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18 Demon Names: Female, Powerful & Dangerous

Find out about the different sides of the Antichrist, including his female demon version

18 demon names: female, powerful and dangerous | Magic Horoscope

The Devil has been a figure which our ancestors have used for a long time across history to explain the suffering and evils of this world. It was also a way to find someone to blame for our evil actions, saying that they didn't come from our own will, but that the Devil made us do it.

In the following article, we'll talk about the origins of the Devil, and analyse all his different names.


The importance of demon names

In the Old Testament, the word demon, devil or Satan never talks about a dark force of evil. Actually, for the Jews, it's inconceivable that God could ever have a rival worthy of him. Therefore, the God / Devil duality is a completely mistaken interpretation if one follows the Scriptures closely.

Nowadays we talk about the Devil as one single creature, but in the 2nd century, people talked of demons, evil spirits who come to Earth to possess people. That's why we can talk about the different devil and demon names, which would have a certain influence on a specific portion of humankind.

18 demon names and their biblical equivalents

At the beginning of Genesis, we see God create the universe, man and woman that he puts in the midst of the wonderful Garden of Eden, and that's where the serpent comes in to introduce evil into the world. We are also introduced to the Devil as a fallen angel  who willingly rejected God and his reign.

Since then, that evil has been given many names, and some of those will fall under our close analysis.

Through their exorcism rituals,  the Catholic Church intends to expel these mythical creatures that could possess humans. During an exorcism, the demon is asked about their name, because knowing them implies having power over them.


The tradition of the first centuries and certain apocryphal texts state that the Devil is a light angel, Lucifer, who wanted to be just as powerful as God and rebelled against him because of his pride and thirst for power. Expelled from heaven and sent down into hell, he became Satan, leader of demons. There's no doubt that Lucifer is one of the most popular demon names, and many cults worship him. Some of his believers think he was unfairly expelled from heaven, and that someday they will defeat Archangel Saint Michael and win their right over the skies again.


It's one of the most well-known demon names. In Hebrew, Satan means the adversary, the accuser, in the same way that the word devil means the divider and slanderer. In the Bible, the Book of Job presents Satan as a real person living among invisible spiritual spheres, with tremendous brutality and ferocity, and his nature is prone to performing harmful actions.

In 2017, Venezuelan-born Arturo Soza, General Superior in the Fellowship of Jesus, pointed out that Satan should be considered a mere 'symbol', a sort of metaphor for evil found in every man and not a specific creature.

Antichrist or The Beast

In the Book of Revelation or Apocalypse, that is the name for a hell-born figure who will come to Earth with false testimonials and trick humanity until the end of the world arrives, which will be easily identified with the number 666. Among other demon names, the Antichrist can also be identified as The Beast, because it is supposed to be a monstrous creature with 7 heads. Throughout history, there have been people who pointed out that Hitler or Napoléon were the Antichrist.


It was the name of a Philistine deity, and later on, identified as one of the 7 Princes from Hell to rule over gluttony.


The name of a biblical demon in the Book of Tobias. According to tradition, Archangel Raphael caught him and chained him down in High Egypt. It is said he has three different heads: a bull, a ram and a man with firey breath.

Female demon names

Although demons are supposed to be fallen angels and therefore asexual creatures, in the Bible it is mentioned that angels had children with the daughters of men, so it is assumed that they are indeed sexual.

Let's look at some outstanding female demon names.


She is believed to be Lucifer's sister. The first to discuss this relation was folklore expert Charles Leland in the late 19th century.


She was Adam's first wife, the first woman,  also created in the image of God. She left Eden on her own will, found a home near the bank of the Red Sea, and became Satan's lover there. Then, she became a demon herself, and kidnapped children from their cradles after night fell. Others identify her as the first vampire instead of a female demon.


The name of a female demon. She is the mistress of winds, creating storms and natural disasters.


A female-looking demon who seduces men on Earth. As highly attractive creatures, they snuck into the dreams of teenagers or monks to entrance them; having intercourse with her would lead a human to death.


It is said she lived with Lilith near the Red Sea, mother of demons and one of Satan's wives.

The most powerful, dangerous demons

We will now focus on some of the most powerful and dangerous supernatural creatures known to public culture.


According to demon names, Balam is a prince from hell with a woman's face, crowned with a shiny jewel tiara. He has a following of 200 rebel angel armies.


The Phoenician demon of lust, and famed as the great duke of hell.


This is the name of the Hebrew demon of wind, patron of incubi, and the male version of succubi.


Worshipped by templars, he is the demon of fertility.


This biblical demon name belongs to the snake of the deep. He is one of the four princes from the underworld.


The demon of riches, inventions and sloth; he is one of the 7 princes from hell.


The king of wind demons. He is most popularly known for being the entity that possessed the child in the novel (then movie) The Exorcist.


One of the most powerful major demons. His appearance is that of a snake with a lion's head.