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Agate: Its Significance, Healing Properties, and Uses in Gem Therapy

Discover the benefits of agate, agate's meaning, and how to use this magic crystal.

Agate: Its Significance, Healing Properties, and Uses in Gem Therapy

Agate is a stone with a microcrystalline structure, fine grains, and bright coloured bands, and is mostly composed of silica. Agates, which are members of the Chalcedony family, the most popular group of minerals, have rings in either strips or layers. 

In this article, we focus on agate's meaning and the benefits of agate and healing properties  based on gem therapy. Besides, we tell you which zodiac signs this stone is best for and which chakras it can benefit.

Agate: meaning in gemology

If we focus on their appearance, some varieties of agate have coloured specks or eye-like marks, while others have either fossil or solid inclusions. Black, yellow, pink, red, gray, white, and brown, are just a few of this magic crystal's colours.

We know that agate forms in volcanic rock cavities where they are filtered and deposited in layers. The Achates River in Sicily gives this stone its name.

Agate has been very popular and in high demand since ancient times and was used to make tools,  and In Babylonia, it was used as a healing charm and for decoration. Ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations popularized its medicinal uses which then extended throughout all of Africa and the Middle East and even to Russia. Islamic culture believed that this stone served to protect from the evil eye.

Agate's healing properties and uses in gem therapy

We reference agate as one of the magic crystals out there, and thanks to gem therapy, we can benefit from its healing powers, both for our physical aspect and psyche.

Agate is beneficial to eye health and is known to cure the skin and any irritation or illness related to the body's largest organ.  Also, it can improve the function of the heart and lungs, blood vessels, and strengthen our muscles.

Agate promotes internal stability, composure, maturity, and possesses warm and protecting qualities, which helps to improve self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Agate's ability to protect pregnant women stands out amongst its magical powers. This stone is also said to help new mothers to overcome the postpartum depression that can sometimes come up. Wearing an agate necklace can also help with lactation.

On a spiritual level, agate also commands a higher level of faithfulness from partners and has the power to help us hold back burning desires for things that we don't need. This stone also promotes communication and the expression of ideas, for which reason, it is especially interesting for writers or journalists.

To reap the benefits of agate in gem therapy, we can place these crystals around our home, or keep them close to us by wearing them as earrings, a necklace, or even on a keychain. 

How do you clean agate?

Cleaning your magic crystal is recommended periodically to rid it of all of the energy that it has absorbed from the environment. Unlike other gems, placing agate in water with salt  to cleanse it, is not recommended, since it could damage this stone's surface.

One option is to bury it in the ground or mud or to place the agate under running water from the faucet. While the water rushes over your stone, you can charge it with energy mentally.

Lastly, you can place your agate in a box along with white quartz or  carnelian,  stones that have the power to purify and clean other gems.


Agate and chakras

Naturally, agate is related to the second chakra, known as the sacral chakra. This energetic point, that we channel our body's energy through is found in the lower abdomen.

The sacral chakra connects to the world of emotions, sexuality, pleasure, physical love, and passion. This  chakra also represents creativity and fantasy, closely related to the powers attributed to agate.

Which zodiac signs could benefit from agate?

Moving onto the western zodiac, the best-known one, those born between 21 March - 20 April, or Aries natives are associated with this stone. This crystal is also connected to Libra and Gemini.

To benefit from its protection, you can wear a necklace or bracelet with agate, or even earrings. It's very easy to find, and you'll be amazed by how incredible it is! This stone will bring wisdom, equilibrium, and temperance to your life, and even fight your accumulated stress. 

Some fun facts about Agate

There are many varieties of agate, all of which have different names depending on their colour and appearance. Fire agate, dendritic agate, moss agate, and blue lace agate, are some of the most popular varieties. This last one is explicitly associated with the fifth chakra. Some other types include eye agate, iris agate, and snakeskin agate.

Although fire agate has the same chemical composition as other types of this stone, it continues to be the rarest form of this mineral. It has a trigonal crystal system, a glossy shine, and its appearance goes from transparent to translucid.  This specific variety of agate is an ideal stone for meditation, particularly deep meditation since it connects us to the earth's energy.

Most agates come from Brazil, as is the case with many other stones since there are rich deposits in this country. However, it is also common for these stones to be dyed, and that's why colours that don't occur naturally in this stone can be found, like purple. It's best to find a natural agate instead of a dyed one if you want to benefit from its magical powers.