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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Ants

Discover the meaning of dreaming about ants and their connection with success

Dreaming about ants: What does it mean?

Dreams represent images from our life that come in our sleep to express a state of mind, a desire or a necessity. When the image portrays an animal, we tend to associate it to a symbol which has meaning in real life. Ants represent hard work and sacrifice but could also be a threat. Discover the meaning of dreaming with ants. 

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about ants?

The positive meaning of this dream relates to collectivity and work. On the one hand, it expresses determination, hard work, and  tenacity  in accomplishing a task that maybe not everyone knows about and on the other hand it symbolizes gregariousness, friendship, and social skills. 

For others, however, dreaming about ants could carry a different significance: a severe infestation, feelings of disgust, and fear. There are different types of ants, and the red ones, for example, have a very painful bite. This is why dreaming about ants could also have a negative meaning and represent a threat, danger, and fear. 

The way we dream about ants is closely connected with how we perceive the insects and above all, the context of the dream we have. Depending on our state of mind we could dream about different things. 

Dreaming about ants: different versions of this dream

Dreaming about ants, as we've just discovered, has both a negative meaning, of bad luck and catastrophe, and a positive one depending on the context of the dream. 

Dreaming about black ants

Generally speaking, dreaming about black ants is a good sign. They carry the symbols of hard work and determination as keys to success and also community work, and cooperation. If you dream of black ants perhaps you should park any solo projects that you have for now and embark on a shared venture. 

Dreaming about red ants

We've already classified red ants as dangerous insects with a painful bite. The image of ants as dangerous creatures has been popularized by movies such as ''The Naked Jungle'' (1954) and now dreaming of red ants is synonymous with violence, aggression, betrayal, and mistrust,  perhaps certain people in your circle who represent a threat. 

Dreaming about big ants

In this case, big ants symbolize success and prosperity, two elements which will help you achieve your goals full of hope and confidence. When the general atmosphere of the dream evokes anxiety and difficulty, however, the size of the ants acquires a negative nuance, and it's a warning sign that your problems might be more significant than you had imagined. 

Dreaming about small ants

Dreaming about tiny ants could represent the idea that you need to start focusing on shared projects, have more responsibilities and expand your social circle. If the ants group together to attack you, however, it's a symbol that  you're struggling to cope with the difficulties in your life. 

Dreaming about ants all over your body

Ants crawling all over your body represent your fear of illness as they evoke our primal fear of disease which resides in our brain and surfaces in our sleep. Seeing ants on your body also represents discomfort and disgust. You may be going through some difficulty, or you're worried or you feel repulsion toward something, and this is your brain's way of bringing it to your attention. 

Dreaming about ants on your bed

Your bed represents an element of safety, and privacy, a part of your personality and when you dream about animals invading it, it's  a symbol of vulnerability, low self-esteem, anxiety, and worry. When you dream about ants on your bed, it's a sign of small problems although when the ants group together, they create a real threat. 

Dreaming about ants biting you 

The image of aggressive ants attacking and biting you represents fear and panic over an imminent threat. Someone wants to hurt you, and your subconscious mind manifests it as ants; if we consider the gregarious nature of these insects, it's possible that the reference is about a group of people. Make sure you protect your possessions and your family from third-party interferences. 

Dreaming about ants going in your mouth

Dreaming about a row of ants going inside your mouth is a clear sign of anxiety. This is a nightmare that tenses your body and inflicts pain, but it's nothing more than a physiologic manifestation of a psychological problem.  Stress is responsible for creating the horrifying images you experience and dreaming about having ants in your mouth is one of them. To a certain extent, it also represents your vulnerability in the face of external aggressions. 

Dreaming about an ant infestation 

The central significance of an ant infestation is the threat, danger, and catastrophe. It is, therefore, a projection of your negative state of mind. You keep thinking about a million things before you fall asleep and  the problems you dwell on are turned into images of ants by your mind. The ants represent small, everyday issues that together can create a bigger problem. 

Dreaming about eating ants

According to the dream dictionary, when you dream about eating ants, it's because you're getting a warning about  losing important friendships because of your behaviour. You could fight with your loved ones which might lead to your bonds breaking. This dream is your warning to improve communication with them and try to save your relationships. 


Many people mistake ant dreams for symbols of wealth and abundance. The ants, however, don't tend to appear in premonitory dreams; more than anything, they convey necessities. From this perspective, the insects represent determination, hard work, and self-sacrifice as essential ingredients in achieving your objectives. They're a symbol of cooperation and collaboration toward a higher purpose. 

On the other hand, some people don't trust ants and see them as an imminent and dangerous threat to their health. This negative feeling could project itself in your dreams as fear of illness,  problems that worry you, anxiety, stress, and conflict in your workplace.  

Overall, dreaming about ants represents a warning sign that you could improve many things in your life and also defend yourself from external attacks. Be it an invitation to try harder in life or a word of warning against danger,  ant  dreams are meant to advise, and you should pay close attention to what they have to say.