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Descendant Signs: How Do They Influence Your Personality?

Find out your descendant sign and understand your romantic relationships better

Astrology signs
Descendant Signs: How Do They Influence Your Personality?

You're probably familiar with your ascendant sign, but which is your descendant one? Here's the reasons why this astrological concept is so crucial. Find yours now!

What is the zodiac's descendant sign?

It's a tightly linked concept to the ascendant sign. However, unlike the ascendant, which tells us about our personality socially speaking, the descendant tells us about the kind of people that appear in our lives with whom we tend to create connections. It tells of our partners, business colleagues, etc., the great 'other'.

The zodiac sign where our descendant shows up on a birth chart reveals plenty of information, such as the qualities we'd like to see in our romantic partner or business partner. Descendants refer to all that we admire from the other person, but because we somehow feel we lack those qualities.  

On the other hand, in the same way that we attribute the other person with our most ignored qualities, we also project on others the negative traits we don't admit (such as jealousy, aggressiveness, etc.). That's why it is also said that our descendant reflects a potential enemy, someone who opposes who we are, our values, and our identity, but who actually appears on our path so that we understand our own less desirable traits. Long story short, the Other is our mirror in a good and bad way.

Assuming the energies we project on others is the start of the path to self-knowledge and self-realisation. Knowing our descendant and investigating about the personality traits we've repressed teaches us to soothe our true potential, but also to know our flaws up close and personal. 

As far as love is concerned, it helps us to avoid creating dependant relationships and instead, create equality-based ones, because admitting our light and dark side is the only way to create an emotionally healthy relationship.

How to calculate your descendant 

The first step is to know your ascendant. In order to perform a correct calculation, it is crucial for us to know data like the time of birth, whether ours or that of the person whose birth chart we want to make. The link below will give you all you need to find out what your ascendant sign is.

Once we know what sign the ascendant falls in, being the one that sets the first house in a birth chart, the descendant falls on the opposing position of the zodiac wheel, at the peak of the seventh house, the house of personal relationships. And to go even deeper into this, while the ascendant falls on the left side of the birth chart, the descendant falls on the right.

For instance, if the ascendant falls upon Aries, the descendant will be Libra. Other opposing pair combinations in the zodiac wheel are Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sagittarius, Cancer-Capricorn, Leo-Aquarius and Virgo-Pisces.

What's your personality by descendant sign?

Once you know your ascendant, you'll be ready to find out how you live your personal relationships. Astrology is a very useful tool we can put into practice immediately!


There's a search for an active partner in every sense of the word. This descendant is attractive but expresses certain 'badass' attitudes that may stain relationships. They're also afraid of commitment. There's a sort of dark tendency to repress a classic agressiveness until a raging outburst comes out.


The goal here is to find someone steady, faithful and loving that can represent the supporting pillar of the relationship. However, jealousy, pride and stubbornness will be the main obstacles. Relationships are a status symbol. Warm contact with others is very important, but it's hard to express it openly with a Taurus descendant. Comfort is highly attractive but we rarely let ourselves experience it.


This descendant hates controlling relationships. It takes a creative, free-spirited, seductive and lively partner to change the game. The other side of the situation is that it can't be helped and there's a possession with the partner... or even several partners around at the same time! Another paradox is that falseness means trouble, but it's quite common for a Gemini descendant to resort to lies.


With a Cancer descendant, we want a trustworthy, sensitive, homely partner. The hidden side to personality is the lack of understanding towards instability. There's a sense of 'motherhood' because there's a constant need of receiving guidance and advice from someone we deem superior. The greatest fear of a Cancer descendant is to show their own authority and strength.


Leo descendants want the company of original, dynamic people. Conventional individuals aren't too well-seen. However, people who are too prone to taking the spotlight are annoying, because they don't get that we deserve to stand out once in a while.


The perfect partner is someone tidy, attentive to detail, cautious and persistent. We appreciate humility and compassion, but there's a tendency to self-destructive criticism. The ability to be detail-prone is something to admire, because there's great difficulty to focus on daily chores.


The biggest asset is diplomacy and savoir-faire. It's best to have a partner that, rather than any other qualities, shows their people skills. The bad side to this is that we can easily get tired of always being surrounded by people, or we want more time alone with our partner,  because the presence of friends on date nights will be quite the norm.


Emotions are either too intense or easily overwhelming, but we tend to find people with these Scorpian traits. This descendant brings chances for plenty of learning through our partners and associates, but personal work needs to be constant, and can even become draining at times.


This position points out the need to have a relationship where personal space and freedom are respected. Still, there's a sort of childish component to expressing personalities, but balance can be restored when taking differences under a mature light. Personal truths are taken too hard, and we're not willing to give in when arguments arise, and yet we want others to accept our point of view without even saying a word, which is classic to Sagittarius.


There's a great appreciation for a sense of responsibility, sacrifice and power in the relationship. They tend to grow when there's a Capricorn descendant. However, the authority we're longing for becomes an obstacle, because we all need freedom and space to grow. This descendant is one of the hardest to deal with.


We need to connect with someone adventurous, curious, happy and intelligent. The lack of flexibility and rejecting commitment are the biggest obstacle. However, the lack of flexibility criticised is the one we use when we quickly sort people into labels.


The tendency to idealising our partner is too strong.  Dreamy, otherworldly people seem to be overestimated, and this turns into an annoying trait in our life with a partner, because of a daily-life lack of pragmatism. We should watch out for a fear of failure, which irrationally shows up on the lives of people with a Pisces descendant.