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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Bulls

Find out the sexual connotation of dreaming about bulls

Find out more about the bull dream meaning in our Dream Dictionary.

The dreams about bulls introduce in our thoughts an important animal from the Mediterranean tradition in general, and a symbol of the Spanish culture in particular. Therefore, it is quite a present animal in today’s society and it is not so unusual that it appears in our dreams, but for what purpose? What does a bull represent? Find it out in our Dream Dictionary.

Dream Dictionary: What does it mean to dream about bulls?

Since ancient times, in the Mediterranean culture, the bull has represented power and defiance, bravery and courage. For this reason, in our subconscious mind, the bull has become a symbol of true passions,  of the unleashed ferocity for reaching our desires. Moreover, the dreams about bulls have other hidden meanings which you have to take into account.

Firstly, you should know that dreaming about bulls is something common since they are part of many cultures around the world. Besides, dreams are nothing more than a symbolic representation of the elements that are part of our life.

If you dream about these animals and you wonder about the bull symbolism, you should interpret it as a sign to take up a position of power, to pursue leadership, to reinforce your convictions, to develop your skills, to strengthen your pride, and lastly, to combine wit, courage and strength to achieve your goals. This is the main message of dreaming about bulls. 

Moreover, when you dream about bulls, it may have a sexual connotation, since this animal symbolises virility, fertility and sexuality.  Finally, the dreams about bulls can also mean a deep-rooted tradition, since they represent strong roots, the weight of customs, peace and gentleness. Find out what it means to dream about bulls according to the variations of this type of dream.

Dreaming about bulls: Different types of this dream

The dreams about bulls express sexual needs as well as an emotional, social and work-related empowerment. They represent the need for leadership. Find out more about the meaning of power, defiance and sex according to the variations of the dreams about bulls.

Dreaming about a bull grazing

The simple dreamlike representation of a bull grazing peacefully in the meadow expresses the feeling of power and serenity.  These two elements combine in your life so that you carry out your leadership with confidence and willpower, which makes you very powerful without the need for great display. It also indicates a stage of peace in your life, of satisfaction in love and work.

Dreaming about a fighting bull

Sometimes, the dream is more distressing, because the bull you are facing is fierce and unruly. If you are going through a marriage crisis, it conveys the need to move to action in your sexual relations. If you are going through some personal and work-related issues, the dream symbolises the struggle and overcoming of problems due to your cunning, strength and courage.

Dreaming about a bull chasing you

The dream of being chased arises from the fear that suggests precaution, although in this case, dreaming about a bull chasing you turn the precaution into a setback that keeps you from reaching your goals. You must take a risk and get out of your comfort zone if you want to get great things in life. It also invites you to look out for betrayals and issues at work.

Dreaming about a bulls’ fight

The fight between two fierce bulls describes the conflict of interests between two or more parties with a greed for power. The dream conveys the tough competition in the workplace and the need to show your most aggressive character in order to ensure your power. It also represents a distressed mood which struggles between several contradictions to find the path to success. 

Dreaming about a black bull 

On the one hand, the black bull mirrors your inner self, and on the other hand, it is the utmost expression of sexuality. As a symbol of your mood, its interpretation varies according to the context of the bull. A fighting black bull represents defiance and restlessness. By contrast, a docile black bull is the symbol of peace and serenity. Regarding its sexual connotation,  it represents sexual desire or virility.

Dreaming about a white bull

The dreams about a white bull imply a revelation,  the understanding of your goals and the firm determination to fight for them. When you dream about a white bull, it is a good omen, since it suggests that after hesitating for some time, you will finally know what you want and how to get it. Besides, you have the drive and courage to fight for your dreams with hope and bravery. So, success is guaranteed.

Dreaming about a brown bull 

It may seem odd, but according to our Dream Dictionary, the dreams about brown bulls represent your relationship with your friends and family. The brown bull is a symbol of a friend or a relative, and the interpretation of the dream always depends on the bull’s behaviour. If you dream about a fighting brown bull, it suggests betrayal, disloyalty and conflicts. By contrast, when you dream about a docile brown bull, it means forgiveness and reconciliation.

Dreaming about a dead bull

The death of the bull usually represents the end of a stage of safety and fulfilment and the beginning of a new stage of weakness and confusion. Above all, since the bull symbolises luxury, pleasures and vices, the bull’s death also represents the end of a materialistic part of your life that gives way to a more idealistic period, when you will look for satisfaction in secondary needs. 

Dreaming about a bull in the arena

In the Spanish culture, bullfighting is a mystical act, in which the man’s intelligence faces the animal’s ferocity, an ancient struggle between good and evil. At the same time, it is also a depiction of sacrifice and therefore, dreaming about a bullfight represents your inner struggle between good and evil, the need for you to sacrifice some things in your life to give way to spiritual happiness.


Dreaming about a herd of bulls

The bull is, by nature, a gregarious animal, but when they come together they are an unstoppable force. Dreaming about a herd of bulls, either docile or untamed, expresses the need to recover your strength in the unity of the group, add your energy to that of the others to achieve collective success. An attack of a herd of bulls suggests the presence of serious problems in your life. 


You are a very powerful person, but some aspects of life and everyday problems take away your strength and make you a weak and vulnerable person. Your dreams about bulls, which are animals that represent power, defiance and courage, express the need to become powerful again.

Dreaming about a black bull expresses sexual power and leadership in your social life and at work, while dreaming about a white bull represents the clarity of your desires and the constant fight for your goals. The dreams about brown bulls indicate conflicts or reconciliations with your friends and relatives, depending on whether the bull is fierce or docile.

If you dream about being chased by bulls, it does not necessarily entail danger or threat, but the need to get rid of the carefulness that prevents you from reaching success. Dreaming about a dead bull indicates the end of a materialistic stage that gives way to a more spiritual and idealistic life. To sum up, the dreams about bulls express power and sexuality.