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What Is Your Moon Sign and What Does It Mean?

Learn all about Moon signs, what your Moon sign is, how to calculate someone's Moon sign, and what it all means

A Leo moon sign
What is your moon sign and what does it mean?

Apart from the Sun sign and the ascendant, another crucial element in natal charts is the Moon sign as it determines the essence of the individual in question's personality (their emotions and the way they react to problems). If the Sun sign reflects our personality, the Moon sign reflects how we see ourselves.

In order to find out which is our Moon sign, we need to know the month, the day, the place and the time of birth. We'll get into the nitty gritty in the following paragraphs.

What is a Moon sign?

Just as your Sun sign depends on the Sun's positioning in your natal chart at the time of your birth and represents the values which make up your personality, your Moon sign depends on the Moon's positioning in your natal chart at the time of your birth and represents your emotions, your feelings and how you react to both of them and to other situations life throws at you.

In simpler terms, your Moon sign is the zodiac sign the Moon was present in at the moment you were born, while the Sun sign follows the same principle but looks at the zodiac sign the Sun was in at the time of birth. Although the Moon is not always taken into account when discussing astrology, it's influence is very interesting and it is key if we want to understand ourselves properly.

The Moon symbolizes depth, pertinence, origins and roots. This is why it expresses our most internal characteristics. It is also linked to our unconscious mind, our instincts and our emotional priorities. Do you still believe it's insignificant? In some ancient traditions such as the Vedic religion, it's considered to be a highly important element in astrology.

Knowing what your Moon sign is will help you discover the emotional tools at your disposal and help you understand the essence of your personality. This knowledge is essential if we want to exploit all our internal power and maximise our emotional, mental and physical growth.

The Moon doesn't only influence us at our time of birth, it affects us on a daily basis by interacting with the zodiac sign it is travelling through. For example, if the Moon is in Capricorn today, it's advisable to be very organized and not leave anything to chance.

How to calculate your Moon sign

In order to analyse all the elements which influence you, you will need a natal chart, where the three biggest influencers can be seen: your Sun sign, your Moon sign and your ascendant. By using the precise time and place of your birth, we can begin to understand your external personality, your internal identity, your desires, your values and your emotions.

In order to find out which is your Moon sign, which you will need if you intend to follow and read the horoscopes based on Moon signs, then the first step is to gather information about your birth: the month, the day and the time. For example, the 28th of July 1986, at 14:00.

IMPORTANT: The Moon orbits the Earth much faster than the Sun, which means we must also have some additional details such as your birthplace, e.g. The maternity ward in S.T. Georges Hospital in London.

You can find many  Moon sign calculators online, all you need to do is introduce the information about your birth. There are also some charts which can show you your Moon sign by using the same information. A more professional option is to see an astrologist who can construct a natal chart which would include your sun sign, your Moon sign, your ascendant and all the information about the planets and the houses. After the chart has been made, all the astrologist would need to do is interpret the information on it.

    How the Moon sign influences us?

    This is by far the most interesting part because we can use this knowledge in our favour to explore the innermost recesses of our personality. This is a small guide to the Moon signs and what they mean: look for yours and begin understanding yourself better!

    Aries Moon sign

    Aries is a very active and fiery zodiac sign, but as the Moon is very reflective and quite passive, it can make the person in question nervous, and make them think twice before making a decision. It also makes the person tend to choose safe routes and be quite decisive once they have chosen. This Moon sign brings with it liveliness and a great capacity for reacting to problematic situations, although it can also mean that the person can be somewhat unstable and doesn't always finish what they start.

    One of Aries' greatest strengths is how social this sign is. Thanks to its magnetism and zest, an Aries will usually be at the top of the social food chain, and their generosity towards the people surrounding them makes them very popular. They are also extremely passionate about life, and get upset when anyone or anything impedes their freedom.

    • When the Moon is in Aries:

    You yearn for action and a feeling of satisfaction. Find a way to funnel all that energy and start whatever it is you've been planning.

    Taurus Moon sign

    The Moon gets exalted in this sign because it's a very balanced sign which offers stability and strengthens the ever-changing and irregular lunar rhythms. As a result, a Taurus Moon sign brings with it an enormous capacity for concentrating and a unique perspective on life which is based on constant effort and a very strong willpower.

    When someone with a Taurus Moon sign finds themself facing problems, they'll hesitate before resorting to risky solutions, as reflection, patience and balance is an integral part of their deepest essence. Although they don't have a very magnetic personality, they are a genuine treasure for those who have the patience to get to know them, as they are pure kindness and simplicity.

    • When the Moon is in Taurus:

    Give in to your favourite hobbies and free yourself from restrictions. It's time to give in to the whims you usually deny yourself.

    Gemini Moon sign

    The most fundamental characteristic of this sign is their complexity, which means that they usually come across as quite nervous and can seem incapable of making simple decisions. When faced with a dilemma,  a person with a Gemini Moon sign will want to assess all their possible options, which makes them take forever when deciding anything.

    However, although they may seem confused and ambiguous at first glance, they are actually extremely intelligent, and will use this to their advantage to manipulate others to get what they want. Their emotions, when the Moon is in Gemini, become playful and impatient, with a very lively, curious and unpredictable character.

    • When the Moon is in Gemini:

    Shake off that laziness and go enjoy your favourite activities. Don't let your nerves stop you from filling up on adrenaline! 

    Cancer Moon sign

    The Moon has a very good relationship with this zodiac sign, and when they are combined, they feed of each other. This results in the Moon expressing a sensitive, patient and devoted personality. If you're Moon sign is Cancer, that means you're sensitive, intuitive and romantic, and that your perception of the world around you is based on your emotions and not your intellect.

    You're more receptive than you are active, which means that when you're faced with a problem, you don't usually react instinctively. Instead, you process the information received and make your decision based on your feelings after having withdrawn from others to ponder all possible solutions for a while.  Another distinctive trait of a Cancer Moon sign is their fondness of their memories, which can make them seem somewhat nostalgic and melancholic.

    • When the Moon is in Cancer:

    Don't be scared to open up to others, and don't stop looking for what connects you to your past and your descendants either!

    Leo Moon sign

    Leo's sun illuminates all the possible faces of the Moon, strengthening its effects. This results in a person with very strong emotions and a tendency to act on their intuition instead of their intelligence. A Leo Moon sign magnifies magnetism and attraction, with a tad of pride and an over-sized ego. If your Moon sign is a Leo, you probably believe you're the bee's knees and enjoy being the centre of attention.

    Unlike the other more reflective signs, a Leo Moon sign doesn't stop to ponder their problems, they look them in the eye and face them head on impulsively and confidently. This usually means they are quite vain, which can make them come across as negative. A person with a Leo Moon sign is a great lover and a very romantic person. Lastly, they are also attracted to a life of luxury and indulging in pleasures.

    • When the Moon is in Leo:

    It's time to shine, let your skills and enthusiasm for life speak for themselves and lead the way for everyone. Let yourself feel the love!

    Virgo Moon sign

    People with a  Virgo Moon sign are usually very rational and busy themselves with the finer details of life. This bestows upon them a methodological and hard-working personality which can struggle to empathize with others. Their weaknesses are their lack of social skills and the fact that they usually come across as cold and distant when spending time with others.

    Their obsession for perfection and order makes them excellent candidates for success and because of this, they are usually very career driven, although this means that they can sometimes demand unbearable levels of perfectionism from themselves and from others. The Moon in Virgo also brings with it positive qualities such as creativity, imagination and intuition.

    • When the Moon is in Virgo:

    Now is the time to plan, organize and make sure all your affairs are in order. It can also be the perfect time to begin a diet or stop smoking.

    Libra Moon sign

    If the Moon was in the Libra sign when you were born, then your emotions are based on seductiveness and contact with others. This sign represents the seventh house, which dominates the field of social relationships and interactions with others, a person with a Libra Moon sign feels the need to be liked by others and to establish personal connections.

    A Libra Moon sign also means that the person in question is usually quite elegant and sophisticated, they also reject emotional outbursts and yearn for balance. Their reactions to problems are usually based on searching for justice and balance, which can lead to them taking quite a while to decide. What they hate most is the pressure of being put on the spot.

    • When the Moon is in Libra:

    Dress up and go out to look for new friendships. Search for a satisfactory balance between you and others.

    Scorpio Moon sign

    When the Moon is in Scorpio, our emotions peak in intensity. We are talking about the most intense sign of all the zodiac signs, with a tendency to funnel their passions and feelings through introspection. However, what most people don't know is that the Moon in Scorpio offers a lot of self-control.

    Another defining characteristic of a Scorpio is their love for everything dark and secret. They are extremely curious beings and are a fan of everything taboo or somewhat obscure. Another defining trait of a person with a Scorpio Moon sign is that they are also very secretive and mysterious, and unconsciously desire power and sex as an expression of their authenticity and purity.

    • When the Moon is in Scorpio:

    Control your jealousy and primal instincts, avoid being by yourself and unleash your passion for intimate relationships.

    Sagittarius Moon sign

    If the Moon was in Sagittarius at your time of birth, the essence of your personality coincides with the most dynamic sign of the horoscope. This results in the person being very active and hating boredom or being still. Blessed with a radically positive outlook on life, a person with a Sagittarius Moon sign sees life as a unique and marvellous opportunity.

    This is why people with Sagittarius Moon signs love movement, sport and activities. They also feel very close to nature and to their surroundings. They love travelling and contacting with other cultures and are massive fans of philosophy, religion and abstract thinking. Imagine impulses and thinking blended into one character, bam!

    • When the Moon is in Sagittarius:

    Let go of your need to control everything and get moving. It's time for you to open your mind and expand your horizons.

    Capricorn Moon sign

    When the Moon is in Capricorn at the time of the person in question's birth, it induces a high level of responsibility which translates to constancy, work and compromise. When a person with a Capricorn Moon sign decides to start something, you can bet they will do everything in their power to finish it, no matter what they must sacrifice.

    Because of this, Capricorns are usually seen as the archetype of the Stoic philosophy. They will undergo physical effort and suffering with immense amounts of resistance, they also have the gift of the gab and long for recognition for the effort and sacrficies which got them where they are now.

    • When the Moon is in Capricorn:

    It's time to get ready to anticipate problems and not leave anything to chance. Assume the responsibility and make the sacrifices necessary to ensure success.

    Aquarius Moon sign

    The people who have Aquarius as their Moon sign have the ability to keep their emotions under control and are extremely intelligent and rational. They are also blessed with an immense creativity and are funny, unpredictable and very original. However, they can also be stubborn, cocky, and difficult to convince.

    People with an Aquarius Moon sign think ahead,  and almost everything they do is based on their predictions of what is to come. They are altruistic and easy to get on with. They tend to look for ways to improve their current situation and are extremely empathetic.

    • When the Moon is in Aquarius:

    Don't leave the group, integrate yourself and satisfy the desire to improve everything you can. Break free!

    Pisces Moon sign

    People who have a Pisces Moon sign are dreamy and romantic, they also have this creativity and magic to them that no other sign has. We are talking about unique and special people, by far the most intuitive and psychic, who manage to establish connections to other worlds and parallel realities.

    Nevertheless, their confidence is lacking, and although they have so much potential, they usually need to feel supported and be pushed along. They are like emotional sponges which soak up the pain and suffering of others, and when they feel overwhelmed, they will usually isolate themselves as they are very emotionally sensitive.

    • When the Moon is in Pisces:

    You have a natural tendency to look for escape routes in life, which you will be able to control through meditation. Follow your dreams!