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Beauty Routines According to the Zodiac Signs

Learn and discover how to take advantage of the Moon to get the most out of your beauty.

A woman putting some cream on her face after a shower
Beauty rituals according to the Zodiac signs

Are beauty rituals influenced by your zodiac sign? Even though it may seem crazy, there is a relationship between beauty and the zodiac signs. Each sign has its own characteristics, that shows in specific ways to take care of distinct parts of your body.

Moreover, in the following report, we will also show you how to take advantage of the Moon to get the most out of your beauty.

Beauty rituals according to the Zodiac signs

Discover the best beauty rituals according to the Zodiac signs. What's yours?


The beauty and Zodiac signs tell us that Aries is enthusiastic, generous, impulsive and impatient. He is dynamic, often a leader, but his bluntness can sometimes attract the anger of those around him. He is intuitive and creative, he loves changes and challenges.

Aries likes to take care of himself with simple or perhaps organic products. He has a preference for taking care of his skin, teeth, and hair. For him, nothing will be better than enjoying purifying aromas in a spa, as body treatments ensure a deep relaxation. This allows for the relaxation of the muscles and facial features. 


Taurus is a balanced and strong person, that feels connected to nature. He always respects the commitments with those around him and is believed to have a reassuring and calming effect on others. With a robust constitution, like the animal from which it receives the name, Taurus presents few health problems.

The beauty and Zodiac signs relate Taurus with exquisite skin care, and a sensuality that is expressed through the use of natural products. For Taurus, it is sometimes good to carry out detoxification and light feeding treatments to fight weight gain.


Balance, relaxation and harmony are the pillars of beauty for Gemini and beauty rituals associated to this Zodiac signs follow this guideline. Gemini constantly needs changes, new projects or horizons, it cannot stand the repetitive every day routine. Curious about everything, enthusiastic and very open, Gemini can sometimes experience problems linked to intense stress. Being the prime example of an air sign, Gemini can suffer from respiratory allergies, asthma or chronic bronchitis.

On his personal care, he emphasizes the attention he pays to his hands; In addition, he will not stand having bright nail polish or varnishes over his nails.


Cancer is a sensitive, warm, serious and thoughtful person who likes to feel useful to others and is very tenacious and dedicated to achieve his goals. His mismanagement of emotions can lead to digestive disorders, poor lymphatic circulation, and a few extra pounds due to gluttony. Thus, the beauty and Zodiac signs tell us that Cancer will never reject a program designed to tone and sculpt the tissues of his body, effects of which can increase energy levels. 

He is usually a very committed person to his beauty treatments, he can wear the exact same perfume for years. Furthermore, breathing exercises will help prevent him from suffering from swelling.


Leo is the quintessential fire sign: like the sun, he is radiant, and like the king of the jungle, he naturally imposes himself as a leader. Loyal, warm, energetic, and optimistic, sometimes slightly narcissistic, too outgoing and even sensitive. Leo does not show weaknesses often, resulting in the accumulation of tensions in the solar plexus which leads to the blockages of his dorsal vertebrae.

Beauty rituals according to the Zodiac signs suggest that Leo will take care mainly of his hair, and that he will spend a fortune at the hairdresser whenever he can.


Virgo is a very sensible person, with a very logical and orderly spirit in his daily life and in his professional activities.  This explains why he takes great care of his skin, and never forgets, for example, to clean his face of any dirt and makeup so that his skin looks dewy and bright. Virgo is eternally dissatisfied, shy and reserved, and enjoys good health thanks to his rigorous lifestyle, as highlighted by the relationship between beauty and the Zodiac signs.


Libra stands out for its kindness, discretion and its reserved attitude. It is a zodiac sign with a selfless, generous and dedicated beauty. It is also sometimes indecisive and with an irregular mood; nevertheless, they value the appreciation of others very much, and they bloom when they receive affection.

With their beauty rituals, Libras are very intuitive. They know what products work well for them and adjust to their preferences, but they do not hesitate to change products if they find better substitutes. Fidelity and cosmetics do not have to go hand in hand, according to their point of view.


The beauty and Zodiac signs place Scorpio as a person whose lifestyle is focused on obtaining a perfect complexion, and who knows how to take advantage of last minute makeup touches. Scorpio is a complex being that is sometimes difficult to define, and although he is loyal, kind and generous, he is also vulnerable and sensitive. Scorpios are in good health and often live for many years, hence it is recommended for them to do beauty rituals linked to anti-aging. Antioxidants are, without a doubt, their best friends.


The sensitive points for Sagittarius are the liver, arteries, hips and thighs. It is a sign that pushes its limits and flirts daily with excesses, especially with good meals. Therefore, it is necessary for them to drain and detoxify their bodies regularly with beauty rituals, according to the Zodiac signs, because if not, their body will rebel.

On the other hand, it is a sign that pays close attention to his hair and never forgets his daily gym routine to be fit for the aforementioned excesses.


The sensitive points for Capricorn are the knees, joints, bones and skin. Capricorn does not possess a very strong constitution, but he has a resistance that allows him to resist almost anything, both emotionally and physically. In beauty he likes to stay classic, and benefits from skin care routines, given the fact his skin tends to be quite sensitive.

He will appreciate the beauty rituals linked to fighting stress and recovering the serenity that sometimes resists him; For him, few things are better than a visit to a spa to promote relaxation.


The stars make Aquarius favour his mind to the detriment of his body, and his health problems are usually related to blood circulation. Because of his circulatory issues, Aquarius knows how to take good care of his legs. He is mobilized for great causes, which generates stress and mood swings. To evacuate these tensions, and maintain a balance in their beauty according to the Zodiac signs, Aquarius needs to breathe and practice outdoor activities such as golf or skiing. Peels, massages and wraps are some of the treatments that will give him all his energy.


The Pisces natives are sensitive and discreet, sometimes easily distracted. They are artists at heart, who listen to others, although it is difficult to fully understand their personality. The main health problems that Pisces can encounter are digestive disorders and anything related to the feet. In fact, he never forgets to do his pedicure, since he likes to beautiful, literally, from head to toe.

He benefits from therapeutic massages that ease circulation, anti-stress massages that relax lumbar and cervical areas, as well as reflexology treatments or foot massages.

How to take advantage of the moon to get the most out of your beauty 

We end this report by giving you some advice on how to take advantage of the Moon to get the most out of your beauty.

Hair:  Some consider that the best moment for a haircut in the lunar cycle is the morning of the third day before the full moon; others think that the day of the full moon.

Nails:  The Crescent Moon promotes nail growth. It is during this period in the lunar cycle that the skin best absorbs the products we use on it. 

Waxing:  The time between two hair removal sessions will increase if you wax with Waning Moon. Dental care is also promoted  and will be a good time for tooth extraction, or the placement of crowns.

Diets: During the New Moon, our body eliminates toxins easily, and it is also a good time to give up bad habits (alcohol, tobacco, drugs).