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The South Node: Meaning by Astral Chart House & Sign

Get ready to know more about your hidden side


north and south node scheme
The South Node is completely opposite to the North Node's house and sign | Magic Horoscope

There might be plenty of information online about the North Node, because it sends us into the future. But how can we understand where we should go if we don't know where we're coming from? The South Node greatly matters, because thanks to this point in our natal chart we can have a better understanding of who we are.

Today we'll tell you all about the South Node and its meaning, closely linked to our past lives' karma, as well as its astrological house and connected sign. After this article you'll get an approximate idea of the learning that your soul stores up without you even noticing it.

What's the astrological South Node? 

As we pointed out in the introduction, the South Node tells us what we've learned in our previous lives. The South Node opposes the North, which gives us information about what we're supposed to learn in this reincarnation.

It's important to understand what we have by 'default', therefore, our natural tendency. In fact, we can perceive the South Node as a suitcase, the baggage we bring along into this life. This baggage has both good and bad things. This lunar node teaches us that life is a constant overcoming of obsessions on the path to our fully aware selves. It teaches us to give up and leave our comfort zone behind.

How to calculate the South Node

Once the natal chart is calculated, the south node is diametrically opposed to the North Node in the astral chart. For instance, if your North Node is in the first house of Aries, the South Node will be in the seventh house of Libra.

The South Node's meaning by zodiac sign

The zodiac sign where the South Node lies will tell us the personality of our karma, the summary of all past experiences.

South Node in Aries

You're good at giving orders, being authoritative and having initiative. One of the worst habits is perhaps a tendency to have anti-social behaviours.

South Node in Taurus

You tend to follow comfort, and you find it relatively easy. However, in order for the soul to evolve, you need to risk it and use all your mental abilities to make a creative project from scratch.

South Node in Gemini

You feel uncomfortable about uncertainty and multiple open options. But this stops you from choosing and delving deeper into projects, thus running the risk of leaving everything halfway done. With this node, it's essential to create a solid value scale and progress with confident steps into one single direction; otherwise, the soul won't evolve.

South Node in Cancer

Your homeland is made up of emotions and feelings, which make you feel safe.  But the problem with this is that's not the best way to conquer independence. What's most likely to happen with this node is that you'll live in your parents' home much longer than you should, it's hard to find your own place in the world.

South Node in Leo

In past lives you've exploited your creativity and led others wisely. The negative side to this is that you might have been abusive with drama and now you need a more relaxed scope. You need to control your tendency to exaggerate, and to learn that small things are beautiful too. Happiness is in the simple, yet not too easy, things.

South Node in Virgo

Life has always been a tidy, well-structured issue, and you don't leave room for mistakes because you've got great confidence in being perfect.  But in this reincarnation, evolution demands coming out of controlled environments to embrace uncertainty. It's not easy to overcome your native traits.

South Node in Libra

With a Libra South Node, the tendency to be too considerate to others steals room to be able to create your own interests. There's a feeling of emptiness after giving yourselves completely and seeing that other people don't get as involved.

South Node in Scorpio

In past lives it was crystal clear that life is a mysterious experience and some of its enigmas might have been perfectly understood. A past connected to magic or esotericism in any of its variations. You'll probably stand out now for knowing others better without them talking too much.

South Node in Sagittarius

You were a sort of moral authority, a guru, someone concerned with the wellness of souls. It's too well-known a position as to do it again and teach others about your vision of life. They have the right to find their own way of life without you making an intervention.

South Node in Capricorn

Too much interest in your own goals has made you cold, distant individuals; therefore, you need to cleanse off negative karma by giving yourselves to others, or at least understanding feelings better. They can be pretty confusing and they hurt sometimes, but there's no other choice if you want a full, well-lived life.

South Node in Aquarius

People around you are like old friends, you make friends truly easily.  But sometimes you trust too much that they'll sort your issues out. You need to be more straightforward with your own goals, and quit your slight tendency to extravagance.

South Node in Pisces

In past lives you achieved a great sense of knowledge about human nature. That's why it isn't a surprise that you currently work in an artistic profession, but in order to overcome your past lives' karma, this time you need more order and discipline in your earthly life, because you tend to waste money and consider it less important than it actually is.

The meaning of South Node for each house 

The house where the South Node lies tells us the area of our lives where we're more comfortable, but which we also need to overcome in order to avoid falling into a rut. What is familiar to us should be a springboard into building a more balanced personality.

House 1

In the past it was all about 'me', and relationships with others got lost. You created too much of an individualistic personality. In this life, attention should be placed on others instead. An excess in self-centredness harms the soul.  You should try to commit with the people you love to find a sense of freedom within love that you hadn't seen before.

House 2

You feel comfortable with possessions and perhaps hold tight to more items than you need. In this life, items make us feel safe and remind us who we are. The dangerous side to this is that you base your self-esteem and self-love on temporary possessions that could disappear over time. The lesson to learn is to give up on the unessential and to keep only what you need the most.

House 3

Creativity in communication is something you practice naturally, but you need to transcend in the way you express yourselves. It's time to create your own belief system, to make new pathways to follow, instead of settling for entertaining others. You need to learn to appreciate the truth without worrying about the wording.

House 4

According to karmic astrology, old patterns that were acquired and internalised in past lives create a sort of inertia in this incarnation: living life through close relatives (parents, children...). What you'll need to learn about in this incarnation will be to get rid of this habit to nourish from learning through your own life experiences.

House 5

You can no longer live satisfying all your whims, and this feels really limiting in this existence. Love matters induce too much interest, so much so that other areas of existence become weaker. It's easy to go by unnoticed and reach a mature resignation, so in order to sort out karma, you should learn more from friendship and less from lust.

House 6

The area where you feel more comfortable is well-structured work, but you constantly see chaos and mess unfold before you, to learn how to live in an incontrollable world, the way it is. On the bright side, with this node you're quite skilled at organising people around you, but don't get stuck there; to make progress, you need to overcome your tendency to think you're the best.

House 7

You're all about relationships, getting lost in socialising. Your comfort zone is to spend plenty of time with your loved ones. But it takes a high price: losing yourselves. That'll create resentment later. You trust others' perception of you too much, so you need to find a sense of self-identity.

House 8

You feel pretty connected to the dark side of life. You like life, death, magic... But there's more to life than that. You need to get yourselves some physical wellness; otherwise, existence will be too tough because you're always busy with otherworldly affairs.

House 9

Spiritual development has been notable in other lives, and that's why now you're interested about metaphysical issues or astrology. Perhaps you know how to deal tarot decks. But that knowledge has piled up and caused you to sacrifice personal relationships. In this life you can help others by sharing wisdom, but without pressure.

House 10

You achieved great reputation thanks to your profession. In this life you're trying to do the same, but to no avail. There's family issues everywhere, problems that tell us that the kind of life you're after is not a thing, and it's unnecessary. You need to devote more time and effort to family.

House 11

Your friends are your comfort zone, you can always count on them. Thinking about collective interests is something you're very good at, but always keeping an eye on the whole thing makes you suffer with details later. If you're always looking out to others, there's a sense of exhaustion that your loved ones suffer about later on.

House 12

You had a strong tendency to delve into the unconscious. You appreciate loneliness greatly now, and you might even fancy trying meditation and following a spiritual path. However, you need to channel those energies into service to others. By being pragmatic, you can create great, transformational change both in your life and that of others.