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Snake Horoscope 2020 - Year of the Metal Rat in the Chinese Zodiac

Let us tell you how things will go during this year for the Chinese Zodiac Snake

A snake with its tongue out.
The Snake in the Year of the Metal Rat.

2020 has arrived for the snake sign according to the Chinese Horoscope, the year of the Metal Rat. A cycle of abundance but also of drastic changes begins, where intuition will be the key to choosing the right path and prudence a great ally in the face of doubt.

Let us tell you how things will go during this year for the Chinese Zodiac Snake.

The Snake in the Year of the Metal Rat

2020 begins with the drag of experiences that occurred during 2019. The Snake has a path ahead of it to transcend the difficulties and problems that it has not yet solved and that are coming from previous stages.

It has more resolve than when the setbacks arose in its path, months or years ago, and if its true desire is to return everything to its place, during the year of the Metal Rat it will happen.

The Snake in Love

There are times of novelties in love. There is the possibility of starting several relationships throughout this year 2020, but perhaps the meaning of each of them is not to become the stable relationship that you desire so much, but to teach something to the sign of the Snake through the experiences lived with another person. That is, learning some important life lesson from the couple bond.

Money and work for 2020

It's not a year for games and experiments with money: it's better to be cautious about savings and think about the best way to manage resources.  The chance of making bad investments will be in the air for the Snake during the Metal Rat year, so you'd better bet on the safe until more favourable moments come.

On the other hand, interesting job opportunities will be presented, whether collaborations that bring greater value to the professional career or new ways of working within the existing job. In any case, it will be important to bear in mind that during 2020 the opportunity taken will be worked on, but the fruits of this work will not be picked until later. Perseverance with an eye on the horizon and the hope of a good outcome will help make this a great bet for the future of the Snake.

Health in the Year of the Rat

Without major changes or problems in sight, during the year of the Metal Rat, the sign of the Snake may feel better to know that negative energies that affect its health won’t be working against it.

However, it will be essential to take care of everyday habits to keep your doctor at bay: get enough rest, exercise regularly and, if possible, outdoors, as well as eat in a balanced and complete way. By taking care of these three aspects you can count on a good physical form as an ally to face your day to day with vitality.

Our advice for the Snake

It would be a good idea to devote some extra effort to delve deeper into an area of your workplace that might be of use to you later:  having new knowledge and developing certain specific skills in your workplace may be the key to changing your reality. Try to make time for it throughout your day-to-day life. Progress may be slow, but it's safe. Trust and persevere. You will reap the fruits of your effort.

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