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Your Greatest Fear: What is Each Zodiac's Worst Fear?

Each sign has its own fears and inner demons. What is your Achilles' heel? Read on to find out!

Human's cannot deny that there is something within us which will always be attracted to the unknown, and finds a certain delight in the situations which produce the familiar and morbid feeling known as fear. And it is this electricity which expands throughout our whole body through our amygdala, and puts our whole body on high alert, that can generate an addiction in the people who experiment with it.  Making them want to experience it more frequently than they initially did the first time they felt fear.

It almost seems as if we like everything which is inexplicable and sometimes even irrational, or at least our brain does. Our brain is where all the hormones that prepare us to react in scary situations are produced, it is these hormones which activate the fight or flight response in humans. The pleasure gained from our putting ourselves in these situations is understandable because we are completely aware of the fact that we aren't in a dangerous situation, even though our bodies react as if we were.

What is each zodiac sign's worst fear?

Watching a terrifying movie from the comfort of our homes isn't the same as actually being in the middle of a scary situation which activates your entire limbic system in a heartbeat.

While the film is pure fantasy, and we know it, the possibility of finding ourselves face to face with a real threat produces genuine goose bumps. The problem is that fear isn't always logical, and it can sometimes seem impossible to understand why we are terrified of some things and not others. 

Due to everything we've just mentioned above, and because our individual personalities play a fundamental role when defining our fears. Today, Magic Horoscope has decided to explain each zodiac sign's greatest fears.

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Discover what your greatest fear is according to your zodiac sign

Does the idea of ending up alone scare you? Do you panic when you see an insect? Do mournful and dark places horrify you? If this is the case, you may be interested to know that your zodiac sign is one of the main factors behind the fear gripping your heart. Even though it's usually impossible to determine the origin or the reason behind our internal terrors, our personality defines, for the most part, our fears and their limits.

In this article we're going to explain each zodiac sign's greatest fears, so you can discover yours and begin the daunting task of facing them as soon as possible. Don't worry, it's perfectly doable!

aries logoARIES: Claustrophobia and thalassophobia

Let's start with Aries, the most enthusiastic and adventurous zodiac sign. Do you know what this sign fears the most? It goes without saying that Aries' love for adventure and their passionate personality play an essential role, and they face every challenge without backing down, although this won't stop them from rejecting a proposal they strongly dislike.

So, if you're an Aries, the longing for freedom you keep deep inside is very noticeable due to your aversion of closed and tight spaces, especially small ones. Claustrophobia is the greatest fear you can feel according to your zodiac sign, this is because you need a lot of space to vent all your torrential energy, and to be yourself, no matter how you feel on any particular day. Due to this, if someone wanted to see your best side,  it would be advisable to avoid any situations which imply closed spaces, restrictions or confinement.

The most interesting thing about this isn't the fact that they feel claustrophobic, which is perfectly normal for someone who has their characteristics. The most striking thing about Aries is that, apart from the anxiety brought on by feeling pressured by their surroundings, the second most common phobia that plagues Aries all over the world is called thalassophobia, which is a gripping fear of the ocean and its immensity. Basically, if you're an Aries, you bring together the two most contradictory fears possible.  You Aries love your polar opposites, don't you? 

taurus logoTAURUS: Metathesiophobia and aporophobia

Taurus is a zodiac sign with many traits, such as patience, determination and goodwill. However, some of Taurus' characteristics are double-edged swords, and when overdone, these strengths can also become their weaknesses, such as their lack of flexibility or their reluctance to accept change. In fact, these traits are the ones that define this zodiac sign's worst fears.

Have you ever heard of metathesiophobia?  It's the name given to the extreme and sometimes irrational fear some people feel when they face a change in their lives. Even though a priori it can seem insignificant, in truth, it can seriously affect the life of those suffering from it, and even completely change their behaviour.

However, this isn't Taurus' strangest fear, despite having very good values, they also have a weakness which makes them weak at the knees and fills them with dread. They fear becoming poor, which is called aporophobia. Some may even consider them to be advocates of classism as this phobia is related to the hostility and disgust towards poor people.  The truth is that Taurus doesn't share that point of view and only worries about losing all their money and resources.


gemini logoGEMINI: Gerascophobia and coulrophobia

The inner child hidden deep inside Geminis which only comes out in some occasions holds the key to the world of their fears, and won't hesitate to step forward and take control of their "adult self" when they deem it necessary. Because of this, this sign's greatest fears usually relate in some way or another to their infancy, and although this doesn't make their fears any less insignificant, it doesn't reduce the panic brought on by them either.

Looking at their fears from this perspective, it's quite easy to guess what Gemini's greatest fears are: the idea of growing old terrifies them. This fear is called gerascophobia or gerontophobia and is tied closely to the idea of people suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome. It can transform Geminis into a ticking time bomb which is best to stay away from.

Wondering what Gemini's next recurring fear is?  It's easy! Humans in a costume, dressed up in zany manner with a red nose. Do you need any more clues? Of course not...I'm talking about clowns! Never EVER try to joke or play a prank on a Gemini dressed as a clown or get ready pay a steep price as the coulrophobia flourishes within them, bringing out their dark side.

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cancer logoCANCER: Atychiphobia and eremophobia

The sweet Cancers base their fears in less trivial aspects and fear much deeper concepts  than other zodiac signs. In fact, they barely panic when it comes to tangible problems, instead, they are terrified of more abstract concepts. If your zodiac sign is cancer and you're asking yourself what your greatest fear is, you must first learn to look beyond what other mortals see, and only then will you obtain your answer.

Eremophobia., this is the technical term given to the fear of being alone, which can be the most terrifying thing for someone with such a protective and family orientated character. The people who belong to the Cancer family need to continuously feel love and validation from their close ones, a life without company has no meaning for them.

However, eremophobia is not the only fear which keeps Cancers up at night, there is something more which not only scares them, but can make them react uncontrollably and irrationally: failure. Yes my friends, this zodiac sign is also a victim of atychiphobia, which can be more serious than it sounds and if allowed to take control, it can ruin the lives of the people suffering from it.

leo logoLEO: Scotophobia and aquaphobia

Leos tend to be a bit more predictable than the other zodiac signs. In fact, we only need to study the basic nature of their personalities  to get an idea of what makes Leos weak at the knees. So if you're a Leo and you want to know what your greatest fear according to your zodiac sign is, whether it be for yourself or for someone you know, keep reading to find out!

At first glance, it can seem as if the fierce lion fears nothing. But we mustn't forget that when we find ourselves in a situation which produces a fight or flight response, we turn into small scared mice and scurry off, this is exactly what happens to Leos, the fierce lion becomes a sweet kitty cat.  And what does this domestic feline reject the most? Water of course! The king of the savannah detests this element.

Although this hydrophobia corresponds more to a sense of repulsion, there is something else which terrifies Leos to their core, and it has to do with the light which radiates from within the core of their selves: They fear the dark, this is also known as nyctophobia or scotophobia. 

virgo logoVIRGO: Mysophobia and bromidrosiphobia 

When discussing all possible reasons to feel fear, it turns out that Virgo can be considered to be the most snobbish zodiac sign. Their fears relate to this, as it turns out they react badly to anything which doesn't fit their personality and their ideals of a healthy life, order and hygiene.

In other words, when we talked about Geminis, we identified their most childish traits, with Virgos, we find ourselves face to face with the most nit-picky mother of all zodiac signs. They always expect their belongings to be in the right place, where they had left them or where they expect them to be. Precisely because of this, their greatest fear is known as mysophobia or rupophobia, which is an aversion towards dirt and anything dirty.

Indisputably, this rigidity and these high expectations are also apparent when they meet someone, as their second worst fear is bad body odours, also known as bromidrosiphobia. That said, we shouldn't think that this phobia is any less important to Virgos than mysophobia, because in truth, it can irritate a Virgo just as much and sometimes even more than disorder and dirtiness.

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libra logoLIBRA: Ophidiophobia and somniphobia

Who would have said that Libra, the sign of balance, could lose all composure over things that barely affect the rest of us mere mortals. Not even their predilection for beauty and harmony can defeat their inner demons and stop them from feeling that uncomfortable sensation we call fear, which renders Virgos fickle and makes them hyper-sensitive.

And what is this zodiac sign's worst fear? Not even their diplomacy can protect them from the beings which make them lose control: serpents. Since we are dealing with an air sign which loves being in the clouds, they can't stand a creature which continuously slides on the floor and, to top it all off, symbolizes evil and original sin.  This creature has no place in such a kind and benignant heart.

However, this zodiac sign has another phobia which is slightly more interesting than their fear of serpents, this phobia is of something much more common. We must take into account that this sign is highly sociable and has a deep-seated love for nights out, parties and excesses. This sign can sometimes become weak at the knees because of something basic and necessary such as... sleeping!  Even though it may seem fictional, some Libras suffer from somniphobia, as they feel that time spent sleeping is time wasted!  Doesn't that seem crazy? Well as hard as it may be to believe, it's as real as life itself! 

scorpio logoSCORPIO: Glossophobia and ornithophobia

We've always considered Scorpio to be an eccentric sign with a dark side, but it is these characteristics which make up the foundations on which the rest of their personality is held up. We find ourselves face to face with a very original being, some might even say weird, yet it is these traits which determine the worst fears a Scorpio has.

Scorpio is a sign full of contradictions, and this is shown in their fears. Because of this, even though they may be fun and interesting people to listen to, the idea of speaking in public renders them paralyzed, turning them into victims of glossophobia.

However, this isn't the only fear Scorpios have, the animal which represents their sign transfers some of its characteristics to the people it represents. This is the reason behind many Scorpios being scared when they find themselves close to a bird. And even though people who don't suffer from ornithophobia may laugh at the sight of birds, those that do suffer from it can find themselves despairing and panicking.

sagittarius logoSAGITTARIUS: Thanatophobia and ergophobia

Not even the representation of intensity can fight against one of the most ancient feelings of human beings. Sagittarius is also mortal and, due to this, is familiar with panic, a very unpleasant feeling indeed. If you'd like to know which is this sign's greatest fear, read on reader!

For people with such a huge amount of vitality and such an insatiable energy, a shadow exists which threatens them  from the first moment they set foot in this world and begin to develop awareness: thanatophobia, the fear of death.  A Sagittarius feels that any life, no matter for how long it was lived, isn't enough, and will feel that there simply isn't enough time to experiment and try everything they'd like to. Although Sagittarius is the sign most likely to feel this fear, we must admit that this phobia is very common nowadays and seems to be getting more and more common.

And what is another characteristic which defines a Sagittarius perfectly? Their love for freedom, this is why many Sagittarius are susceptible to what is commonly known as ergophobia, which is an complete rejection of work.  I mean, who can enjoy a life full of freedom and adventure if we're shackled to a routine of going to the office. Maybe a Capricorn could, but definitely not a Sagittarius! 

capricorn logoCAPRICORN: Nosophobia and aerophobia

The most ambitious and stable sign out of all the zodiac signs may have less difficulty staying calm in stressful situations than normal,  although this won't be enough to free a Capricorn from stressing out in some situations. In fact, Capricorns have a varied mix of phobias, some of the strangest, and some of the most common ones in our day and age.

It is well known that there are few beings on Earth more disciplined and methodological than Capricorns. Work is considered to be almost sacred for them, and their ambition pushes them all the way to the top and brings them closer to the pinnacle of their success. So we can safely deduce that their worst fears relate to this area of their life, and what seems to terrorize Capricorns the most is the possibility of getting ill. Nosophobia is its technical term, and it is one of their most anxiety producing thoughts.

However, even though this may be their worst fear, it is not the only fear Capricorns hide in their interior. And it is the fact that they are a pure Earth sign which makes Capricorns fearful of leaving the ground.  In other words, one of this sign's worst fears is flying, which is commonly known as aerophobia.

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aquarius logoAQUARIUS: Trypophobia and oneirophobia

We find ourselves nearing the end of the zodiac wheel, and now it is Aquarius' turn. One of the zodiac signs characterized by having some of the kindest traits, an immeasurable imagination, and a momentum which many people wish they had. Aquariuses  tend to suffer from strange and practically unknown phobias, which ties in well with their original personality. In the following paragraphs we will tell you about this sign's worst fear.

As we just said, Aquariuses are well known for having an interesting psyche, which can be a double-edged sword and can have unfavourable consequences when least expected. Due to this, their dreams are usually very strange, and sometimes can seem to be borderline paranoia, making their victims wake up more tired than they were when they went to bed. Because of this, Aquarius is a sign which develops an uncommon yet despairing fear as years pass: oneirophobia, which is the persistent, exaggerated and unjust phobia of sleeping, especially dreams.

And to complement their mental complexity further, one of Aquarius' main phobias is trypophobia, a feeling of repulsion towards the sight of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps.  Although it may be true that this problem has an evolutionary function, as it can be considered to be an efficient way of staying alive by avoiding certain foods or locations, nowadays it must be very annoying and sometimes even impairing in the lives of the people who suffer from it.

pisces logoPISCES: Misophonia and mnemophobia

And finally we find ourselves at the end of the zodiac circle. Pisces, a pure heart personified, they are usually more fragile and more of a scaredy-cat than the rest of the signs, although this doesn't mean that they fear everything. In fact, Pisces' phobias transcend the physical realm and reach all the way into the emotional realm, agitating them from the inside and causing great anxiety. Would you like to find out what Pisces' worst fears are? Well then, don't stop reading now!

One of the most evident problems this zodiac sign suffers from has to do with a heart-gripping panic towards memories of the past. This fear, which is called mnemophobia, is related to the sensitive and vulnerable character of a Pisces, this sign has a hard time letting go of nostalgic memories and feels a deep sadness when remembering things and people from the past who sadly won't return.

The other phobia common among Pisces has to do with an anomaly in their central nervous system and with their hearing. It is not really classified as a phobia but as a condition.  Misophonia, also known as select sound sensitivity syndrome, is a disorder in which negative thoughts, emotions and physical reactions are produced in people by specific sounds (such as chewing, slurping or even breathing), and sometimes even by visual elements. When someone suffers from this, they react irrationally to these kinds of stimuli, and their body reacts as if they were in a dangerous situation and had to fight to survive.

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