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The 3 Worst Couples of the Zodiac

Try as you might, you just can’t force things to work out. Some loves were just never meant to be and here are three of them.

There are people that seem to be the perfect match for their partners, however, on the other hand, there are some couples that, as much effort as they put in, seem destined to fail. All of this is true for the 3 worst couples of the zodiac. Due to misunderstandings, incompatible personalities, and varying levels of sex drive between the two, their relationships are bound to be disastrous.  Do you want to know which couples we’re talking about? Let us tell you.

The 3 Worst Couples of the Zodiac

When the pillars that sustain a healthy relationship fail, it’s impossible to build something stable and long-lasting.

1. The Worst Communicators: Libra and Capricorn

Assuming that good communication is one of the pillars upon which the stability of a relationship is built, we find Libra and Capricorn as a good example… of exactly how not to communicate in a relationship. This pair is one of the worst combinations of the zodiac.

These two never reach an agreement  under any circumstances. This is due to a compatibility issue when it comes to their different approaches to expressing their emotions, ideas, and feelings.

On the one hand, Libra will talk things out at any cost, in a completely open way with no topic being off-limits. However, on the other hand, when their life partner is Capricorn, they hit some sort of invisible wall that gets built between the two when circumstances force them to sit down and have a talk.

The problem is that this couple can’t ever seem to share a single point of view. They really are capable of seeing things in a similar light when it comes to many things, however, they choose to take a stand precisely so that they won’t reach an agreement. This is what makes them one of the worst couples of the zodiac.

It’s true that good communication and a lot of communication aren’t synonymous, however, one should at least start out by trying to understand the other’s position. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen very often between these two.

Capricorn is too proud and won’t even consider budging their position an inch closer to Libra’s (as simple as it may seem). However, Libra tries to maintain the balance on both sides and almost always gives in to resolve the conflict, which in turn causes a feeling of recurring injustice to build up within them. This feeling little by little weakens the connection between the two members of this unfortunate zodiac couple.

2. The Most Incompatible Personalities: Gemini and Cancer

Being different doesn’t have to be a problem if two people really love each other. In fact, in some cases, this can even create an even more fulfilling relationship, because these differences allow the couple to complement one another. However, it doesn’t always work this way, not because of the contrasts in their lives, but because of how very differently the two relate in these lives. And this is precisely what happens to Gemini and Cancer, another one of the worst zodiac couples.

On the one hand, there’s Gemini, an air sign, that’s always expanding, very open and always connecting with people. Up until a certain point, they love socializing, which is no problem for them, and they don’t have any inferiority complexes that make it hard to get to know people. On the other side of the spectrum, there’s Cancer, a water sign, that’s very sensitive with an incredible inner world, but that gets overwhelmed very easily by social situations.

How can these two very different styles be compatible when it comes to sharing their lives? It’s really complicated.  There’s no easy solution for either of them and one of them will always have to give in to the other’s needs. For this reason, they’re one of the worst zodiac couples. For Gemini, this relationship means slowing down their social life which they cherish so deeply. And for Cancer, this would mean spending a lot more time with their partner and lots of company, which would be forced and uncomfortable for them.

In the end, if they’re constantly forcing themselves to go against their own nature, or even if they come to an agreement to have alone time, this will negatively impact the couple in the long run  and they’ll start growing apart. It’s really best to avoid forcing things.

3. The Coldest Couple: Leo and Aquarius

Some people might ask how it’s possible for there to be a cold relationship between a couple that includes a fire sign, but, it’s possible! This is the case of Leo and Aquarius, one of the worst zodiac couples.

The relationship between the water and air signs isn’t bad to begin with, since together they create an inspirational spark that will make their creative minds fly. However,  in the case of these two signs specifically, their sexual appetite is not a match, which causes problems for them in bed.

While Leo’s sex drive is much higher than average, Aquarius is expressive, full of energy, and love… but this love tends to be more platonic rather than passionate and romantic. So, while one is looking for a partner, the other escapes in search of different more multi-faceted connections.

Although they might have a really beautiful connection, the incompatibility in this realm won’t allow things to blossom into a true relationship. Leo and Aquarius could be great friends for life, but if they try to make it into something more…they’ll also turn out to be one of the worst zodiac couples.

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