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Dog Horoscope 2020 - Year of the Metal Rat in the Chinese Zodiac

Let us tell you how things will go during this year for the Chinese Zodiac Dog

A Corgi with its tongue out
The Dog in the Year of the Metal Rat.

2020 has arrived for the sign of the Dog according to the Chinese Horoscope, the year of the Metal Rat.  A cycle of abundance but also of drastic changes begins, where intuition will be the key to choosing the right path and prudence a great ally in the face of doubt.

Let us tell you how things will go during this stage for the Chinese Zodiac Dog.

The Dog in the Year of the Metal Rat

During the year of the Metal Rat,  the sign of the Dog in the Chinese horoscope will discover their ability to be present in everything that really matters to them. However, it will mean having to shift your point of view in order to understand how life shows you the opportunities you are being offered.

Until now, the Dog understood its existence in a rather certain but also incomplete way: the arrival of this new year, with the possibility of expanding their horizons and deepening their knowledge, will show them the doors that await to be opened towards a promising new life stage.

The Dog in Love

Among the opportunities that the year 2020 hides and that await the Dog, in love they will find the prosperity they crippled in the relationships established long ago. They will move towards a new relational level,  where greater awareness will help consolidate the harmony they crippled.

During the year of the Metal Rat, the Dog of the Chinese horoscope will feel as if they are entering a plane of love different from the one known so far, but undoubtedly superior.

Money and work for 2020

Prudence will be necessary for terms of expenditure and investment spending during this year 2020.  The Dog, in the year of the Metal Rat, would do better to wait with greater containment than usual before considering making a large purchase. In fact, it would not be wrong to get as close as possible to the middle of the year without spending that money, as unexpected expenses may arise that require a rethinking of that investment.

At the employment level, a door opens in the dog's way during 2020, but you must be very prepared to be able to defend your candidacy for a new job or qualify for internal promotion within your current company. It will all depend on the effort made and how focused you are on your goal.

Health in the Year of the Rat

It is not enough to warn the natives of the Dog: in 2020 tiredness and stress can be the main aggressors of good health and triggers of some diseases. Therefore, regardless of the possible atheisms that may arise during the course of the metal rat year, they better resort to serenity, emotional management and relaxation  in the face of the slightest hint of alteration to prevent them from going any further.

Our advice for the Dog

In balance we find virtue: keep it at all times. Although job opportunities are around the corner in 2020, the dog's sign should remember that their health could pay an overload of responsibility. The great ally to cope with the high energy investment of these moments will be the bond with loved ones, family, friends and partner, who during this year will be taking a new place in their life: enjoy yours as your sacred resting space.

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