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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Children

Find out the meaning of dreaming about children as a sign of the need to go back to previous, happier times

Dreaming about children has a general meaning of purity, innocence and happiness.

If you wonder about the meaning of dreaming about children, the answer is easier than you think. It is related to what your childhood means to you: a place of innocence and purity, the melancholic return to an ideal past without troubles and full of happiness. However, going further into it, what does it mean to dream about children? Find it out in our Dream Dictionary.

Dream Dictionary: What Does It Mean to Dream about Children?

Children symbolise the return to an ideal world where there are no problems and everything evokes a special purity. The lack of pain and the absence of evil are assimilated by your brain in order to emerge in your dreams, from your subconscious, bearing a very particular message which depends on the different variations of this type of dreams.

Dreaming about children is not always as pleasant as it seems. Sometimes, these children are involved in threatening and violent situations or they have an appearance that makes you feel restless and afraid. In this case, it is advisable to analyse every detail of your dream. Here, you can find all the keys to analyse the meaning of dreaming about children according to our Dream Dictionary.

In general, dreaming about children suggests a melancholic mood induced by a particular concern in the face of several problems or a general situation of unhappiness. Since you are not satisfied with your life, your subconscious expresses the need to find a shelter of peace and safety, to get away from your problems, and it does this through the presence of children in your dreams.

But beyond this meaning of purity and innocence, you will be surprised to find out how many meanings these children dreams may have according to the variations of this type of dream. If you pay attention to the details of the dream, you will be able to get a better interpretation of it.

Dreaming about Children: Different Types of This Dream

Just as in real life you consider your childhood to be a place of innocence and safety, in your dreams, it is related to happiness. Find out the various meanings of dreaming about children according to the variations of this type of dream.

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Dreaming about Children Playing

The dreams about children playing express a desire: your subconscious is showing the need to get back your purest and most innocent side. You are probably going through a period in your life that is full of troubles and insecurity, or you may not be satisfied with your life in general. If in your dream you appear as the child, then you wish to go back to your early years, when there were no problems or evil.

Dreaming about Children Arguing

The psychoanalysis of dreams emphasises the contents of the same, so dreaming about children not always represents a perfect world. Dreams about children arguing can bring back a childhood trauma or certain issues from your early years. It also shows that your evil side is taking over your good feelings, and it encourages you to avoid it.

Dreaming about Dirty Children

In this case, the child is the dream representation of your past (watch out, because in this case, it is not necessarily your childhood, but your adulthood) and the dirt suggests a stain which in real life represents remorse.  That is to say, dreaming about dirty children is a sign of the embarrassment that overwhelms your souls and haunts your mind every day due to an error committed in the past.

Dreaming about Dead Children

This is one of the most disturbing dreams since it compares the purity and innocence of a child to the horror of death. In this case, it may suggest the end of an innocent and favourable stage that gives way to a time of dark feelings and malice. However, in this case, the child can also represent a project, and death is simply a symbol of its failure. 

Dreaming about Big Children

When children look very big in your dreams, you are going through a period of change in your life and you feel quite insecure. For this reason, you wish to go back to those times when you had no problems and you felt safe. It shows a sense of danger and threat, and it encourages you to mature and grow up in order to face your problems  thinking that you will be successful.

Dreaming about Small Children

Dreaming about small children is the utmost representation of purity and innocence, which is not necessarily related to kindness. For example, think about the eagerness to play and have fun. You need to recover that cheerful and mischievous personality, to go back to being a child in order to see the world in a more optimistic and lively way. In any case, this is a good omen.

Dreaming about Newborn Children 

Sometimes, dreaming about newborn children is considered to be a premonitory dream; people think they will be blessed with a baby in the near future. However, this dream has a more complex meaning. The dreams about a newborn baby convey a feeling of vulnerability  in the face of threats and dangers. It encourages you to protect yourself better and to open up to others without hiding your personality.

Dreaming about Children Chasing You

According to the Dream Dictionary, dreaming about children attacking or chasing you suggests that you feel frustrated due to a failed project, or helpless at not being able to achieve your goals. A mental block is stopping you from finding the path to your happiness,  to a relationship or your fulfilment at your workplace. It implies confusion in your life.

Dreaming about Blond Children

It is odd, but in many dreams about children, these are blond. According to psychoanalysis, dreaming about blond children is the utmost expression of everything that represents childhood: purity, kindness, innocence, the eagerness to play and the way a child sees the world. This is a good omen since it predicts a stage of stability and happiness.

Dreaming about Sick Children

This is undoubtedly very disturbing, but the dreams about sick children provide very useful information that may help you solve some overwhelming problems. These dreams suggest that you are being beaten by your problems and you need to disconnect and look for safety in the arms of someone you trust. If you help a sick child, it shows that you have the power to overcome any obstacle.



Happiness is a very precious good, which in real life demands a long and difficult path of sacrifice, effort and a bit of luck. However, in your daily life, you may find many obstacles that block your path to happiness, both at work and in love.

In your mind, you have created an image of childhood as a place of happiness, where there is no evil or bad feelings, and where problems are replaced by fun and happiness. As you desperately search for that world where everything seems so simple, when you fall asleep, your subconscious recreates the image of children, usually blond ones, playing and laughing.

However, sometimes your subconscious gives children another meaning. When they are dirty, it suggests regret, and when they are dead, a failed project. Dreaming about children attacking or chasing you is the representation of feeling helpless due to a mental block while dreaming about sick children warns you about the need to disconnect from your problems.