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Apparitions: 11 Ways to Feel a Ghostly Presence

We explain the most common ways of experiencing a paranormal presence

Apparitions: 11 Ways to Feel a Ghostly Presence | iSTOCK

Have you ever wondered if a spirit or a ghost has ever visited you? Do you think you feel a presence when you are at home and you’re completely alone? Do you feel like there are spirits in your house? Are you curious to know if a loved one is trying to contact you, and if you’ve ever experienced an apparition?

In the following article we will enter the universe of strange presences and ghosts and we will explore the ways in which to know if someone is trying to contact you from beyond.

How to know if there are spirits with you: 11 ways to feel a presence

Many are asked that question daily, how to know if there are spirits with you, how to react to feel a presence, be it only strange or even dark. Sometimes we feel that spirits can sneak into our dreams, all the while assuming a normal and calm appearance. So, what is an apparition? 

There are those who classify such spirits as ghosts if they present themselves with a strange impression, which makes us uncomfortable. In addition, ghosts are usually linked to an object (or a house), while spirits come and go when they have to deliver messages.

Next, we will examine the most common signs to know if there are spirits with you, although it is important to understand that, in general, many of the situations presented can have an explanation linked to the world of the living (if the house is old, external problems with energy sources, etc.)

1 Noises and inexplicable voices

We can feel a presence in the noise of footsteps, bumps, scratches, feeling that something has fallen to the ground. These sounds can be subtle to begin with and they gradually amplify.

We can also add the noises related to the human voice: shouts, whispers and voices (or even music from an unknown source) generally coming from a place in the house. There are people who, alone in their homes, have reported hearing their name being called out. 

2 Open doors or cabinets

How does one know if there are spirits in their home? One test is that the doors of the home, the drawers or the lockers open by themselves, without any rational explanation.

3 Lights and appliances that turn on and off by themselves

Another way to feel strange, ghostly presences is through our electrical appliances, especially the lamps. Have your lights always worked well and suddenly they start flashing, turn on and off, and there is no rational explanation, or electrical failures at home? 

Ask yourself why: there may be another energy that interrupts its functioning, ask yourself where it comes from and you will have the answer on how to know if there are spirits with you. The same can be applied to other devices in the house: TV that changes channels without anyone pressing the button, or skipping to the favourite song of a loved one disappeared on the radio.

4 Disappearing objects

Another way to feel a dark presence is if a daily object suddenly disappears from its usual place and reappears only a few days later. It is not as frequent, but levitations can also occur, objects that slide off shelves, fly above us, furniture that moves ... This often indicates the presence of a ghost or negative energy.

5 The object of a loved one

When we lose a family member or a friend, we can feel their presence in our day to day life. And more if we stumbled upon some object that belonged to them. If you’re wondering how to know if there are spirits with you, this is one of the clearest ways to prove it.

6 Apparitions and shadows

Spirits can manifest themselves in many ways and have done so for centuries – the scholars call them ancient apparitions. Among some of these visions we can mention inexplicable shadows that we see slipping in front of our eyes. By the term ‘apparitions’ we understand a human appearance or an entity, which can have a solid, transparent or hazy form. You can also see bright orbs; the white orbs are linked to angels, and the coloured ones with spirits.

7 Temperature changes

The presence indicator of a spirit can be that there are temperature variations in certain places of your house. If in a warm house there is a room, or even a certain corner, in which it is cold, perhaps what we are experiencing is the presence of a paranormal entity.

8 Feeling observed (or feeling a presence while you sleep)

This can be a general or specific impression of a place in the house. In general, this sensation may be strange, although it does not necessarily mean that the presence itself is strange. There are people who say that if you wake up at 3 in the morning (with fear and no apparent reason) it is because someone is watching you.

We are talking about a phenomenon linked to nocturnal visitors, that is, a dark presence that torments us during the night. Night visitors can appear at the foot of the bed, or we can see a person on the side watching us. Even if you do not believe it, it is very common to feel a presence while you sleep, whether they are strange presences or not.

9 The feeling of being touched

What does it mean to feel that someone touches you? It is the question many people ask when they investigate how to know if there are spirits with you and it is a very common sensation. We may feel touched, or pushed, and sometimes, if the energy is negative, unexplainable scratches may appear on our bodies. In short, this represents another way of experiencing a paranormal presence.

10 Inexplicable smells

Sweet smells are associated with benign spirits (perhaps you will hear the "smell of holiness" that good people give off when they die) while fragrances with an unpleasant smell usually denote a negative presence.

11 The sensitivity of an animal

Pets have the gift of feeling a presence. If your dog or cat (since they are the most common pets) reacts to a particular place in your home, feeling agitated for no reason, or seems to react to something that you cannot see, it can be a good indicator to know if there are spirits with you.