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Venus in the 2nd House

Natives with Venus in the 2nd house value material possessions and they crave everyone's admiration

Natives with Venus in the 2nd house can really appreciate beautiful and expensive things. Many will consider them materialistic because they love expensive gifts and that makes them appear superficial. However, they do not settle for less than they deserve, and that applies to everything, from friendships to clothes to furniture. They probably own some kind of collection, whether it is shoes, purses, art...

The artistic, romantic and cultural energy of the natives who have Venus in the 2nd House will be expressed through their different activities to make money, buy new thigns and gain a good position in society. It is very important for them to be surrounded by aesthetic things and to feel that they have a financial security net that allows them to buy whatever they want. They will probably be successful in the sector of sales and the arts.

Possesions and admiration

The natives with Venus in the 2nd house are able to find something to value anywhere, they would do a great job selling antiques or other objects that can be repaired and later sold for a much higher price.

Usually freehanded and enthusiastic about giving presents, they expect something in return from those to whom they give gifts to. Some of these natives have an obsession to feel admired by their partners because they really like being valued, and they have never felt his way during childhood.

Rapped gifts
These natives are usually generous and eager to give gifts | Getty Images

These natives have a strong desire to possess and have as many valuable objects as possible. The explanation for this is that the sign Taurus belongs to the 2nd house, and this sign is obsessed with the ownership of things. People with Venus in the second house are very appreciative of beauty and want to live in a pleasant and peaceful environment. Therefore, they will work harder than anyone to have to afford all kinds of luxurious stuff.

Nonetheless, these people are very realistic and can work until they are completely exhausted in order to create a better life for themselves and their partner. Yet, they should remember that their urge to do as much as they can, may affect them really negatively.


Venus is the planet of love, but these natives may become possessive in their relationships, many of their breakups will be caused by this attitude. Their definition of the concept of love is complete devotion and fidelity.

Their idea of the perfect partner is someone who will make them feel safe. As soon as they commit, they hope their lover will always be faithful and that they will never want to leave their side. Their values are strong, so it can be hard for others to understand their principles or want to be around them forever.

Couple smiling in the street
These natives can be possessive with their partner | Getty Images

When they fall in love, they can be overprotective and loving, they always make sure that the wishes of their loved ones come true. Since they can get very jealous and terrified that their partner will cheat on them, they have to work on ways to deal with this.

They value their romantic relationships very much and sensuality characterizes them, so they will enjoy everything that makes them focus on their senses. The more sincere a person is, the more they will like them. Their voice makes any member of the opposite sex attracted to them.

A word of advice

All natives who have Venus in the second house should try to become more open-minded and leave room for new ideas. It is a mistake to judge those who do not share the same morality as them because it can be a very unhealthy habit. After falling in love with a person, the people of the 2nd House become the best partners who make sure that their other half has everything they need.

Even so, they should try not to give themselves up completely when they are in love. Sometimes life calls for a change, and they need to let go.