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Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn (July 16, 2019): How Will It Influence Your Zodiac Sign?

Find out the influence of this partial lunar eclipse on your zodiac sign.

Partial Lunar eclipse
Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn (July 16, 2019): How Will It Influence Your Zodiac Sign? | iSTOCK

The next lunar eclipse is just about to happen. Pay close attention, because you may be interested: on July 16, 2019, there will be a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn.

We have not yet recovered from the energy of the last astrological event that took place just a couple of weeks ago, and the karma nodes echo again on the Cancer-Capricorn axis. This time,  it is a south node eclipse that announces the inevitable end of all those old plans that no longer serve you.

Everything that is weak will fall, but it will happen in order to give way to something new, stronger and much more beautiful.

What will the partial lunar eclipse (on July 16, 2019) be like?

On Tuesday, July 16, 2019, one of the most beautiful events of the year will occur, which is also, according to astrology, one of the most overwhelming. It will be visible from Australia, Africa, South America, and most of Europe and Asia, but it will miss North America.

In the early morning of July 17, the partial lunar eclipse will make the uncovered surface of the Moon take on a beautiful reddish glow. Almost 70% of its total surface will be obscured over roughly 3 hours that this phenomenon lasts.


Lunar eclipse in Capricorn: How will it affect your karma nodes?

When it comes to the effects of the eclipses on the Cancer-Capricorn axis, it refers to all those that take place on the karma nodes (or lunar nodes), when these nodes coincide with the houses occupied by these two zodiac signs.  

In this case, as it is a lunar eclipse, it indicates an ending or completion of certain life stages. Besides, as it is a south node eclipse in Capricorn, the energy is related to all the old habits and working structures that have become obsolete. All those things that are not able to adapt to new paradigms will disappear from your life.

Cancer and Capricorn will be the most affected zodiac signs by the partial lunar eclipse. However, it will actually influence all the other zodiac signs in one way or another, depending on the position of Cancer and Capricorn in your birth chart. That is, the houses these zodiac signs occupy in your birth chart will show which areas of your life will be affected by the eclipse.

How will the partial lunar eclipse influence your zodiac sign?

Have a look at how the energy of the lunar eclipse on July 16, 2019 will affect each one of the zodiac signs. What does it predict for each zodiac sign?


For those born under the sign of the ram, the energy of the lunar eclipse defines the details of a project, whose outcome only depends on you. Aries, you do not have to pay attention just to your logical reasoning. This time, it is important to listen to your heart before saying your last word: “If you take this step, will it make you really happy?”


The message that the energy of the lunar eclipse brings for the bull of the zodiac is clear, direct and conclusive: if you were waiting for answers regarding the resolution of certain legal procedures, assessment results of your studies or being granted a permit, you are lucky. The scales are tilting in your favour, Taurus, and what you were expecting so eagerly will arrive.


The twins of the zodiac should be reminded that the best thing they can do right now is to strengthen family ties and make them be based on complete confidence. Gemini, think that if you build up this aspect in your relationship with others, you will stop trying to control everything and, by trusting others, you will receive (at the most important moment) the same confidence you offered.


Cancer, just a few days ago, there was a solar eclipse in your own zodiac house. Even though you have not had the time to take a breath after the changes you have experienced throughout these eclipse cycles of the Cancer-Capricorn axis, there arrives a new event of the karma nodes on the Cancer-Capricorn axis, which makes the ground beneath your feet shake again.

Do not worry: although changes are inevitable, you will soon realize that there are great moments waiting for you, which are actually in line with your personal essence and your purposes in life. But first, you should know that you hold the key that will open that door, which is an important decision that only you can make. A personal or professional situation is waiting for you to decide: “Are you going to continue or not with that relationship?”


The lion of the zodiac is getting impatient. There is a need to make a change in your professional field that will increase your personal satisfaction. Leo, this is the time to deal with that energy properly and get the patience to consider the situation. Only then will you be able to clearly see the path and take the first step towards it.


Those born under the Virgo sign should be reminded that the best things in life lie on the other side of their greatest fear. So, there is nothing like taking advantage of the energy of the lunar eclipse and daring to leave your comfort zone. Go and look for those new experiences that are waiting for you just around the corner. You only need to take the first step, which is the most difficult one, since all the others will easily follow it and they will take you to what you are really looking for.


Libra, family ties are renewed,  especially those related to your father. You should use the energy of the partial lunar eclipse (with all your relatives in general and with this latter in particular) to propose a new way of communicating your affection so that a new dynamic is settled between the two, a stronger and more harmonious one. 


Scorpio, have you listened to your innermost thoughts lately? Do it, please. Ask yourself whether you are basing your perception of the world on the correct foundations. There may be several limiting beliefs that are preventing you from finding a simple solution to your problems. Find out what they are and start changing them for your own good. 


Dear Sagittarius, how can you let them make you doubt of your worth? In your quest for success and wealth, when you are able to remember all that you are worth and to see beyond what others show you, you will also be able to create it for yourself and reap your own benefits. It is not a matter of seeing to believe, but of believing in order to see.


The goat of the zodiac is another of the most affected signs by the partial lunar eclipse on July 16, 2019, since it happens on the lunar nodes (or karma nodes) that this year are located on the Cancer-Capricorn axis.

Much to their regret, those born under this zodiac sign have to release the old habits (whether they want it or not), since they have become obsolete and are no longer useful for moving on to the next level. Be brave, Capricorn, because new events are waiting for you that could become achievable goals. You only have to be able to deal in:  let go of the old in order to make room for the new


The cup-bearer of the zodiac should ask himself: “What is repeating over and over again in my life and echoes from my own past?” It has happened because, on every occasion that life has shown you that aspect as a lesson, you have managed to avoid it in order not to deal with it. So, it is still unfinished business for you. Therefore, Aquarius, pay close attention to what shows up in this way after the lunar eclipse and take it as an opportunity to face it. Take this chance and luck will be on your side.


Think, Pisces, are you sure you know who are the people you can really count on in the most challenging moments of your life? The best thing that this lunar eclipse will offer you is the opportunity to find out who are those people that can be considered your true friends. Identify them, take care of them and appreciate them as the real treasure they are.