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Lunar Calendar: How Does the Moon Influence Our Life?

The power of the moon can benefit you greatly if you know how to use it, learn how to make the most of its presence

Almost no celestial body fascinates people as much as the moon does. It has been known since ancient times that the moon has a huge impact on the cycles of nature. Thanks to the observation of the various moon phases, the lunar calendar, humanity learned to survive and now, because of technological advancement, it seems that we have forgotten this cosmic force.

Rediscover the secrets of lunar cycles and synchronize your life with the advantages that the force of the moon gives you. Here we talk about everything related to the lunar calendar and above all, how to make the most of the influence of the moon in your life. Especially if you are a woman!

What is the lunar calendar?

The lunar calendar helps us focus on the rhythms and natural cycles of life in order to take advantage of every moment of the moon's magnetism.

To technically describe what the lunar calendar is, we could define it as the time between the same lunar phase. A month of the lunar calendar lasts approximately 29 days.

The beginning of the lunar month varies depending on the culture. For example, the Chinese believe that their lunar calendar begins with the new moon, while in other countries people start counting just after the full moon; or the day the crescent moon begins.

The age of the moon can be calculated with respect to the last mooning; that is, the days until the moon returns to occupy a certain phase (full moon, waning moon, crescent moon or new moon).

What is the purpose of the lunar calendar  

We have already seen what a lunar calendar is, now we are going to explore some of its uses. Depending on the phase of the moon we are in, it will be appropriate to perform certain tasks. 

The moon and plants 

The gravitational force of the moon influences the sap of plants affecting photosynthesis and all the processes that a plant goes through in its development.

The stages between the growing quarter and the full moon are best for the seeds to sprout easily. The best time to plant is during a full moon, while the new moon phase is a resting time in which we barely observe growth, as the night light is decreasing. It is better not to intervene during this phase and let nature take its course. 

The lunar calendar and hair growth

Hair grows stronger, hair care products are more effective and the result of hair care is much more effective if the lunar calendar is taken into account.

It is said that the crescent moon favors hair growth after a haircut. Therefore, if we want our hair to grow faster, we should cut it between the new moon and the full moon. If what is desired is to keep the hair as short as long as possible, then it is convenient to cut it during the phase of the waning moon, immediately after the full moon.

In this way, our hair will stay short for much longer than if we go to the hairdresser on a new moon, for example. 

The moon and women

It is proven that most of us ovulate during the full moon and menstruate in the new moon phase. This is because the menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle coincide. Interactions between moonlight exposure and melatonin release could be the cause of regular menstruation.

In any case, not all women adapt to this cycle, but it would also be very interesting to see how we feel when we ovulate at one stage or another. This is part of the process of knowing oneself. Intense emotions lose their dramatic charge if we know their periodicity within our hormonal cycle! Turbulent feelings are much better understood. 

The lunar calendar and opportunities

Intuition somehow follows the lunar calendar, and naturally, people who are more synchronized with the moon put their greatest efforts into play in some phases and decide to be cautious in others.

Intuition is nothing other than the wisdom of listening to the body and for this we help each other without realizing the state of the moon. We can give ourselves a little push if we study when it is better to perform certain actions and not others.

In the phases in which the Moon grows, it is time to start working to strengthen our projects and requests, although the phases of the moon where it decreases can be used to get rid of negative circumstances, such as toxic friendships or engage in some healing rituals. 

On the other hand, during the waning moon we must refrain from moving, changing habits or movements related to money and investments. It is a moment of reflection and beginning of a new cycle with more confidence. The waning moon is also perfect for those who want to carry the relationship of equality, giving a new mood for romance. It is important that we dedicate ourselves to concluding pending issues, making arrangements at home or also cleaning the skin usually has a lasting effect. 

The new moon is ideal to reflect on new ideas and future projects. As the new moon encourages some activity to begin, it is important not to be afraid to take risks and take the first step. The time of the new moon is also indicated to start a romance, study or work.

Last but not least, during the full moon we experience the phase in which people's emotions reach the surface. Keep in mind that although the full moon lasts several days, the day marked by the lunar calendar is when the full moon is at its peak or most powerful.

The full moon is the moment of maximum potential and splendor to perform magical acts and must be marked on the lunar calendar as an important event. In this phase, there is sensuality, but it also has to do with the future of love relationships. This is one of the most mysterious moon phases. The full moon has been assigned a supernatural power that has an extreme effect on the human being, sometimes turning it romantic and sometimes violent or transforming it (like the symbolism of the werewolf). Ideal moment for an intense sexual life and therefore has a renewal power over our lives. Be sure to watch when the next full moon falls on the lunar calendar.