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The 4 Best Talkers of the Zodiac

The most thoughtful, the most caring, the most eccentric and the most versatile. It is impossible to get bored with the best talkers of the zodiac!

How wonderful it is to meet someone with whom you can talk for hours. Public speaking is a gift not owned by everybody, but it is so important that many times we fall in love with someone just for their deep and interesting inner world. The people who are able to turn hours into minutes, and to make boredom disappear from our lives, are priceless and they deserve all the good things that the Universe has prepared for them.

For this reason, Magic Horoscope introduces you the four best talkers of the zodiac, those who are able to transport us to another time or place by using something as simple as their words.

The 4 Best Talkers of the Zodiac

There are all kinds of people in this world. Some of them prefer deeds to words, they would rather have their actions speak for themselves in order to avoid possible misunderstanding or mistakes when choosing the most suitable words. On the contrary, others are able to express their feelings quite easily  and they do not hesitate to do so every time they get the chance, even though the people they talk to might not agree with their opinion.

Although there is no better method than the other, and bearing in mind that each zodiac sign has its own strengths, we will focus on the second kind that we have mentioned, that is, on those talkers who manage to become the centre of attention  even when they are surrounded by people. And they do so due to their gift of communication and their ability to embellish all conversations.

Next, we will show you which are the four best talkers of the zodiac. 

4. Aquarius: the Most Thoughtful Talker

Aquarius is one of the signs with more qualities of the zodiac. Among the wide variety of possibilities that has to offer, a good talk is one of the most outstanding. This characteristic has its roots in Aquarius’s thirst for learning new things, which takes their curiosity to unexpected limits, and makes them always yearning for more and their conversations, deep and interesting.

Therefore, Aquarius is the fourth in the list of the best talkers of the zodiac, mostly due to their sympathy and also because they are the most humane and tolerant zodiac sign. Their lack of prejudice is what makes everyone enjoy a nice conversation with an Aquarius, even though this sign does not usually make friends easily.

The talks with someone born under this sign will be really interesting due to their great imagination and their dreamy character, which make them ramble on any subject and draw conclusions that are quite unusual and entertaining. Moreover, you should never worry about the possibility of an Aquarius lying to you, since this zodiac sign values honesty and sincerity very much.

3. Libra: the Most Caring Talker

The third place in the list of the best talkers of the horoscope is for the zodiac sign of balance. Libra’s tactfulness is well known by anyone who has been fortunate enough to meet someone born under this sign. Apart from being one of the most lovely and friendly zodiac signs, they have another great trait: the ability to listen.

Therefore, a conversation with someone born under this sign will make us feel understood and taken into account, a fact that is much appreciated and that creates an agreeable and relaxed environment. For this reason, Libra is also one of the best confidants and the one who will always help you see the positive side of each situation.

Their great curiosity and their dislike of conflict make Libra a zodiac sign that will never treat you badly nor use words out of place  even if they strongly disagree with what you are saying. Besides, they express themselves with such grace and sensitivity that it is impossible not to love them. Definitely, Magic Horoscope recommends you to bring a Libra into your life as soon as possible, especially if you are looking for someone to bring harmony to your days. 

2. Scorpio: the Most Eccentric Talker

Scorpio is one of the most complex signs of the astral world, and their many features and paradoxes make them, surprisingly, the second best talker of the zodiac. In fact, the people born under this zodiac sign are the best members of a social gathering due to their charisma, which makes them extraordinary persuaders.

Besides, they add such emotion and passion to their conversations that it is almost impossible not to fall for their sweet talk and their self-confidence, even though you need to possess a great spirit in order to follow the thread of their arguments. As observant and tenacious as few, they are able to appreciate what for others goes unnoticed, a quality that is increased by their great intuition.

Therefore, far from what may seem at first, their eccentricity is one of their strengths when it comes to talking, and they are able to captivate anyone when they behave kindly and politely. However, the people they talk to should be as polite as Scorpio, since this is a zodiac sign that is easily hurt and that holds on to resentment. To sum up, you must learn how to control Scorpio’s dark side if you want to hold a constructive and useful conversation.

1. Gemini: the Most Versatile Talker

And finally, we get to the gold medal for the best talker of the zodiac. Presumably, Gemini is the zodiac sign that best communicates and expresses everything they hold inside, and their chatter reaches such extreme limits that, once they start, it is impossible to make them shut up. Intelligent and imaginative, the people born under this zodiac sign will make you think about questions that would never have crossed your mind unless you came across them.

But this is not the best part. Gemini has such great flexibility that is able to talk about almost any subject  without coming off badly. Moreover, they are so good persuaders that they can make you doubt even of your firmest and oldest beliefs. Word by word, they will undermine your walls until they reach the depths of your being, and  they will strip you emotionally so quickly and efficiently that you will not be able to get away from them. Although this should not be surprising, considering that Mercury, which is the planet associated to communication, is their ruling planet.

Therefore, there is no doubt that anyone who comes across a Gemini’s eloquence and vitality will find it difficult not to fall for their communicative skills. Their childish character and kindness make them seem innocent and curious, but you should not let yourself be deceived, because they have a complex and paradoxical character that is able to manipulate even the devil himself.