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The Spiritual Meanings of the Compass Rose

The joining of the twin flames, the alpha and omega bond, the signal for the end of the soul's path of growth

The Spiritual Meanings of the Compass Rose
The Spiritual Meanings of the Compass Rose | iSTOCK

In the beginning, it was Unity, the main principle giving a start to the Work, and ultimately dissolving into Duality to create order and movement. Thus, elements will remain in opposition until the third alchemy comes, the end of the soul's journey, where duality will reach the Unity of Being. That's how it all happens in the compass rose, the spiritual symbol of cardinal points.

The compass rose: the third alchemy trinity

The compass rose is both the end of the soul's journey and the culmination of unity, the crucial point where everything that used to be out of sync and in opposition now finds harmony and coherence. Spiritually speaking, this is the fusion of opposing complementary energies, Yin and Yang.

That's why the compass rose is also the symbol of the twin flames' bond, because these soulmates that have been tracking each other down life after life, growing to reach a higher conscience level to be up to par with that karmic encounter, and to be able to recognise each other when the time comes, will be ready to enjoy their earthly connection and final reincarnation once they're together.

The compass rose represents the end of opposition between the two alchemy trinities to bring a new birth where the soul is no longer enslaved in the underworld, and rises to a full being.

Male and female, black and white, positive and negative, inside and outside, earthly and spiritual. It all finally comes together into one single sealed unity, being, where the alpha and omega of the road of life fuse together.

The meaning of cardinal points

From unity comes direction, from the middle to the extremes: once opposition has faded the paths of a new beginning start to reveal. In the compass rose, the center and the four cardinal points (north, south, east and west) also have a special meaning.

The center

The middle area of the compass rose is the axis joining the horizontal domain of the mind with the vertical domain of the heart. Reason and emotion, mind and spirit, are thus binded together in a new phase of being that reaches conscience in the present, real time, and ends the time of opposition: unity occurs.

This bond is the overlap of the cosmic plain separating the world of the abstract cosmos (the mind) and the real cosmos (spirit) to make room for life, and it pulls duality apart from unity in two parts inside three: that is, it creates polarity, separated elements, that make order and movement possible.


Winter, air, midnight and divinity come together in the north, the symbol for direction, wisdom and adaptation. The north represents an individual that properly harmonised his rational and emotional sides, and put them into the service of a direction, an aim. It's the achievement of maturity, old age and the final -yet not last- section.

North gets us closer to divinity and stars, to One and cosmos, and it's the cardinal point that will guide us into solving conflicts.


Summer, water and noon, earthly experiences, the adventures of the spirit. The south is the cardinal point of boldness and bravery, the exploration stage of the young soul, the lack of experience, innocence and discovery.

This point holds a watchful, analytical and curious spirit, the process where the individual studies their environment and own personality to design their own strategies and find a place in the world. The south takes us away from divinity and introduces us into earthly realities. 


Sprint, fire and dawn, the birth of the Sun and the start of a new life, the incarnation of beings into matter, the start of harvest, the dawn of understanding. This cardinal point represents the start of the age of mankind  and the existence of living creatures, the awareness of a brand new world.

In the east, divine will is revealed to us, as well as a perspective to our own lives in order to avoid small details from blocking the path.


Autumn, earth, sunset, and after all, maturity and awareness. In this stage we've reached wisdom and knowledge, and we come into a stage filled with relaxation and realisation. It's the time where we reap what we saw, the fruits of our efforts, and we enjoy them thanks to a much deeper state of awareness.

West doesn't mean death; it means preparation after an experimental stage (south) and the awareness of life (west) to rise above into eternity (north).

The compass rose tattoo: a new beginning

Thus, what seemed to have scattered across your whole being now becomes power and unity thanks to the bonding of your spiritual and mental abilities. The compass rose is the signal for the end of a path filled with fighting and effort, and the birth of a new being full of new potential.

That's why this tattoo has a very special meaning for many people: through the rough task of finding the core, the axis of the horizontal and vertical domains, there is a fuller awareness of direction, and disorientation is left behind to make room for decisiveness, confidence and coherent steps.

Orientation is not just a way to not get lost, but especially to find your way. The compass rose tattoo might be an inspiration to avoid losing yourself, but it should particularly be your motivation to find the unity of being, the fusion between mind and spirit, and the path drawn down for realisation and satisfaction.

There are many designs, ranging from the traditional compass rose to the Viking windrose, an old-age symbol that Norse peoples used as a navigation compass, which is similar to our familiar form.