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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Weddings?

Discover the meaning of dreaming about a wedding - a bad omen of breakup and death

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and therefore, dreaming about a wedding should convey a positive message in your subconscious. The world of dreams is not always what it seems.

And in this case, weddings are a bad omen, an oldest dreams that foresee death and ruptures. Discover all the interpretations of wedding dreams according to our dream dictionary. 

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about weddings?

According to ancient oracles, when a man or a woman dreamt about a wedding, it was a bad sign, usually  foreseeing misfortune and death. This is why, as festive as a wedding may be in real life, when we dream about matrimony it tends to have an ominous interpretation.  

Our subconscious mind has a knack for stifling our conventional interpretation of weddings and turning it into negative feelings and tragic events. When the wedding we dream about is extravagant, it suggests that we're going through a rough patch in our marital life and our relationship is about to end. 

Our ancestors associated weddings with death. And with each dream, the context needs to be thoroughly analyzed so that you can gauge the extent of the tragedy. But just like with other dreams, weddings can also be a sign of necessity. 

When this happens, the dream's interpretation is less dramatic and more positive, and it highlights our faith in love and the deep-seeded desire to live the love story of a lifetime. 

Dreaming about weddings: different versions of this dream

As we've discovered, weddings carry a negative meaning. They're omens of bad luck and catastrophe, but they can also have positive nuances depending on the exact context of the dream. 

Dreaming about marrying the man/woman of your dreams

The man or woman of your dreams made an appearance in your dreams!

Of course, they're not real, but this type of dream speaks volumes about your state of mind. It represents something you hold dear to your heart, the hope that some day you'll find the right person. You're feeling hopeful and your heart has never felt more alive, and although it's not a premonitory dream it does introduce a future possibility. 

Dreaming about having a lavish wedding  

Ancient oracles used to profess that wedding dreams, especially when you're the main character of the lavish event, represent tragedy and death. Many interpretations depend on the context of the wedding.

For example: if the priest is upset and seen wearing black, then the effects of the future tragedy will be mitigated. But if the wedding dress is wrinkled then the marriage will be cursed with misfortune. 

Dreaming about getting married for the second time 

Some dream specialists claim that dreams are the manifestation of our desires. And that they indicate the beginning of a new stage that could bring positive things. If your state of mind is peaceful, then your plans will benefit from the same energy.

However, the classic interpretation of this type of dream suggests that you're going through difficulties in your couple, and your relationship will soon come to an end. 

Dreaming about getting married to your ex

This is nothing more than a oniric projection of one of your desires. It doesn't necessarily reflect the need to marry your ex, but definitely to see them and be with them.

Remember that often, dreams are distorted versions  of the thoughts we have during the day. And when you obsess over something, you end up dreaming about it. 

Dreaming about anyone coming to your wedding

The explanation for this dream is simpler than you imagine. We have to consider that wedding dreams are not signals of romantic love but of commitment.

In this case, seeing how anyone howed up and you're alone, it symbolizes the need for a commitment to yourself. A shift in focus toward fulfilling your own needs and desires. 

Dreaming about getting married in secret 

When the wedding happens in secret or your parents are against it, it represents a difficult period you're going through. And sadly, you're the only that can get yourself out of it.

It could also express guilt or alienation, seeing how you're left to deal with the situation on your own. Overall, it has a negative meaning. 

Dreaming about getting married while mourning

When we dream about grieving in the context of a wedding the symbolism is financial: severe  economic problems are headed your way. Either a recession or a crisis. It could also be a reflection of your anxiety over lost opportunities, or because of pending debts or delayed payments. 

Dreaming about having a stained wedding dress

A wrinkled or stained wedding dress symbolizes the loss of a very close and loved person. If it's only alienation, then perhaps the dream is a warning sign that you should get back in touch with them and mend your fences. This type of dream could also represent losing opportunities that could have saved your life, which adds more strain to the interpretation. 

Dreaming about getting left at the altar 

This is a clear sign of mental instability, stress, insecurity and an apparent lack of self-esteem. When you dream of being left at the altar, your subconscious mind suggests  wounds so deep that you're unable to heal them. You're feeling vulnerable, week and abandoned. 

Dreaming about being late for a wedding 

Featuring undertones of despair, this dream represents a mixed nightmare: agony meets surrealism. It's a bad omen that suggests insecurity and problems with certain projects which you'll need to solve. It could also represent  a marital crisis, a tear in your relationship that could bring the whole thing crashing down. 


The conclusion that we can draw is that dreaming about weddings is not a romantic endeavour. But it represents the subconscious' way of expressing the idea of commitment. A dream about marrying our boss or a good friend shouldn't be strange because it projects the need to establish a connection with that person. 

The classic interpretation of this dream is tragic: if you dream about weddings pay attention to death around you, a classical symbol of these dreams. The happier the dream and the tastier the food, the more imminent the misfortune. 

The context of the dream will offer vital information about the type of adversity you're up against:  mourning expresses economic loss. A wrinkled or stained wedding dress means losing someone close or important opportunities and being late for a wedding symbolizes a breakup. 

There is, however, a positive version interpretation of this dream: when you simply dream about the woman/man of your dreams.