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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Cats

Discover the hidden meaning behind dreaming with cats

Dreaming about kittens: what does it mean?

Conceited, beautiful, elegant, distant and troubling. Cats are domestic animals that have fascinated humans for millennia. Symbol of duality, ambivalence,  the cat is associated with both positive (the Egyptian goddess Bast was represented by a cat) and negative meanings (loyal pets for wicked witches, especially if they are black). 

Cats are also connected to superstitions, we all know the one about the black cat crossing our path and bringing bad luck. But above all, these dreams reveal our true personality and the nature of our emotions. 

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about cats

Many people claim that cats are symbols of independent thinking, and cat owners will surely agree to this. The reality is  cats don't need humans to make them feel safe, unlike dogs for example. 

Dreaming about cats can also have another symbolistic, it could represent feminine sexuality as well as primal desires, those irresistible impulses, both male and female. 

Dreaming about cats: different types of feline dreams

We've all had dreams about cats at some point or another. Most of the times we are visited in our sleep by our loving companions they have an active role in our dream, even though they can also be supporting characters, with a more passive role. 

You could have dreams about aggressive cats, friendly cats, black or white cat, and many more. 

Therefore, we suggest you read our dream dictionary and discover all the potential meanings of cat dreams in the article below. 

Dreaming about petting a cat

If you dream about being kind and gentle with this domestic animal, it means that you are in touch with your sexual desires, your feminine side, and whether you're a man or a woman, your inner and outer world will find balance. This is a positive dream. 

Dreaming about a black cat

We have already mentioned that black cats are usually associated with superstitions and palm reading (also known as palmistry or chirology), and they are most commonly depicted as being faithful pets for wicked witches. If you dream about a black cat, it could be a sign that someone is doing black magic against you, or that you have magic powers within, an extrasensory perception that you could awaken if you know how. 

Dreaming about a white cat

This type of dream carries a double significant: on the one hand, it means that your finances will be balanced and your assets safe but you also run the risk of being disappointed by a close friend. 

Dreaming about a grey cat

If the cat that appears in your dreams is grey, the message we can take away is that  betrayal is imminent, and it will come from someone in your close circle, one of your loved ones. 

Dreaming about a Persian cat

One of the most beautiful breeds of cat is undoubtedly the Persian. It stands out due to its full and flat face and its thick coat of fur that comes in various colours. If the elegant Persian appears in your dreams, you need to be aware of your spending habits, especially the things you only buy so you can impress others. In other words, dreaming of a Persian cat is a symbol of ostentation. 

Dreaming about a red cat

Sometimes the cats we see in our dreams have strange fur colours, and if our vision is about a reddish cat, then  it's a sign of retaliation coming at you. 

Dreaming about a blue cat

The contrary will happen if you dream of a blue cat. This is a sign of good fortune and great news that you are about to receive. 

Dreaming about kittens

Have you been dreaming about kittens, perhaps newborn ones? The  dream dictionary suggests that you are inclined to please those around you, even prone to shameless flirtation. 

Dreaming about aggressive cats 

Cats are sweet and tender animals, but they can also become irritated and take out their claws for no apparent reason. If you dream about an aggressive cat, then you could be receiving a warning about fighting against  the questionable people in your life that want to harm you. If you manage to escape the angry cat while you're still dreaming, then it's a symbol of your success in real life. If, however, the cat is not aggressive and simply wild (which is entirely different) you might have to prepare for a surprise. 

Dreaming about a cat meowing 

This is not a very common thing in cats, but in this case, it symbolizes a verbal attack, a family member could offend you, or someone who you trusted might say hurtful things to you. 

Dreaming about suffocating a cat 

One of the most disturbing dreams that a person could have, this dream symbolizes your relationship to your sexuality and feeling overwhelmed by it, almost suffocated. 

Dreaming about being a cat

This dream is closely related to the nocturnal character of the felines. If you dream of being a cat  it could represent the irrational side that all humans possess, the everchanging and surprising nature that we have. 


As we've seen, dreaming about cats is quite unpredictable regarding its significance. We could, however, associate the cat in our dream with a sort of guide, a protector that keeps us safe from harm. 

The cat is mainly connected to our desires, both sexual and material, to those things that we only do to impress others or advance on the social ladder. Cat dreams are also warning signs that if we want to achieve said desires, we have to be careful with all the threats along the way.