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Zodiac Personality: How People Judge Each Sign

Here's how people see you and what they think depending on your zodiac sign

zodiac personality
Zodiac personality: how people judge each sign | Magic Horoscope


Human beings are social creatures by nature, and learning to adapt to our environment isn't always easy. The rules and laws of our lives often counterstrike against our desire for independence and freedom, and when duties confront our free will, the difficulty to find balance increases exponentially.

And though it might be true that all guidelines and rules imposed on us are meant to improve our life quality, it isn't always easy to appreciate that from our own point of view. And that's without keeping in mind that living in a community brings another serious issue around: belonging to a social group exposes us  to the opinions and comments of others, which will not always be the way we'd like them to, and it might even influence the way we present ourselves into the world.

What do people think of us? How do they see us? Sometimes, these questions ambush our minds and settle down like a virus, and they can even destroy us inside. However, it's important to learn to see things in perspective to enjoy a calmer, more harmonious life. So, today we'd like to go deeper into an issue that arises quite some public interest. To find out about the way people judge you by zodiac sign, just keep reading!

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What do people think of you by zodiac sign?

Your personality will be key when finding out what people think of you by zodiac sign. Even so, you need to remember that worrying too much about people's opinions will turn out to be counterproductive and won't help your wellness, so it is utterly essential and necessary that you learn to set your own red flags.

How can you objectively know whether you're too concerned about what others think of you? First, think about whether you're a people pleaser. If the answer is a yes, reflect on whether you're moved by sympathy -which would be the ideal tool- or, on the other side, a desire to please. If this latter tool is your main choice, stay alert, because it's the first sign that something's not going right.

Still, there's more signs that tell you that you need to change your perspective on this matter. For instance, bragging and taking any chance to put yourself and your needs in front of those of others. Or focusing too much on how others behave around you, especially if you read that as judgment instead of opinion.

If you're also the kind of person that never says no, and you adapt your words and choices in accordance to the opinions of others, we're sorry to inform you that you're in trouble and need to work on it immediately! 

Find out how others perceive you by zodiac sign

At this point, you should already know whether you're a hypersensitive soul that gets offended by anything, and extremely quickly so. If that's your case and you'd like to work it out, you need a series of guidelines to avoid people's words from affecting you so gravely and deeply. For starters, you have to work on self-confidence, because self-esteem plays a crucial role in this area. Also, you need to focus on yourself more and to build your own opinions, to avoid paying too much attention to anything people around you say or do.

Another important element connected to self-esteem is learning to see your strengths and rejoicing in them. You're worth it, never forget! And not only that, because if there is something you don't like or feel uncomfortable about, don't stay quiet! Express anything you feel -always in the best way possible, of course- and stop those attitudes or comments that upset or hurt you.

However, it's also important to spot those instances where opinions can be good or useful for you because they can become pieces of advice that help you grow and become more mature individuals. But in order to do that, first, you need to learn to set constructive and destructive criticism apart from one another, to embrace anything that's good and block the things that would hurt your soul and core.

Still, never forget that building up your own visions before you open up to the world will be a must to avoid walking around like a meek soul unable to defend yourself. And that's without erasing from your mind the idea that not everyone will like you, so you don't even have to try unless you want to stumble your way into a world filled with frustration and anxiety. If you succeed, you'll lead your life without looking after others' approval, and it will completely change your perception of reality. Dare to be happy!

How people judge you by zodiac sign

It's time for you to find out about how people judge you. Without any further ado, here's your zodiac personality.

aries logoARIES

The ram's energetic spirit breaks barriers and can leave unconscious anyone who dares get too close. You're fully aware of that, and it usually plays against you rather than in your favour. Your tendency to act without thinking twice makes others often see you as someone irrational that can't hold a conversation. Also, your angry, aggressive side makes you truly scary sometimes! 

However, it's not all bad, dear rams. There's a tremendously fun and adventurous side to you that places you among the best buddies in the zodiac wheel. Besides, you know how to connect with people, and you live life with such passion that it's nearly impossible not to get addicted to your personality. You also have a gift to become the focus of everyone, and can even make people do what you want and be satisfied afterwards!

taurus logoTAURUS

If there's a classic trait to you, it's the fact that you're not too socially skilled. That comes from your inflexible, blunt personality that often clashes against the people around you, and just because you can't open up your mind and see beyond your nose. That inevitably builds a wall between you and the rest of the world, making communication and understanding harder. Your jealousy and possessiveness don't help out much either. Sometimes you get so intense, you can be too much! 

However, people also consider you affectionate individuals that they can trust. Besides, your patience and power of decision brought together make you great advisors, so your loved ones know who to ask when they're in trouble. The kindness and persistence inside you do the rest, and they balance out that nasty rash side you can't control as well as you should.

gemini logoGEMINI

For starters, we should point out that it's often hard to create an opinion of you. It's quite normal if we consider that you're smiling one minute and completely turn around the next, like a gremlin. Besides, everyone knows about your people-manipulation skills, and they don't like it that much. 

But you don't need to lose your temper and bring out your evil twin. People also consider you intelligent individuals able to discuss everything, because you'll always find the most creative of solutions to any incoming issue. Besides, your vitality is inspirational! And let's not forget your innocent side, the one that sweetens the life of anyone who crosses paths with you. Long story short: people have a love-hate relationship with you that is impossible to break.

cancer logoCANCER 

Crabs are sort of mysterious, because they look all cutesy and adorable at the start, but if need be, they can also bring out a nasty side, and you might want to stay away from that! That's why from the outside people might think you're serious and even stiff, and you can be too sensitive; and other times, excessively frivolous. Your rejection against failure and conflict can also make you look mild, meek and neutral (that's ironic considering you're a watery sign). 

It is true that, when people take a step to know you better, their perception of you will completely change. There's no doubt that you're one of the most emotional and protective creatures in the zodiac wheel, and you can't cover it up (you don't even try!). Besides, there's a fun-loving side inside of you that can surprise and win anyone's heart, and it's not at all incompatible with the romantic surprises you can give to everyone.

leo logoLEO 

The zodiac king takes that role for good and bad. No matter how hard you try to succeed and do your best, your arrogance will be the death of your personality. You constantly fall prey to egotistical traps and don't use your inner self as a source for support, but as a pedestal instead. People see that, and that's why you're often considered selfish and arrogant with no other concern but to flatter yourself looking in the mirror. Basically, sometimes you're an ultimate diva in training. 

Obviously, not everything that people thinks is connected to your least-good side. As a ruler, you can charm anyone with a smile. Not only that; people know you're absolutely loyal and defend your kin with your sharp claws, teeth and whatever it takes! In the end, you shine bright like a diamond, and exude an aura of energy and decisiveness that's contagious!

virgo logoVIRGO

It might not be too good an idea to tell you how others see you. Your excessive concern might make you take it personally.  Obviously, your insecurities and lack of skills to make friends sometimes make you look like an alien. If you add into the mix the fact that you're absolutely against dirt and disorder, and that sometimes you're too harsh, you might seem a little snotty. 

Fortunately, the balance falls on your favour when people scrape the surface and find an individual ruled by modesty and simplicity. Patience is one of your biggest assets, and people around you are aware of that, and they also know about your discretion, an ever-appreciated quality. Dare to break your shell and show everyone how charming you are deep inside.

libra logoLIBRA 

At a first glance it might seem like someone as balanced and sensible as you has nothing negative to convey. But not even your caution avoids people from mistaking you and perceiving you as slightly cowardish and even childish. Sometimes you forget to go deeper and can convey an aura of shallowness and frivolousness, which could even be mistaken for arrogance and a lack of sympathy. To change this perception, all you need to do is be more open and let out all the good emotions running through your body. 

However, to do that you need to take the plunge, because that won't damage your diplomacy and peace-making skills. Besides, you're great at raising the mood of people around you, and you can be quite a positive and necessary friend, especially because you can connect with others, even if you need time and confidence to open up. Believe in yourself, because many people already do!

scorpio logoSCORPIO

You need to keep in mind that your cruelest side usually drives people away. You easily feel attacked by everything, and that doesn't help in improving people's opinions. It's actually hard to understand, because it all comes from your great skills at covering up all the good things that you have. Why are you like that? You know there's tons of people out there who love you! 

It all obviously depends on what side you choose to show. It's clear that you have a sense of magnetism that can be addictive  to anyone who gets a taste of it, and your great psyche can make a better life for anyone you pay attention to. Bet on your persuasive side rather than your evil, manipulative one, and you'll see the doors of paradise open up exclusively to you. Use your immense power to earn the blessing of the whole world!

sagittarius logoSAGITTARIUS

You blow on hot and cold at the same time, so knowing what people think about you isn't an easy feat. On the one hand, you often create an image of a child that hasn't fully grown, because you act out of impulse and most times don't even think of the consequences of your actions. In fact, your personality is so overwhelming, not everyone can deal with you. This is also boosted by your desire for greatness and love of excess. 

However, we can't forget the darling little angel you bring out when needed, which has a foundation of honesty and understanding.  There's many people who come to you wanting to get part of your free, wild spirit, because sometimes we give life too much concern, and forget that we're supposed to enjoy the ride and be happy. Become a life guru and start sharing your optimism and eternal thirst for adventure!

capricorn logoCAPRICORN

You often present yourself as too serious and responsible. Besides, your desire for greatness sometimes make you too talkative and overly confident, even before making sure that what you're saying is completely trustworthy. Watch out for that crazy spirit; otherwise you might look mean, calculating and too greedy. Try to boost other traits that don't fall into the shade no matter how much you use them, and that bring nothing but positivity into your life.

Your patience, good taste, calmness... That's the kind of skills that'll never harm you, and which will make you connect in a much deeper, profitable way with people around you. Besides, you're a seasoned professional, so you can help others and even motivate them to chase their goals. Give up that coldness and embrace that sense of justice and faithfulness that beat inside you, ready to do good.

aquarius logoAQUARIUS

Under the naked eye, you have nothing but good to offer. However, it might surprise you to know what people think, because not everyone appreciates your idealistic, brilliant self. Some only see that eccentric, frivolous way you treat people, and they might even mistake your leader's spirit for an unparalleled manipulation skill. The distance you place between you and the world in order to stay protected usually causes the opposite effect.

The fact of the matter is, your closest loved ones know that there's no one more human than you out there. And not only that; you're one of the most daydreaming, fun, honest souls in the zodiac wheel. People also benefit greatly from your endless tolerance and seriously enjoy talking to you, because aside from a great imagination, you also have unparalleled attractiveness, able to cloud the senses of anyone who crosses paths with you.

pisces logoPISCES 

You're the kind of person who worries more than they should about how others see you. For starters, and you can imagine that people often treat you as carefully as if you were an ancient relic, but not because of your worth. Instead, it's because of your frailty. To deal with you, people need to seriously be careful, because you're such an overly sensitive creature, any word can hit you like a bullet to the heart and wound you gravely. 

This first impression could take a wild changing turn if someone dares cross the protective boundaries separating you from others because inside you there's a whole new wonderful world to see. In the end, your sensitivity implies unparalleled sympathy and ability for understanding that anyone would want, and you're always willing to help out, even if it hurts yourself. Practising spirituality can be a great choice to reset your great imagination and make the most of your traits and skills.