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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Babies

Dreaming about babies represents innocence and vulnerability

You're looking at a crib, a pacifier, a diaper, and you can hear cries. What you're seeing is a newborn baby. The little ones appear in our dreams more often than we realize, and it's usually more common for women, considering they're the ones bringing them into the world. 

These dreams happen especially during pregnancy, or with young mothers who worry too much about their munchkins and their concerns manifest as painful or unpleasant dreams. These dreams can sometimes foretell events or reflect inner fears. 

We have to mention the fact that dreaming about babies is a common occurrence during fertile periods, as well as outside of them, and it doesn't always suggest a frustrated mother. Baby dreams are more about projects, fears, and health than about maternal instincts. 

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about babies?

According to the dream dictionary, dreaming about infants is a symbol of renewal, innocence, and warmth. It's also a way of suggesting a return to more peaceful times. 

Usually, when we have these types of dream, we see beautiful baby boys and girls, and they're a sign of happiness among newlyweds. However, if you're single and you dream about a baby, you might want to check your health. 

Dreaming about babies: different types of infant dream

We've explained baby dreams as having a meaning of peace and happiness, although  depending on their behaviour in our dream we can interpret different meanings such as sadness, fear,  and of course happiness. 

In the following dream dictionary, we will focus on the most common version of this type of dream. 

Dreaming about having a baby

One of the most frequent types of dreams, it suggests evolution and experimenting with new situations, be them professional, personal or familial. 

Dreaming about having a baby girl 

Have you been dreaming about having a baby girl? You're more likely to feel like certain virtues, such as empathy, intuition, and sensibility, have started sharpening. 

Dreaming about having a baby boy

You had a baby boy? Our dream dictionary reveals that you not only possess but you will make use of traits such as  reason, courage, entrepreneurial spirit, and an analytical mind.  

Dreaming about having a premature birth

Having this dream represents something special if we're managing a project at the moment.  It might suggest sudden success that you might not be ready for. 

Dreaming about a cute baby 

Your dreams will come true!  The long-term plan that you have will be successful, and it will give you a boost of energy to face the upcoming challenges.  

Dreaming about an ugly baby 

People say there's no such thing as an ugly baby, but if you dream about a not-so-cute baby, your projects might not be as successful as you had expected. This dream could also be interpreted as dissatisfaction regarding the results of a recently concluded piece of work. 

Dreaming about rocking a baby to sleep

Take some time to reflect; there’s something off with you. You’re under moral pressure, and it’s high time that you trusted your abilities more. 

Dreaming about an ill baby (or an abandoned baby)

Undoubtedly a sad dream, this symbolizes health problems. It indicates either serious health issues or that we need to take more care of ourselves. 

Dreaming about a crying baby

If you find yourself hearing a baby’s cry in your dream you need to know that it’s a bad omen and misfortune is being announced through their cries. If we have things about our life that we’re not happy about, this dream could also represent our cry for help. 

Dreaming about a smiling baby

This dream is easy to interpret:  you're about to experience happiness  or receive good news. 

Dreaming about a hungry baby

If the infant is hungry,  it represents a high dependence we have on the ones around us. 

Dreaming about a dead baby

By far, one of the worst dreams a person could have, especially a pregnant woman. But there is no need to worry about the health of your son or daughter because this dream indicates the end of a difficult situation, something that required a lot of effort to complete. It represents transition, which could be both negative as well as positive. 

Dreaming about a walking baby

If the baby you dream of is taking his or her first steps, your future will be beneficial although you need to make it happen and state your point for everyone to hear. 

Dreaming about finding a baby

If you dream about finding a baby, much like Moses was found floating in the River Nile, it symbolizes a set of talents and skills that you're about to unearth. On the other hand, if you're dreaming about hiding your baby, then your subconscious mind is suggesting that you don't want anyone knowing about your weaknesses. 


Pregnancy is something that takes time, must be handled with care and monitored closely so that the baby is delivered in perfect health. Similarly to gestation, dreaming about babies suggests new projects that you have started, or were planning on starting. 

So if you've been dreaming about babies for a few days, use our dream dictionary to discover what your subconscious mind has to tell you about your future and the decisions you'll have to make. 

Try to keep an eye on your health and your inner world, because the image of babies is related to these areas and infant dreams usually indicate our wellbeing and our state of mind.