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New Age: The Astrological Age of Aquarius

The theory about the transition from a rational era into a spiritual era

In the midst of all the bustle of the counter-culture movement of the 60s, a theory was born stemming from the inspiring sources of the theosophical and orientalist currents of the late 19th century. It was the idea of a transition from a rational era into a spiritual one based upon astrological foundations: the switch from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius.

This new astrological era will bring, according to its ideologists, a new optimistic perspective where the individual will be able to boost their potential to create a world full of peace, harmony and wellness.

What is the New Age of Aquarius?

The New Age is a spiritual current and philosophical movement based on the belief that humankind has overcome Pisces' dark astrological era, which is connected to the war-torn and conflicted side of Christianity, and brings out the enlightened Age of Aquarius, which opens up a new horizon of hope, optimism and wellness.

Many connect this New Age to an attempt of crumbling down the religious foundations of Christianity, although its roots go much deeper. The New Age actually comes from the tradition of the New Thought, an occult-like and pseudoscientific current based on the unfolding of the human mind's potential.

Most of this tradition's weight is settled upon the theosophical societies of the late 19th century, who developed esoterical and spiritual concepts like meditation, clairvoyance, mesmerism, telepathy and telekinesis.

From then on, in the 80s, there was a belief developed that stated that individuals can unfold their full potential, which had been up to this point submitted by religion and other types of social control. Thus, a new era of optimism opens up, when a free, harmonious man will be reborn, able to find peace and stability based on a lack of conflict.

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Actually, and under a more general scope, this current attempts to create a new cultural paradigm to make a new world order based on individuals and optimism. Of course, it can be subject to all sorts of speculation. But... what are the theoretical principles of the New Age of Aquarius?

The Conspiracy of Aquarius: the theory on the era change

The great inspiration to settle the theory of an astrological era change was the Marilyn Ferguson book The Aquarian Conspiracy, published in the 80s and, considered a self-help book, quickly became a best-seller that influenced a whole generation into the cultural paradigm switch.

According to the author, the idea of this conspiracy is based on a call into a new disposition of the individual towards their environment, which ends up making a silent worldwide move of people who promote the creation of more advanced, balanced and harmonious societies. These people contact one another through events and conferences.

Ferguson's book presents a comparison between the old paradigm, based on the astrological Age of Pisces that lasted for 2000 years, and the new paradigm, the astrological Age of Aquarius. The new paradigm opens up a new perspective based on reconcilement, collaboration and decentralisation, on the way to a lack of conflict.

At a general glance, the world coming from the New Age of Aquarius is a community of individuals which will cease to believe in rigid programs and imposed changes, to evolve into decentralised political systems where humans are more autonomous, initiative-prone, promote individual and volunteering-based help, and have an overall more pragmatic, visionary attitude where common work brings about creative activities and benefits for all.

Astrological guidelines for a New Age theory

The New Age theory is based on a change in astrological eras, but... what does astrology have to say about that? The followers of this esoterical current set the beginning of the astrological New Age of Aquarius on February 4, 1962.  There's another opposing current that believes we won't change eras until the 27th century.

Astrological eras are like the year's seasons, but they last 25000 years. If Earth takes a year to make a full circle around the Sun, that's what our Solar System takes to turn all around the Sun in the central galaxy, Alcyon. When the transition is complete, Alcyon's focus falls upon a new constellation.

That's why each era is based on one constellation, and takes the zodiac wheel and its signs as reference. That is the reason why they are called 'astrological eras'. Each of them has their own qualities that affect all areas in our life, in the same way that the year's seasons alter our psychology.

Thus, the move from one season into another creates a sense of restlessness and motivation, but in the case of eras it's much deeper than with changing seasons, because astrology transfers both energy and awareness.

Some astrologists claim that the transition isn't immediate, and it's hard to set an exact date, like February 4, 1962. We've actually been in the Age of Pisces for 2000 years, and more than 20 into the transition, but this specific date is kept as reference because it's when all the Solar System planets aligned with the Aquarius constellation.

The move from Pisces into Aquarius means we go from winter to spring, from dark and introspective times into a time of light and explosion, which needs us to be more at the disposal of others and life: more optimistic, more dynamic and more determined. We also escape a rational basis and go into a spiritual one.

The arrival of Indigo Children

One of the theories on the conspiracy around the arrival of the esoterical current of New Age refers to the connection between the premises of this cultural paradigm, and the hidden plans of masonry to create a secret world government that progresses into more perfect, just and equality-based societies. This is where the Indigo Children play an important role.

One of the most curious theories around the New Age is that, with the Age of Aquarius gets in, from the 80s onwards, a new species of more evolved creatures known as Indigo Children. They are smarter, more brilliant and wiser than their predecessors, and they're the ones that will lead the change. 

They are also known as Children from the Stars, New Age Children or Crystal Children. Their main trait is a greater skill when handling new technologies, a well-developed feeling of honesty, and a great capacity to focus and use their potential. They're also more confident, strong-willed and autonomous.

The most original and daring theories in that sense point out that the worldwide crisis coming from the failure of social systems corrupted by greed and ambition has opened up a transition time that claims more evolved beings. In order to help the process of spiritual, social and educational transition, Indigo Children come into Earth from space, modifying human DNA to perfect our race and prepare it for the New Age of Aquarius.