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The 3 Best Places to Live for CANCER

Find out which are the favorite destinations for a Cancer to visit and live

The 3 Best Places to Live for CANCER | iSTOCK

If you were born between June 21st and July 22nd and you are wondering which are the three best cities to live for Cancer, in this post, we will give you some hints of the best destinations according to the features of this zodiac sign. The best cities to live for Cancers have to be relaxing and nostalgic.

Cancer is a water sign, and therefore, their personality is dominated by emotions. Also, its regent star is the Moon, representative of memories, feelings, and emotional reactions. Therefore, Cancers are very sensitive people.


Perfect places for Cancer to live

Cancers are conservative and love the warmth of their home, so the place they choose to live in should meet all the conditions to make them feel safe. These are the perfect cities for a Cancer: Discover them!

1. Rome (Italy)

Rome is undoubtedly the favorite destination for Cancers. Its narrow stone streets with the old buildings adorned with the green of the vines, crowded with beautiful cafes and historical monuments, characterize this city as a very romantic place where you can live the emotions with lots of passion. Ideal for those romantic crabs out there.

But in addition, Cancer is the sign of memories. Rome is the epicenter of the Latin civilization, with an immense historical heritage that goes back to the Roman Empire and with many museums and monuments to evoke the beginnings of our culture. In this city, you can breathe history and antiquity, something that goes with the character of Cancers.

As well as living love and passion to the fullest and enhancing their most nostalgic side, the natives of Cancer will be able to give free rein in Rome, the eternal city, to their well-deserved reputation as great gourmets: traditional Italian cuisine will drive them crazy. 

2. Istanbul (Turkey)

For the more daring Cancers who like more exotic experiences, Istanbul is a dreamy destination where they will feel very comfortable. In its streets, you can breathe art and history, and the sign of Cancer is a great lover not only of everything that has to do with memories but also of art and music.

While walking through the streets of this unique city, which was once the capital of the most powerful empire, the Ottoman,  Cancer people will be enveloped in its special spirit in which time stops and smells and tastes are mixed together. The visit to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul will be like moving back in time.

The most precious places of the city, such as the Hagia Sophia Mosque, the Topkapi Palace or the Suleiman Mosque, will make Cancer feel like a time traveler. In Taksim Square, they will be able to mingle with modern life in many celebrations and events.

3. Doha (Qatar)

For this sign, if it is about spending a holiday somewhere it's better to spare no expense than to save money: they prefer staying at home if they can't spend whatever they like. That's why among Cancer's favorite tourist destinations there could be Doha, the capital of Qatar.

In recent years this country has become the treasure of the Persian Gulf thanks to its luxuries. Cancers who want to relax and enjoy all kinds of comforts will find prestigious hotels in Doha with great views of the paradisiacal landscape, crystal-clear beaches where they can go for a swim, memorable excursions through the desert, and luxurious resorts and spas.

When Cancer wants to give free rein to its most consumerist vein, they can get lost in the department stores and shopping malls there are in the city. They may not stay there forever, but they will come back with a big smile on their face