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Does the Ascendant Sign Have an Impact on Your Personality?

The moment when you entered this world impacts more aspects of your life than you would imagine

Weekly Horoscope for 23rd - 29th September | iSTOCK

We're probably all familiar with our zodiac sign, which really refers to our sun sign, and this is the one that is determined by the day of the year that we were born on. However, although it isn't as popular as our sun sign (although it's becoming more popular all of the time), all of us  come into the world marked by another determinant that impacts our way of being: This is the ascendant sign of the horoscope. Find out what yours says about you.

What is the horoscope's ascendant sign?

If we find ourselves asking what someone's ascendant star sign is, it would be the expression of their personality and the way this impacts others depending on how they perceive it. But it is also related to the physical health of this person and their appearance.

But knowing the ascendant is not exclusively related to people since all events whose beginning occurs at a specific time will have this same mark  that will determine its characteristics significantly. For example, a relationship that starts at a certain time, the moment in which you meet someone that will be important in the lives of both parties, the start of a journey or project...

And any of these won't just be related to the day and the month in which they occur, but also the beginning will be the time of the day when this began since  the time here is key.

How to calculate the ascendant

Once we understand the importance of the ascendant sign in our lives (with the knowledge of the relationship that this has with the moment of our birth) we should look to complement what we know about the personality of our zodiac sign through the influence that it has on the moment that we were born. In order to do this, we have to calculate the ascendant.

To do this, the most important piece of information is the time of the day that we were born at, since every two hours the sun crosses through a different constellation, maintaining the order of the horoscope, in a way that over the course of the 24 hours of the day, the sun passes through all twelve zodiac signs.

In this sense, we'll know that our ascending star will be the sign that the sun was in at this exact moment, and depending on which one it is, this will impact the expression of our personality in a different way and have a very marked impact on the course of our lives, as well as the personality that the planet in question brings to us specifically at this moment.

What are you like based on your ascendant sign

Once you find out what your ascendant horoscope is, you'll be able to learn more about the characteristics of each sign and how this influences your personality.

Ascendant Aries

Denotes a creative spirit, brings impulsiveness and initiative to the personality, as well as bravery and strength. Let's not forget that impulsiveness is what characterizes this ascendant, although warmth is present as well (because it is there)

Ascendant Taurus

A preference for everything that has to do with enjoying the senses, especially touch. An excellent ability to control one's self in a wide variety of plausible situations, as well as assuming the necessary routines in order to meet personal goals.

Ascendant Gemini

Good communication skills that favor interpersonal relationships, as well as kindness and open-mindedness. Also has an incredible ability to rationalize and reflect.

Ascendant Cancer

Tends to be reserved when it comes to communication, except when it comes to topics that revolve around their personal interests. A homebody that's highly family oriented and possibly a bit dependent emotionally on their loved ones.

Ascendant Leo

Authoritarian with a certain touch of selfishness, sometimes takes paths putting their own desires before the common good, since they don't lose sight of their main idea: Standing out no matter what it takes.

Ascendant Virgo

A critical view of the world and a bit square, although due to the perfectionist ways that characterize this ascendant, this shouldn't seem strange. Highly apprehensive when it comes to illnesses.

Ascendant Libra

Naturally sociable although they tend to have an unstable personality and have certain extreme fears, like ending up being alone. Great sense of style and very artistic.

Ascendant Scorpio

Invites delving deeper into emotion and asking questions about the intangible, thus giving the tiny details that most others skip over a chance, although this supposes a higher likelihood of suffering.

Ascendant Sagittarius

Promotes the presence of qualities that favor a fluid connection between people and are delightfully natural. Is in constant search for adventures and new horizons, although this could also make them a bit flighty.

Ascendant Capricorn

Those marked by this ascendant sign are gifted with responsibility as well as with confidence in their ability to achieve their goals, particularly in the workplace.

Ascendant Aquarius

Brings a very creative and different vision of tangible things in this world, making them become much more significant and acquire a relevance that was previously unknown. Needs freedom of movement to be able to expand their ideas.

Ascendant Pisces

Brings sensitivity to the personality, affection, and a way of expressing of love that's not easily found, although, on the flip side, there's this sign's pessimism when it comes to day to day situations, although they face this to avoid conforming.