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Top 6 Clumsiest Zodiac Signs

Are you the kind of person that needs to keep their eyes wide open through life?

sagittarius clumsiest sign 4
Sagittarius, you're the 4th clumsiest sign | Magic Horoscope


Have you ever been told that when you trip, it's because you do random gravity checks? As humans, we're born with endless abilities and skills. For some, they're more visible, while for others they're almost not there. The core issue here is that there's people who are born to shine, while others are darker than night and their lifes are true obstacle courses where they have to make their top effort to survive.

Therefore, they're unfortunate enough to be born clumsy, even though there's other similar adjectives to define them: unable, unfit, blunt, reject, incompetent, dumb... What does that mean? It just means they act bluntly and inefficiently whenever they have to carry out a simple daily task.

It's actually not their fault, because they can't really do much to change it, other than growing strong and courageous as a preparation to face their daily challenges. The only silver lining to this is that their life is a little more interesting than that of others, because it's a constant action movie rather than your classic mid-afternoon documentary. That's why today, we give you the 6 clumsiest zodiac signs.

Types of clumsiness 

As strange as it may seem, there's not just one type of clumsiness. In fact, there's several specialties that us humans can excel at, and because it couldn't be any other way, each zodiac sign falls into one or another category, according to their own traits and features.

Thus, there'll be natives who talk too much or do that without thinking before they open their mouth, and others that do the exact opposite and find it especially tough to have a conversation with people they've just met.

Acting too impulsively and without thinking about the consequences is another way to be pretty clumsy, as well as getting stuck when expressing feelings and keeping things in for fear of messing up. And if to any of the previous cases you add the problem of being a little physically unfit, we'll be standing before the kings and queens of clumsiness.

Here's the clumsiest zodiac signs

It's time to get into action and to find out about the clumsiest zodiac signs. That way, even if you can't change things, at least you'll get a warning and start paying more attention to every move you make.

capricorn logo6. CAPRICORN

On the last spot of the clumsiest zodiac signs' list, we find discipline-prone Capricorn. As confusing as it may seem, because their professionalism and sense of responsibility border on excellence, the truth is there's something they're not that good at: socialising with other people, especially if they barely know them. 

Obviously, things change if they can prepare everything they'll present or express beforehand; the problem here is that spontaneousness isn't their strongest feat. That's when they start getting nervous, shaking and mumbling, and since Capricorn needs to have everything under control, they end up facing a miserable defeat.

libra logo5. LIBRA

Diplomatic, charming Libra can see their balance breaking if someone or something destroys their shell and intends to make their fragile heart raise its voice. Despite being quite fair and idealistic, the truth is, they're also among the clumsiest zodiac signs. To see that, all you need to do is put them against the ropes. 

Why are we saying that? Because there's something they panic about, which is one of their personality's main axis points: talking about their feelings. Coldness and the indecision of a scale make them exaggerately clumsy when showing what they have inside, especially whenever they could hurt someone.

sagittarius logo4. SAGITTARIUS 

The motor force boosting firey Sagittarius could become their ultimate nemesis, and make it even more obvious that they're the fourth clumsiest sign in the zodiac wheel. It doesn't even matter that it's not a headache-inducing issue for someone born under this sign, because they've come to assume their impulsiveness so intensely, they won't even question it.

But yes, archer friend, your impulsiveness is the main culprit of your great clumsiness.  Can't you see? You can't just go around life shooting away without ever considering the consequences. Perhaps someone as overwhelming as you might have no issue with that, but along the way you could encounter a soft, gentle heart, and shatter it to pieces.

taurus logo3. TAURUS

The bronze medal for our clumsiest signs goes to Taurus. In this sense, it keeps a tight connection with Libra's case, because their issue is related to expressing feelings. Rather than being under a general scope, the problem with Taurus is around the way they bring out the storm of emotions they hold in. 

Jealousy. That's your main issue, Taurus. Sometimes you get so obsessed, you get stuck and become unable to convey your inner feelings without making your words stained in disdain and hate. And you know what the main troublesome consequence of this is? No matter how right you are, you turn out wrong because of your poor self-expression!

aries logo2. ARIES

The heat of Aries' actions can be really useful sometimes, but in other occasions, it could become their Achilles' heel. Our ram friends have a similar issue to Sagittarius': they're so untimely, they often talk or do things without thinking,  and by the time they realise they seriously messed things up, it's too late. 

Then, why does the archer rank fourth, while Aries got the silver medal of the clumsiest zodiac signs? Easy. Sagittarius' issue is mainly related to speech, while the ram is not only a little messy with their mouth... but also with their actions. That's why they've earned their position on this clumsy zodiac group.

gemini logo1. GEMINI

Gemini takes the lead of the clumsiest zodiac signs. Something which doesn't come as much of a surprise, because with their constant verbal incontinence and their natural high energy that inspires them and always keeps them running, it would actually be weird if they managed to keep their feet on the ground! Besides, children are already slightly clumsy, so their proneness into clumsiness just grows bigger. 

Thus, the mix between physical clumsiness and being too clumsy with speech (and a dash of impulsiveness) brings Gemini to the top of the clumsiest zodiac signs. And the best thing is, the zodiac sign of duality doesn't care much for that; in fact, not at all. In the end, their only concern in life is to be happy and enjoy the ride!