to know in order to be prepared is that between May 13 and October 13, 2017, this war will occur and be over with much devastation, shock and death”. However, the years have passed and that prophecy was left unfulfilled.