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Karmic Astrology: Explore Your Past to See Your Fate

What karma tells through the Sun and Moon, Saturn, and the twelfth house

Who were you in another life, what are your burdens now, and what good actions are coming back? Karmic law, based on the existence of an eternal soul in constant transformation, helps you to extract past lessons according to the stars' position upon your birth. This is what's known as karmic astrology, an exciting field of expertise you'll find out about if you read on.

What is karmic astrology?

Beyond an esoteric point of view, astrology is a tool to sort out issues about current problems and future concerns. Karma is a concept that establishes the eternity of the soul and the repetition of actions in further lives: beyond believing in reincarnation, it tells us about a spiritual continuity.

Therefore, karmic astrology is the discipline studying the arrangement of stars upon someone's time of birth to read through the burdens piled up in the soul during past lives, with the same goal of conventional astrology: sorting out past conflicts, understanding present circumstances, and foreseeing the future.

Also, karmic astrology allows to offer behavioral guidelines through connecting with past lives, in order to improve relationships with yourself and your environment. In this case, however, astrological elements have a new meaning.

Past lives through the Sun and the lunar nodes

In conventional astrology, the Sun sets the start of life and rules over personality qualities. As such, it offers plenty of information about how your life will be in the future. In karmic astrology, on the other hand, it tells you why your soul has reincarnated into the person you are now: it sets your goal in life.

Lunar nodes are also crucial; they're not a star, but the node, the bond, between the Sun, the Moon and Earth. They offer keys to understand the soul in its process of constant evolution and transformation.

Nodes are arranged in opposition of each other at 180º at birth. The south node registers the information we inherit from past lives, and the north node tells us where to go in order to reach plenitude and receive Dharma, the cosmic law of Buddhism. Lunar nodes, for instance, are combinations like Leo-Aquarius or Virgo-Pisces.

Saturn's importance in karmic astrology

Saturn is key to use all the knowledge from karmic astrology to work in our favour. This is the star of blockage, frustration and sadness, and it is through its vibrations that we can find barriers and limitations to our development of abilities and potential.

Therefore, how can we extract Saturn's information? Although its movement is slow and its vibrations might be heavy, we can grow up and improve our life experience thanks to it. We can find early traumas and unabsorbed lessons from past lives, so that we can progress in the here and now.

Saturn's position upon birth is a guide to break free from past chains and progress in our path to plenitude. Through its influences, karmic lessons reach our minds to apply wisely everything we've learned.

Retrograde planets in natal charts

When it comes to conventional astrology, retrograde planets are those that seem to go backwards when watched from Earth, and they're highly useful to detect obstacles in our development of abilities and personality. In karmic astrology, retrograde planets tell of badly-learned lessons.

A life lesson from our past might have been left open-ended because of a poor interpretation of it, or the wrong application of actions, which could be corrected through karmic astrology and the projection of retrograde planets in natal charts.

Jupiter's role in karmic astrology

If Saturn is the great master of karmic astrology, Jupiter is the bearer of karmic gifts, and helps us to understand this knowledge less restrictively. Karma is a pathway leading into correcting the past and learning, but also a tool to make the most of all the good things we inherit.

In that sense, Jupiter, as the star responsible for material and spiritual reward expansion, is the planet that karmic astrology keeps in mind to read what we can receive, and find out how to make the most of it.

In fact, Jupiter's position is also the acceptance of karmic law, because it says that everything we do in our present, every single action, has a consequence and sooner or later comes back to us. Therefore, the analysis of Jupiter's vibrations and what it gives us back from past good deeds, confirms that law.

Astrological houses and the importance of the twelfth house

In traditional astrology, the mysterious twelfth house is part of the so-called unconscious houses, because it brings qualities that don't come out consciously to individuals. Among the three of them, the twelfth house has the greatest interpretation issues, because it is the most hidden one from human understanding.

If your zodiac sign is in this astrological house upon birth, the interpretation of your past, present and future will be hard and confusing.  In karmic astrology, it isn't necessarily a barrier.


Your past life was linked to the military forces, craftsmanship, and exploration journeys. Your inner conscience is vibrant, visceral and energetic, always fighting to win.

Your subconscious is always making plans, designing projects and dreaming. And even if your impulse is a barrier, that's the proof of you never giving up.


Your existence was devoted to working the land or in finance, perhaps a banker or farmer. Who knows? What comes unconsciously to your present is a tendency to material stability and fruition of goods.

In that hidden side of yourself, there's a natural instinct gearing towards pleasure, an innate connection to nature, and a wonderful development of senses.


You worked in direct contact with the public, and were especially good at communicating. That's why you subconsciously want to keep talking to other people, and you're quite good at sales and business management.

And not only that: you also have great intelligence that can help you control the impulses of your childish spirit.


A past linked to the ocean, gearing towards children's worlds and a tendency to femininity. Sensitivity rules over your inner world, but there's also barriers and boundaries to your feelings' expression.

Everything that could apparently come out connected to your need for a family link is stuck in inabilities, traumas and blockage that you need to untangle.


Your past experience was linked to political, religious, military or social leadership, with a powerful position from which you inherit confidence and creativity, but also obsessions and arrogance.

That's why you need to use your great inner power to get what you want without going to excess or judging others too severely.


You were probably an accountant or manual laborer at a job that required being extremely accurate. Within you there's a dormant priority of order and a phobia of chaos. The discipline that structures and corrects past mistakes.

Anything you can change to work for you needs to come from the subjective point of view of things coming from the outside, to decide between what's good and bad. 


You were likely to have been an artist, judge, critic or someone in the world of fashion. Confident, elegant and balanced,  karmic misplacements need to be sorted out through rectitude.

Socialising, living moderately, sensuality, art, justice and kindness are values that will help you overcome crises, fears and limitations.


Your past life was devoted to esotericism, magic, crimes or the underground. Your spirit represents a great source for attraction and sensitivity.

However, in this case there's a risk for negativity, which stops the absorption and internalisation of interrupted past lessons. Keep your excess of passion at bay.


Perhaps a philosopher, scholar, thinker, abstract master; or an adventurous traveler, an athlete... even a banker! You're an optimistic and thoughtful creature.

To make the most of karmic return, open up your spirit and set your mind free. To correct frustration, avoid self-indulgence and let yourself be absorbed by your environment.


Your past professions were connected to the earth or construction business, an office position or working in bureaucracy. Your soul is thirsty for realism and unconsciously leads you into material progress.

Other people admire the way you activate your sixth sense, wits and intuition, but try to avoid becoming too melancholic or isolated.


You could have been a revolutionary leader, a humanist or social worker, but also someone closely linked to science and research. Your innermost point is enlightened by utopia, idealism and collaboration.

This can be seriously inspiring if you're driven enough to make your dreams a reality, but you often use that surreal world as a shelter, and that's your biggest limitation.


In the past, you were closely linked to a hospital, religion, children's work or creation. You have incredible psychic powers,  more developed than in any other sign, but they're waiting for you to bring them out.

You'll find satisfaction when soothing your soul, practising meditation, and trying out activities that bring you peace and quiet. However, any mess brings you to insufferable anguish.