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Crystal Ball: Divination through Crystal Gazing

Find all the secrets to read the future with the magic glass ball

If we think about a psychic witch, we're likely to see her in front of a crystal ball, using it as a divination method, and reading our present and closest future inside it.

Crystal gazing is undoubtedly one of the most usual methods to perform a consultation as if it were an oracle, but very few people know what it is or how it is used. If you want to know the secrets of divination through crystal gazing, keep reading this article.

The crystal ball: the foundation of crystal gazing

Crystal gazing is the divination through reading the shiny, smooth surface of a crystal ball. We'll use it to know how our future will be, reading where others wouldn't be able to.  Choosing the glass is important, and if you're buying a magic ball, try to get it as visually perfect as possible. It is recommended that you get a natural quartz ball, but that's hard to find.

In order to use it correctly, the first thing is to create a perfect environment, and to do that, you have to choose the best spot in your home where peace rules. Use some background music if it encourages you to meditate, or burn some incense.

The crystal ball doesn't like sunlight, so to use it, put it somewhere with dim lights. It's up to you to choose what lighting you use, but a good choice is a single, simple candle on the table, away from the ball.

Place the magic ball on a base, whether it's a pillow, a stand, or a small tripod; it is believed that three-legged stands (that's a magic number, by the way), promote divination and predictions.

Traditionally, crystal balls were used for divination on the midnight of Friday, but currently consultations can be done any time you want. There's three moments of the day which are supposed to be the best for this goal: dawn, noon and dusk.

The magic ball oracle: how to read the crystal ball

The way to look inside the crystal ball is essential to understand what the oracle's trying to reveal. Watch your ball between 5 and 10 minutes, trying to keep your eyes open until your vision starts getting blurry or you get teary-eyed.

That's when the real crystal gazing begins. The magic ball seems to fill with a milky-coloured smoke that precedes a vision. Keep your mind and heart open, because visions won't just fall into the enclosed space of the ball itself; they could take place in the room too.

It takes plenty of practice and patience, because we'll see different coloured clouds, and depending on the tone and direction of them, they will give us specific information. Black or dark clouds are considered a serious omen for trouble or misfortune, and white means success. Blue, green and purple are good for business, and yellow, red and orange are danger warnings.

If the clouds move downward, that's another obstacle; and if they're upward, success. If they move right to left, they connect to the spiritual or romantic reign; and if they move from left to right, that's about material or financial issues.

Crystal gazing divination: yay or nay?

Crystal gazing allows us to contact our subconscious to get answers through relaxation and hypnotic effects, and many intend to use it as a formula to get closed answers to our questions through yes or no.

However, the divination power of crystal gazing goes beyond asking the crystal ball a 'yes' or 'no' question, as some clairvoyancy centers propose, because its interpretations are usually clear, precise answers which sometimes draw an object or letter that points out how our issue will be solved.

The crystal ball and numbers

Same thing happens with people who intend to use a crystal ball as a number divination method; it's not the best idea. Besides, it should be noted that no divination method is 100% accurate, because it is up to our interpretation.

Fate isn't usually engraved into stone or forged in fire. Everything in life can change, anything can be altered: a person, their circumstances, even our own environment.

How to keep your crystal ball divination-ready?

Divination methods demand certain care or upkeep. Magic stones need to be purified through washing them, leaving them under the sun or burying them; tarot cards need to be cleansed to unload their energy; and of course, crystal balls have their own rules.

The first is to keep the crystal spotless and pristine so that there's no distracting marks. It needs to be cleansed before the first use by putting it under some water with a pinch of salt, and to place it under the moonlight to load up.

If you see it getting dirty inbetween uses, rinse it with some soft soap and water, or with water-diluted vinegar, and polish it with a dry cloth.

Cover your crystal ball when you're not using it; remember it's a magic ball, not a decoration item. Don't leave it at the reach of anyone, and don't let anyone touch your ball; otherwise, their vibrations would get intertwined.

The Magic 8 BallLa bola mágica del número 8

Many board games or toys have introduced our little ones into the world of divination, and one of the best-selling items in this sense was a magic ball made in the style of the black 8 ball from pool. A simple question was asked, and the ball gave an answer after being shaken.

The answer was usually pretty open, in the style of I doubt it. There are currently plenty of phone apps that emulate that toy.

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