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Numerology: Find out Your Life Path Number

Find the meaning of the life path hidden behind your most personal number

9 different personalities
There are 9 different personalities according to numerology. | Magic Horoscope

Numerology gives us information on the influence of numbers in our daily lives, about the way they're related to the most important events in our life path,  and perhaps even the way our very own personality unfolds.

What is the "life path" of numerology?

Although it is usually known as "life career" and "life track", the life path is how this concept in numerology is most commonly referred to.

This is a number that comes from adding up the numbers in our birth date, until it all comes down to one single number. And this is what's correspondent to our life path, the one to give us the key to our ultimate goal in the world, with which to find true happiness.

One could say it is the route we should follow to give our best, being coherent with the features of our personality, so that we can feel spiritually complete, as well as satisfied about the sense we give to our existence. That way, numerology can also make us give our best in our personal contribution to energies that make the world go round.

How to calculate your life path number

To get your life path number according to numerology, you need to break down your date of birth into the total of numbers composing it.  That is, the number of day, month and full year.

They are added up number by number and, if the result has two numbers, add those up again until reducing it to a number between 1 and 9, which would match your numerology life path number.

For instance, if you were born on the 9th of October, 1970, your number would be 9 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 0 = 27 → 2  + 7 = 9.


The 9 personalities of numerology

If you've calculated your lucky number and you want to know how your life path is going to be according to numerology, here are the 9 types of personalities you may come to find.

1. The charismatic leader

Your main trait is the individuality that helps you get great things. According to numerology, you weren't born to follow others, but to guide yourself and others in the process.  You're motivated enough to get what you want and to send that energy and drive to whoever follows you. Your mental and creative abilities will help you create the right life path every step you take.

2. The empathic mediator

Conflicts are not your cup of tea; what's more, you'll try whatever it takes to stop them from happening, and if you can't, you'll be the one to mediate to solve it as soon as possible and looking for an understanding between the parties involved.  According to numerology, your main trait is compassion, as well as your ability to connect with other people's emotions; and that's something you will leave at the service of everyone around you.

3. The assertive communicator

You were born to communicate, and to give voice and words to everything that's going on. Your social skills are genuine and truly brilliant, and so is your talent when expressing ideas with balance and accuracy.  But don't lose sight of the intentions of those around you, because you're pretty gullible with people (including those that don't play fair), and therefore easy to manipulate.

4. The natural hard-worker

Perseverance is your main trait, and so is your ability to think before you act. You commit to your work and you give your all,  and when you do, you act with a perfectionist's accuracy rarely seen before, trying to keep incoming criticism at bay. But, you're not a big fan of changes; as long as people don't get you out of your comfort zone, you're the best.

5. The voracious adventurer

Unlike the previous life path (number 4), numerology says you're a true routine killer who loves to cross the borders of life to experience new sensations and feed on different sorts of experiences to bring out your most creative side.

6. The vocational trainer

With the vision of someone who feels the need to teach, coach through a personal growth or improvement process, our friends born under number 6 have the life path of those watching for the wellness of family and people all around. They have a serious protective instinct that they leave at the service of their loved ones.

7. The spiritual seeker

According to numerology, this is the number for those looking for the real essence of things, the most philosophical side of life. A highly spiritual person without any materialistic interests and with concerns that, upon being responded to, feed their soul rather than their intellect. The life path of those born under number 7 is strictly set by their own intuition, which is precise and accurate.

8. The powerful manager

As the personification of confidence, with great authority and resolution skills, those born under number 8 have the life path of people walking towards success every single day, using their wit and perseverance to get to their set goals.

9. The human-loving dreamer

A person with great ideas based on their wish to help others, setting their altruism at the disposal of those causes that they consider will make the world a better place. According to numerology, that's the true character of our friends born under number 9. 

What about you? Have you found your numerology life path yet?