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Moon Phases: The Most Powerful Spells According to the Lunar Calendar

No matter our situation, there is always a ritual for us. Make them more powerful depending on the Moon calendar

Moon phases
Learn how to make rituals and spells more powerful with the Moon phases.


Since ancient times, humankind has used magical rituals to achieve their desires, either to free themselves or for something to make them feel fulfilled. Whatever our situation, there is likely to be a ritual adapted to our needs, and sometimes we can make them more effective based on the phases of the Moon.


Moon phases and their influence

The Moon has a great influence on factors such as hair growth, sleep, and births: we are all under its influence. Therefore, it is easy to understand the influence of the phases of the Moon on rituals, although it is necessary to choose the best possible period to perform them.

The Moon cycle can be considered as breathing: an endless series of exhalations and inspirations; when we exhale, we liberate ourselves from an air that no longer suits us, and when we inhale, we attract the air that is beneficial to us. The same thing happens with the Moon phases according to rituals and astrology.

In this case, we could say that the expiration corresponds to the waning moon and the inspiration to the waxing moon. 

The phases of the Moon according to astrology

So that no one has doubts when it comes to performing rituals, we will remember that, concerning the Moon phases, from the Full Moon to the New Moon we are on a waning Moon (which is equivalent, as explained above, when exhaling, as liberation). From the New Moon to the Full Moon, we are on a waxing Moon, with inspiration, in a way to fill the energies.

Some astrological experts point out that  the period of the Crescent Moon is the time to make beneficial invocations and increase assets, attract money, love, luck, increase libido, among others. In waning Moon, we can exorcise evil, drive away negative influences, break bad spells, lose weight, overcome addictions... In this case, you can carry out the most positive magic rituals.

Rituals depending on the Lunar calendar

Depending on the phases of the Moon, the energies are different. Working with the Moon's energy can really help you achieve your dreams. However, before performing rituals it is important to do a good cleansing of the space or your home. This eliminates all negative energies and opens them up for what you want to ask for.

Ritual for the New Moon

First thing is to make sure that we have checked the Moon phases and make sure that we perform the ritual on the right night. Clean the front door of your home or the one through which you enter and exit more. Do this to live new beginnings and think about what you want to achieve. You can clean it with sage and light a candle and incense. You can play meditation music, for example, or remain silent.

One of the most recurrent rituals in this lunar phase is the performance of an Abundance Check. To do this, you must have a clear mind, and start writing a check; you can use a regular bank check or a blank one that you find on the Internet. Put your full name in the "paid to the order of" space. In the amount area, write "paid in full" because you don't know what the Universe has in store for you; in the amount box, write the same. Sign the check, but not with your own signature, but as "The Law of Abundance". Put your check in a safe place and forget about it. The Universe will take it from there. 

Ritual for the Waxing Moon

This is a Moon phase of progression ideal for all rituals intended to attract what is desired. If you want to develop an aspect of your life, that is when it will be most effective, and in the same way, if you want to receive a message or something, it is in this phase that you will have the best opportunity to receive it.

On the Waxing Moon, you will more easily develop your psychic abilities, intuition, premonitory dreams, clairvoyance. The Moon is a star that favors the development of intuition since it is a feminine faculty (although men are not deprived of it for that reason). Waxing Moon is a time to raise things, strengthen, build, increase, create, bring in positive; it is a phase of the Moon of creativity and inspiration.

On a Crescent Moon night, take a container of water that is large enough to put your hand in it. Observe for a few minutes the reflections of this lunar phase in the water and ask for what you need. Wash your hands with this water and let it air dry. Then light a candle with honey or beeswax.

Ritual for the Full Moon

Among the Moon phases, Full Moon is very effective for making money, and within the rituals linked to the phases of the Moon, there is one in which we show our wallet to this celestial body.

The idea is to do it as close as possible to the time when the Full Moon appears, and then you will have to leave your house, to your garden, balcony, or through the window.

Take your wallet, completely empty of credit cards and coins (leave the bills if you like). Heading to the Full Moon shake your wallet with joy and positivism, having fun, jumping if you feel like it! There is no fixed duration for this, but it can be extended for a few minutes. You can also say at the same time some phrases like: "Thank you, Moon, for putting so much money in my wallet" or "Thank you, Lady Moon for bringing all this love to Earth". Until the next lunar cycle, you will not lack anything, according to the tradition of astrology.

For lovers of lithotherapy, a Full Moon or New Moon night is an excellent time to recharge your crystals  with the Moon's light.