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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Maggots

Discover the meaning of dreaming about maggots: problems and misery

Maggots are a bad omen and sign of betrayal and general discomfort.

Maggots make us feel disgusted, and when we dream about them, it's a sign that our state of mind is struggling with anxiety, anguish, and instability. We're either going through a personal crisis, or we're experiencing work problems. Worm or maggot dreams are considered to be bad omens, representations of betrayal and misfortune. Discover all the meanings of maggot dreams in our dream dictionary. 

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about maggots?

"What does maggot mean?" you may ask yourself, as many tiny insects can be classified by this word. Maggots, grubs, caterpillars, larva, or worms have three major symbolic explanations as far as humans are concerned:

  • the first and most widespread one is the feeling of disgust that they create
  • the second meaning is evocative of plagues and therefore catastrophes
  • and lastly, maggots symbolize betrayal and despicable behaviour.


Which is why the many dreams about maggots that we have will render different interpretations. 


The significance of maggots in dreams influences us negatively, we  feel uncomfortable and about to experience misfortune, or the dream is warning us to be aware of opportunistic people around us. 

One clue to successfully interpret the presence of larvae in our dreams is the fact that these insects are always squirming around in rotten fruit or devouring leaves. Rotting fruit suggests problems, anguish, anxiety, destruction, disease, and imminent misfortune. You need to be cautious as the maggot means trouble. 

So when you wake up scared and drenched in sweat after a maggot dream, what you need to do is analyze the dream. Look at its context and nuances so that you can come to the best conclusion that might help prevent certain mishaps in your life and give the best interpretation to the image of maggots in dreams. 

Dreaming about maggots: different versions of this dream

The majority of maggot dreams are, as we've just discovered, considered to be a bad sign but if you interpret them appropriately, they can be instrumental. Pay attention to the different versions of dreams about maggots.

Dreaming about a lot of larvae 

Psychology suggests that this type of dream represents violence, crises, and betrayals in your life. Seeing a lot of maggots implies the idea of disease, destruction but also that you may experience some economic problems; maggots are also related to financial and material issues. This dream could also be a warning sign to stay away from greedy people. 

Dreaming about getting attacked by maggots

When we dream about being attacked by an animal, it's always a sign that we are facing an imminent threat. The anxiety that stems from that angst is projected into our subconscious mind in the form of an assault. When dreaming of maggots and being attacked by them, think about the people around you that might want to take advantage of you, friends that will betray you or painful deceptions that you'll need to address sternly. 

Dreaming about white maggots

This dream can have two meanings that depend on the context of what you've seen but also on where you find yourself in your life at the moment. White maggots are always a bad omen, sometimes of violent situations that affect you or your close ones, and other times it's a metaphor for poverty. This is, therefore, a dream of maggots that indicates difficult economic times and important issues. 

Dreaming about having maggots in your body 

Worms in your body reflect a sensation similar to that of being threatened that can also be represented via a maggot attack. In the case of this dream, the threat is direct and it's making you feel extremely uncomfortable. It could also be a warning about present  ailments or future problems with your skin. 

Dreaming about killing maggots

All the dreams about maggots or worms suggest a threat, crises or betrayals but when we manage to kill these insects in our dream, then the opposite symbol will emerge: killing an animal represents power and victory  and in this case, your ability to overcome any difficulties. 

Dreaming about a maggot-infested fruit 

When you dream about something rotting away it suggests the idea of agony, which in real life translates as serious problems, diseases and dangerous situations that overpower you. Maggots in the forbidden fruit are a warning sign that things can go even worse and that you need to make a move as soon as possible. 

Dreaming about silkworms 

Insect dreams are rarely positive but when we dream about silkworms, it represents transformation and the incubation of new projects, that similar to the larvae, are about to emerge and do amazing things for the world. It's a sign of fertility, inner strength, excellence, and successful professional endeavors. 

Dreaming about maggots on a leaf 

Our subconscious mind associates this image to that of plagues that spread everywhere around you and destroy everything in their path. Seeing maggots on a leaf could represent  small problems that will get worse  and affect your relationship with family and friends. It also suggests the idea of a financial crisis. 

Dreaming about small maggots

Dreaming about small maggots, as opposed to the anxiety-inducing version with big maggots where you feel overwhelmed by problems, seeing small insects offers a beacon of hope. Seeing tiny maggots in dreams represents a warning sign that you're in trouble but you still have time to make things right. It's an invitation to overcome your fears and kill the maggots. 

Dreaming about eating maggots

The fact that this dream is so disgusting and bizarre makes us want to ignore ever having it. It does have some useful meanings that you might want to consider:  someone in your workplace is extremely jealous of your actions and possessions and will try to harm you some way or another. In this case, dreaming of eating maggots symbolizes the material side of life as seen in your work environment. 


Hopefully, we have been able to answer the question " What does it mean to dream about maggots ?" and show that maggot dreams can have a positive meaning as well. Silkworms symbolize  transformation, incubation of projects and aspirations and their success, so, therefore, it's a good omen. 

Generally speaking, however, maggots carry a negative significance and we associate them with decay, danger, instability, problems, and betrayal. If you have dreams of maggots or worms you need to be cautious because you are going through a delicate stage in your life. 

Dreaming about these insects, or having nightmares with them, tends to act as warning signs about future misfortunes or catastrophes. In our culture, the image of the maggot is associated with opportunistic people and this seeps into our subconscious minds.