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Desert Rose: Its Significance, Healing Properties And Uses In Gem Therapy

Find out how the desert rose crystal can help you change your life.

The desert rose is one of the most beautiful magic stones.  Therefore, it is an ideal decoration item for your home or office. The desert rose is attributed with the power of mental clarity; it boosts telepathy and has many uses in gem therapy, as you will find out later in this article. 

Desert rose: Meaning in gemology

Its name can mislead you to think that it is a flower, but nothing could be further from the truth. The desert rose is a type of gypsum. It crystallizes by the evaporation of the infiltrated water in a soft and deformable basin (clay, sand) mainly in the deserts. Its main deposits are found in the Sahara Desert in Africa (hence its name), but also in France, Mexico, Russia and many other deserts around the world.

Because of the way it crystallizes under very specific conditions, it gets a shape that is similar to a flower with numerous petals; that is why it is compared to a rose. Due to its granular consistency, the desert rose can have shades ranging from lighter beige to reddish-brown.


Desert rose’s healing properties and uses in gem therapy

Gem therapy indicates the healing properties of magic stones and crystals. When it comes to the desert rose, it can be noted that, on a physical level, it is effective against epilepsy and it can counteract mercury contamination.

Besides, the desert rose is said to align the spine and improve its movements, it helps tighten sagging skin after considerable weight loss or childbirth, and it is good for bone growth. It also stimulates your brain and memory.

On a spiritual level, the desert rose has important value as well. It improves your understanding and opens your mind; it enhances telepathic powers, relaxes the mind and stabilizes emotional experiences. It is ideal for reducing emotional outbursts and it allows you to control your spiritual development, making it gradual, so you can assimilate it.

Remember that this article is only informative: it is not recommended to abandon prescribed medical treatments for the exclusive use of gem therapy. This is an alternative, not a substitute therapy: it may be useful as an adjunct therapy to the main medical treatment of diagnosed diseases.

How to clean the desert rose?

Magic stones must be cleaned and purified to ward off the bad vibrations they have absorbed. In fact, it is important to do a first purification as soon as you get it, for until then it has been manipulated by many people.

Sometimes, magic stones can be purified with spring water (or tap water). But this is not the case with the desert rose, since, if you use water, it will eventually lose the grains of sand that shape it and so, it will end up dissolving. You can purify and recharge the desert rose by exposing it to the Sun.

Desert rose and the chakras

The desert rose magic stones are good for chakras on various levels. In the third eye chakra, it increases your powers of telepathy and clairvoyance. In addition, it is very good for the Sacred Chakra (or second chakra), as it regulates the water content of your tissues. Therefore, it is a very useful magic stone in cases of obesity, stretch marks or prostate problems.

Moreover, if you place a small desert rose over the solar plexus chakra, it will be effective against stomach problems.

Which zodiac signs could benefit from the desert rose? 

Magic stones are often associated with one or more zodiac signs. When it comes to the desert rose, it is linked to Cancer and Aquarius. Thus, an ideal gift for the natives of those signs can be a pair of earrings or a pendant with this magic stone.

Fun facts about the desert rose

The desert rose helps you to accept and love yourself, to be self-confident and self-controlled as well as to achieve your goals. It helps people go through difficult times and periods of change.

Legend has it that Sultan Ben Haffen was the one who found this magic stone while he was searching for a sand palace in the desert. He was so fascinated by the desert rose that he promised his daughter’s hand in marriage to the one who would bring him one of those crystals.

In gemology and gem therapy, the desert rose is also known as gypsum rose, selenite rose, rose rock, baryte rose and sand rose.