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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Ghosts

Find out the meaning of dreaming about these beings

Dream about ghosts: Dream Dictionary.

Since we are children, we learn to be afraid of ghosts through tales of haunted houses, such as “The Canterville Ghost” by Oscar Wilde, or blockbusters like “Poltergeist”.

But the question is: what is a ghost? Nothing definite, since there are as many definitions as people who claim to have seen or felt one. They might be people who have passed away and are still wandering the world of the living,  or beings that have never been in our world, but we notice their essence among us.

Sometimes they can be vaguely seen and go through the walls; other times, they wear white sheets and carry heavy chains as a consequence of everything they did wrong while they were alive. There are even ghosts that are not invisible, but can make noise, open and close doors, or move any kind of objects there is in our homes.

Ghosts are so ingrained in our popular culture that there is no wonder why we dream about them, especially, when we are younger and our fears of monsters and everything unknown is keener.


Dream Dictionary: What Does It Mean to Dream about Ghosts?

As we were saying, ghosts represent the idea that the dead can come back to torment the living in some way. At a psychical level, they are nothing more than  an unconscious mark of our past, something that comes back to keep scaring us even though we consider it dead and buried.

For this reason, the Dream Dictionary suggests that ghosts represent those dark memories that still haunt us. They are painful recollections from the past  that try to make their way to our present, making us feel miserable again.

Dreaming about ghosts has nothing to do, as many may think, with a message that a dead loved one wants to send us from the afterlife. It is directly related to hidden truths, which the dreamer tries to deny.

Ghost dreams are negative,  particularly for children, if there are terrifying matters in their life which they want to banish from their consciousness. Often, these ghost dreams turn into nightmares. In short,  these are children who do not feel protected enough  and need a soothing environment against their experiences (and their imagination).

However, for an adult, dreaming about ghosts is a sign of hope,  of going through a process in order to face fears and accept the truth, an acceptance of circumstances that most of the people do not know about.

Dreaming about Ghosts: Different Types of This Dream

Next, we are going to present the most common variations of dreaming about ghosts, since depending on your experience with these beings,  you will receive a different message from your psyche or destiny. 

Dreaming about a White Ghost

The Dream Dictionary suggests that a ghost of white colour predicts a fruitful future, a kind one, especially when it comes to material goods. In short, it foresees the arrival of fulfilment.

Dreaming about a Black Ghost

By contrast, if you dream about a black ghost, or one wearing very dark colours, it means that you will have to face betrayal, or even that you will soon have to get over the death of a relative  since black is the colour of mourning.

Dreaming about the Presence of a Ghost

As we already mentioned, ghosts can be seen or merely be felt. When you wake up, if you remember dreaming about the presence of a ghost without seeing it, the Dream Dictionary suggests paying attention to an aspect of your life or current situation that you prefer to ignore, but you should solve anyway.

Dreaming about Talking to a Ghost

In the case of talking to a ghost while you are in the land of dreams, try to remember what you were told once you wake up. In general, the dreamer receives important messages,  and it may be helpful to write down what you were told since this is a message from your future life.

Dreaming about Being Scared of a Ghost

We have already mentioned that since you are a child, you are being scared with tales of ghosts, so it is obvious that you can have this feeling when dreaming about them. If this is your case, the Dream Dictionary indicates that you are not well and that it may be someone else’s fault, like that person who is causing you troubles and fears. 

Dreaming about a Ghost Coming Up from an Object in Your Home

There are certain objects which give you good or bad energies in your life. If you dream about a ghost coming up from a piece of furniture or a home appliance, for example, you should get rid of it, because it does not bring you positive vibes.

Dreaming about Defeating a Ghost

Have you dreamt about confronting a ghost and managing to defeat it? If this is your case, these are good news, since it means that your enemies will not be able to hurt you.

Dreaming about the Ghost of a Child

This is certainly a terrifying picture, which according to the Dream Dictionary predicts poverty and hardship,  caused by a person who wishes you bad, an enemy.

Dreaming about a White-Sheet Ghost

If you dream about the most typical picture of a ghost, it means that you will enjoy good health and happiness.

Dreaming about Being a Ghost and Scaring People

In this case, the meaning of this dream is that you feel really lonely, isolated, a feeling caused by your great mistrust of someone.


In short, it can be said that dreaming about ghosts represents a distance towards your feelings, even towards your natural surroundings, due to unresolved conflicts.

Therefore, their presence in dreams also suggests an anxiety state which dominates the dreamer’s real life. So, you must bury those problems, those ghosts, in order to be happy.