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Akashic Records: Traveling Into the Experience of the Soul

The records that help you know who you were, are and will be

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Akashic Records: Traveling Into the Experience of the Soul | iSTOCK

Can you picture a great imaginary archive where all the experiences of the soul and the memory of the universe are, to help you understand who you are now and how to evolve? Akashic records are that transcendent dimension you can access to look at the true guide of life and being. Find out with us!

What are akashic records?

Akashic records are a great archive where the experiences of the soul and the universe's memory are stored, all the way from the past into the future. It's not a physical space; rather, a transcendent dimension, a spiritual and energy-based space which you can access through meditation and a few more tips and tricks you'll see right away.

In Sanskrit, the word akasa means 'ether', the hidden, superior dimension transporting energy, light and life, which you can treasure in your soul through accessing akashic records. In fact, it isn't new: great religious traditions have discovered it under other names. In the Bible, it is known as The Book of Life; in the Ancient Egypt, the Tablets of Thoth; in Mayan culture, Psi Bank, and Islam calls it Eternal Tablet.

Akasha is an underlying element to all existing realities, the source from which all matter and its manifestation are born. And akashic records are the storage of physical and spiritual experiences.

But then, what are akashic records good for, and what can we read in them? In the akashic records we read who we were, who we are now and who we'll become, and that's why it turns out to be a true guide to life. It's not a prediction of the future, but a source of support to understand ourselves instead.

In other words, akashic records don't tell you what to do, but they do give you tips to progress and evolve, and to make the best decisions you can depending on your personality and needs.

How to open akashic records

Later on we'll discuss the sacred prayer, a magical quote that allows you passage into akashic records. However, that isn't enough. You need to develop and carry out exhaustive mental and spiritual work through relaxation and meditation first.

Without even noticing it, your mind has been trained to reach enlightenment, and that submits it to an endless search for answers that makes you lose track of what's most essential, what's underlying deep down, in the hidden corner of your mind, in the raw sections of it. To reach akashic records, you need to transcend into the spiritual world.

The secret to open akashic records is to connect with the Superior Being and your inner being through reaching an energy level dynamic enough to delve into an altered state of awareness. This will allow you to overcome the sensory qualities of reality, and to enter the cosmic, transcendent reality that grants passage into akashic records.

First, recognise your transcendent side, overcoming your physical and mental boundaries to realise you're special, superior, a chosen soul. When you're ready to ascend, to be enlightened, you must follow intuition and feelings; they'll be your guide, a compass.

That's why the access route into akashic records demands you to radically change your life perspective. Only through accepting yourselves and life harmony will you ever be able to reach them. Otherwise, dissatisfaction and a lack of balance keeps you away from your essence and blocks off your abilities.

Free from your issues, anxiety and stress, and walk into a connection of the physical world with the spiritual and mental ones. Experts trace a path into akashic records' opening through some gradual actions: finding roots, increasing vibration, emptying yourselves up, open up, summoning, syncing, finding the information source, using your extra-sensory senses, verify, connect and lock down.

Akashian records: opinions on the experience

Many have attempted to open akashic records, and found a whole new dimension thanks to it. All opinions on akashic records come from one single reality: the people who make it are individuals in complete sync with their inner potential, that is, they recognise their existence as superior, transcendent beings.

But the most common feeling when discovering akashic records is the surprise of entering an archive of universal memory, a mixture of bewilderment and enthusiasm. People who come from traumatic experiences or hard life times have more work to do, but the reward is also proportionally larger.

People who have reached the mystic experience of entering the records describe it as a puzzling, yet once-in-a-lifetime moment, a revelation of the most important life questions, and their respective answers to all of them as the walking of a path to turn negative into positive energy.

Akashic records' reading: how do they do it?

The most efficient way to reach the akashic records is through a reader (usually a guide) and a master (a spiritual conductor).  Through them, you need to reach enlightenment the way we've mentioned before.

To read akashic records, once you've been granted access, the most important thing is to properly ask questions. The ones with the most information behind them are questions that start with Why...?, although questions of What or How can also be very productive. The least informative questions are those that start with When, because time doesn't exist: the soul is timeless and endless.

For a good akashic records reading, it's also quite a good idea to ask questions about yourselves, and avoid 'yes' or 'no' questions. Remember this is no divination method, and you'll never get an answer on how to do things. That's why it's highly important to interpret and understand answers.

Akashic records and sacred prayer

To open akashic records, you need to enter a state of relaxation and meditation to connect with your inner selves, break free from negative feelings and summon the Supreme Being to fully devote to him. Then, you need to have the sacred prayer that grants access to the ethereal dimension of akashic records.

I hereby request my Supreme Being to raise its shield of love and truth around me, so that none other than his love and truth exist within me. I request my masters, guides and loved ones that guard my records, to channel my energies into where they are. I ask the lords of akashic records for permission to open my records and take out all information allowed, to solve my current issues.

Thank you for your assistance, permission and protection, to manage to heal myself and become even wiser through your divine support.

Meditation in akashic records

While traditional meditation is the path through which we empty our mind to enter a superior state of awareness, akashic meditation goes one step further and transforms our own and general reality. 

Akashic meditation has the specific quality of the combination of three elements that help decode akashic records: a mudra, an image and a mantra. When performing the mudra (your finger position and your hands' torso) you become a cosmic antenna able to receive energies in all frequencies.

In the universe, there is no language in itself; communication is carried out through archetypes that can be visualised in meditation. Rather than projecting images that come from our subconscious, we need to adapt our spirit into decoded cosmic archetypes of akashic records.

Through mantras, which are sort of vibrations, entities work on your body to reform integrated plains. When the three elements come together, you reach connection between plains, and these in turn connect to the cosmos