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The 3 Worst Signs of the Zodiac: Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio

Curiously, it's also about the signs with a reputation for being the most sensitive of them all. Could this have any connection?

Worst zodiac signs
Learn about the worst astrological signs: Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. | Magic Horoscope

Depending on the features of each sign, different reactions could be expected from each of the horoscopes. However, in terms of being able to draw the darker side of their personalities in certain situations, there are some especially cruel if they feel attacked or they perceive it that way.  We discover who are the three worst signs of the zodiac.

Can you imagine who they are?

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The 3 worst signs of the Zodiac

Curiously, it's also about the signs with a reputation for being the most sensitive of them all. Could this have any connection?  What is the worst zodiac sign of them all?



How wrong are those who think that behind the delicate, sensitive and cautious image of Cancer there is only fragility? Let no one be wrong and underestimate the person under that sweet appearance  that makes you think of infinite goodness because nothing could be further from the truth since we are facing one of the worst signs of the zodiac.

We know that, in general, people born under the water element have a great volatility in their character, and between the alterations to which their character is subjected naturally and the situations that may come from outside and affect them, it's easy to touch the part more irascible of the personality of this sign and awaken in them that vengeful spirit.

And when that happens, you'd better be away from their radius of action, because if you had something to do with their anger, rest assured that they will look for a way to make you feel the same pain that you have caused them but multiplied by 1000. Cancer has no limit when expressing its rage against whoever has hurt them, even if it has been accidentally. That is why it's considered one of the evilest signs of the zodiac.


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Among the natives of this horoscope, a person could see both their sweetest and most adorable version and the darkest side of them, the same one that hides all their means with which they can make you feel terrible if you betray them (or it seems to them that you have done so).

And it's precisely because of that lack of scruples when it comes to  changing from feeling and showing the greatest love in the world for someone to hating them to the extreme of wishing them the worst, that Pisces has earned (and with merits) to be  one of the worst zodiac signs.

Although it's usual that this side of going from one extreme to the other happens with people close enough to develop a real love for them, they can also react in this way to those who make them awaken some kind of personal insecurity, as illogical or paranoid it could be. So, for your own good, you better try to get on well with Pisces and don't forget that if they want, they can be ruthless.



Probably before the answer of someone who is asked what their sign is, if you're Scorpio the general reaction is suspicion. Well, they turn out to be one of the worst signs of the zodiac, and it has a lot to do with their pathological jealousy problem.

Although it can also occur in a field outside the couple, for example, in jobs or in their own circles of friendship, where their tendency to compare themselves with the rest and pretending to feel superior makes them believe in a privileged position without really being in it. The problem comes when you really begin to believe that role and the performance of that role of supremacy, because anyone who comes near them with some potential could be seen as a possible competitor  and, therefore, be attacked by Scorpio.

The natives of this sign are very marked by their insecurities that can be of all kinds, which they try to hide in the best way possible, but they are aware of them, and they don't really lose sight of them. The fact is that when someone could be better than them in any of those aspects, that could be reason enough to hate that person intensely due to the envy they could feel.

And if that were the case, the idea that goes through Scorpio's mind is "to destroy the adversary," even if it's metaphorically speaking. They won't see limits when it comes to making that person pay for "the audacity to be better than them" in whatever aspect.