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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Cockroaches

Dreams about roaches - discover if they carry a positive or a negative significant

Dreaming about cockroaches represents fear and change.

Did you know that people with entomophobia (fear of insects, also known as insectophobia) are more prone to dreams about roaches? This happens when our state of mind is altered, we're feeling worried or fearful, and our brain turns the insects into characters of a horrifying nightmare. This dream can also have a decisive significance as a factor of change to come. Discover what dreaming with roaches means according to our dream dictionary. 

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about cockroaches?

Many people feel repulsed and  associate roaches with plagues, insalubrity, and illness. Visualizing an intrusion of cockroaches produces panic for those who have insectophobia, so when we dream about insects we should interpret it as a sign of instability, stress, and difficulty. 

This type of dream is most common in  people that already have a fear of insects. Our most personal and hidden fears find an outlet in our subconscious mind and surface during our sleep.  


Many ancient civilizations, however, regarded the cockroach as a symbol of  prosperity, fertility, abundance, riches, and luxury. When we dream about cockroaches, and we feel no disgust or fear, the insects could act as messengers of positive change. 

Dreaming about cockroaches: different versions of this dream

We can always learn something positive from dreams, even the most terrifying ones, that could help us face our day to day challenges, and aid our personal growth. This is also the case for cockroaches, so pay attention to the different types of insect dreams. 

Dreaming about big cockroaches

This dream could have one positive meaning and also a negative one. If we're extremely scared by the roaches in our dream, it could represent fears that cause anxiety in our real life, and if they're enormous, then the worry will overpower you to the point of paralysis. Positively, however, they signal the arrival of significant changes that will bring abundance, riches, and prosperity.  

Dreaming about cockroaches in your house

Our house represents security, our sacred circle of life that protects us with all its power against any threat. Dreaming about cockroaches invading your home conveys the idea of vulnerability. In this case, the roaches also  suggest plagues and illness, which we can interpret as a premonitory sign we need to be aware of.  

Dreaming about cockroaches in your bed

The meaning of this dream is similar to the one before; it relates the insects to contagious diseases due to our subconscious fear of these insects. When roaches appear in a space as intimate as your bed, the feeling is of threat, persecution and an imminent collision with your problems. It forces you to make quick decisions before the roaches get to you: it demands determination. 

Dreaming about a roach attack 

You're going through a full-blown spiritual crisis which has left your heart and personality weak. Your self-esteem is lower than ever which creates even more insecurity and fear of everything around you. The way your brain processes it is by projecting images of cockroaches attacking/following you. The insects don't represent any issues, however, but  the fears that stop you from facing your real problems. 

Dreaming about killing cockroaches 

This type of dream expresses the idea of  power and grandeur due to overcoming your fears  and the obstacles that were getting in the way of your happiness. The cockroach symbolizes the paralyzing fear that used to stifle your potential, and you killing it represents your freedom as a powerful being walking down the path of success. 

Dreaming about eating cockroaches 

Dreaming about eating cockroaches represents a metaphor for lost opportunities that could have helped you deal with a change in your life. In this dream, the roach does not symbolize fear but transformation that could lead you to prosperity, and the image of you eating them signifies that you're renouncing this opportunity to change for the better. 

Dreaming about cockroaches all over your body

When you dream about the insects crawling on your body, it means that your problems have reached astronomical proportions and they are likely to cause paralyzing fear. If the cockroaches make it all the way into your mouth, its a sign of urgent problems and you need to regain your strength to fight against them. You need to pay close attention to this dream. 

Dreaming about flying cockroaches 

In your dream, the roaches could prove to be quite elusive; you struggle to catch them which indicates your inability to solve your problems or deal with someone who is threatening your position. The image of a flying cockroach is the culmination of this inability seeing how the flying insects that represent difficulties are even more out of your reach. This makes you feel frustrated and give the sensation of failure; you need to change your strategy immediately. 

Dreaming about dead cockroaches 

Dreaming with roaches is a good omen: all the problems that have been tormenting you have dissipated, and you are now entering a stage of positive growth. This is an instance when the roach, even if indirectly, represents change, going from a life rife with anxiety and problems to a calmer existence. 


Dreams about roaches, although scary, could have a positive message. One way or another, seeing insects in your dreams is a sign of change. 

The negative significance of this type of dream is related to  your deepest, most irrational fears  that dominate your personality to the point of depleting your energy resources and leaving you stranded. This is an indirect call to action and change, the beginning of a phase where you leave your weaknesses behind and muster all the willpower needed to squash those cockroaches, and stop being afraid. 

On a more positive and direct note, roaches are synonymous with change and personal growth, riches (not necessarily material ones) and success. You need to face this transformative process with excitement and hope as it will help create a stronger you.